residents urged to leave as firefighters battle blazes in victoria and south australia - evaporative cooler central air

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residents urged to leave as firefighters battle blazes in victoria and south australia  -  evaporative cooler central air
See an out-of-control fire passing through a home in an instant shed under Carrum Downs.
Courtesy: 7 News Sydney fires burn near Carrum Downs.
Picture: Nine News sources: in the big test of Victoria's first fire season, the twiteria fire in southeast Melbourne threatens family and life and is now under control.
The fire in Carrum Downs damaged a house, four sheds and fences, but the authorities expect to announce the fire soon, which started after three o'clock P. M. and was under control, owen, assistant CFA chief executive, told reporters.
The Victorian fire is burning, while the "catastrophic" conditions in neighboring South Australia have caused the fire to burn thousands of hectares, and a firefighter survived a cave in a truck.
"We are in the final stage of containing the fire," he said . ".
"Residents will and are returning.
Earlier, news footage of the Carrum Downs fire showed staff on the ground struggling to put out fire fences, sheds and roofs.
A team of 300 firefighters, 50 trucks and 3 helicopters struggled to rescue dozens of houses in Carrum Downs. Two water-
Blast helicopters also protect property at the scene.
Mr. Owen said the cause of the fire had not yet been determined.
He praised the work of the firefighters and said the result of the fire could be worse.
"Firefighters have made great efforts to overcome the hard day of extreme heat, low humidity and strong northerly winds.
"This is a very, very good result.
"As the wind changes, it is expected that firefighters will control the fire by seven o'clock P. M.
Houses are no longer threatened.
As the afterfire entered the evaporation air-conditioning unit, the fire in the thick bush damaged a place where Darnley drove home.
The house was not completely destroyed, Mr Owen said, but the family could not stay there.
Ray o'alloran, resident of Darnley drive, told AAP that he and his wife had evacuated as soon as they were notified, but left their cats and dogs behind.
His daughter went to get the animals, and when she arrived she heard a bang from the tires on the burning trailer next door, and the flame spread to Mr O'Hara's car House bus
"They grabbed the hose and CFA opened the door and hit it with foam," he told AAP . ".
"It may have saved the house from going up.
The O'Halloran family lived on the street for more than 20 years and they said it was the worst fire they had ever seen.
"This is the first time it has really damaged the house.
Meanwhile, a fire raging in the western part of the state has been under control.
Firefighters have stopped the spread of a grass fire in the south of greenumston, northeast of warnambu, but they warn residents that they should not relax as things change.
"Leaving now is the safest option," the National Fire authorities alerted north of greensnomeston, south of greensnomeston, east of Nortel and the state of Cora.
Until midnight, the fire was completely banned throughout Victoria.
It is expected that the weather will be much colder on Sunday.
Firefighters are currently fighting the fire, which has swept the entire family.
Image: 9 News/twitter sources: twitter breaking: people in the area near Carrum Downs fire are urged to leave --
Could pose a threat to the lives and homes of 9 NewsMelb @ 9 NewsAUS pic. twitter.
The House of Com/MlqObPbbCtOther is now under threat from the Carrum Downs 9 news picture fire. twitter.
Victoria commissioner Craig Lapsley said 50 fires had been reported as of 3: 30 p. m. and most of them had been put out.
The farmer described the wall of fire as out-of-
Control the fire in Sherwood. 9News pic. twitter.
Com/IHSD5KAikuBREAKING: this is a video from SherwoodFire, South Australia. (
Video: @ robynverrall)pic. twitter.
Com/c5n6wdufka Firefighters in south-east Australia survived a bushfire, burned two farm buildings and threatened their homes.
More than 70 firefighters fought the fire in Sherwood, prompting the National Fire Department to issue an emergency warning to local residents.
Daniel Austin, assistant chief executive of CFS, said the Sherwood Fire had burned a fire truck and the staff had to be in the bunker.
He said the crew members were shaken but were not injured and were examined by the nursing staff.
"They had a normal burnover procedure and they had to train this procedure every summer until the fire passed, check their equipment and move out," he said . ".
"My current report is that the electrical appliance is the least damaged and there is no injury.
"They were shaken and were being inspected by the ambulance crew.
A South African ambulance spokesman said two firefighters were slightly injured and another was inhaling smoke.
Huge Sherwood Fire
Image: Adelaide 7 News.
Source: supply Mr Austin says Keith and Boulder are no longer under threat.
The Sherwood bushfire burned two sheds, covering an area of 8000 hectares.
At the height of the fire, emergency warnings were issued to senior areas near Sherwood, brimbago, Lovin Vale, McCallum and South Australia
The Victorian border and locals were warned that it was no longer safe to leave.
The fire still threatens the farm, but it is expected that the cool changes on Sunday will provide mild conditions and provide fire fighters with the opportunity to control the fire, 225 km kilometers from Adelaide.
Local farmer Robyn Verrall told Nine News that her husband was fighting the fire, which broke out about 20 km from their property. “At [the]
This is a wall of fire, "said Verrall MS.
CFS put out more than 40 fires across the state during Saturday, known as "catastrophic conditions ".
19 of these fires occurred in rural areas.
Earlier in the day, the center announced the highest fire risk in Alpine mountains, Upper East and Lower Southeast.
Residents should: Residents are urged to flee as the fire passes through the suburbs.
SuppliedWater-9 News/twitter
Bombing aircraft at Carrum Downs @ 9 NewsMelb pic trying to save this property. twitter.
Com/zMyWYj1XtUFirefighters is dealing with an out-of-control fire in Carrum Downs, suburban Melbourne.
The video shows at least one house, a back shed and a nearby fence on fire.
Pictures of CarrumDowns month News. twitter.
Later on Saturday, Australian Grid staff are working to restore power to nearly 2000 households at Newport, Bilgola Plateau and Bilgola Beach in pitwater, north of Sydney.
Earlier, thousands of families in Victoria were cut off during the heat wave and the temperature climbed above 40 degrees Celsius.
An unknown fault caused more than 2300 families in Caroline Springs, a suburb of Melbourne, to have a power outage around 1: 30 p. m. and then restore power around three o'clock P. M.
Families in Mount Taylor, Ravenhall, and Burnside were also affected by the breakdown, with some 850 households in these areas having power outages.
As of four o'clock P. M. , there were still some 650 households in the surrounding areas, including nuravar, nellanda and meponga.
Emergency workers are working to restore power to homes in Newport, the Bilgola Plateau and Bilgola Beach in 1988.
For information on estimated recovery times, see pic. twitter.
A spokesman for Powercor told the news. com.
The AU says staff are dealing with the issue and residents should restore their power by six o'clock P. M.
"The cause of the power outage is unknown, but we now have staff going there," she said . ".
More than 700 families in Warrandyte, Ringwood East and Mount also suffered power outages.
The blackout occurred after Victorian warnings of "blast furnace" conditions, as the state was sultry for the hottest day in two years, with mercury levels reaching 30.
Melbourne time at nine o'clock A. M.
Victoria's ambulance commander, Paul Holman, said conditions need to be taken seriously and people should stay indoors unless absolutely necessary, and Saturday is "the first extremely hot day of the Year ".
"This heat is a killer," Holman said on Friday . "
"Tomorrow will be like a blast furnace and you will need to adjust your work.
You need to be careful.
Therefore, sports events will be postponed, events outside will be postponed and sports events will be held in.
The weather in Melbourne is very hot.
Catch some rays and drink on South Melbourne beach.
Image: Ian CurrieSource: during this jungle fire season, several areas in South Australia were updated to "catastrophic" fire risk levels for the first time.
The county fire department has announced the highest risk of fire in the Alpine mountains, Upper East South and lower southeast, with hot and windy weather continuing to affect much of the state.
The weather bureau warned that strong winds are expected in parts of South Australia this afternoon, and the affected sites include Mount Gambier, narakorte, Meningie, Bordertown, Keith and Lucindale.
Victoria is expected to experience severe destructive winds on Saturday afternoon, with a cold front crossing the middle and southwest of the state.
Peak gusts of around 90 km/h are expected to sweep through parts of the Southwest, winmeira, central and western and southern jeppsland areas, but gusts are expected to be one hour after the change
Bad weather alerts for disruptive winds have been updated and are now in central areas including Melbourne, Giron and Ballarat.
With the cool change this afternoon, strong winds are expected. pic. twitter.
In the new state, the surf life-saving and rural fire departments warn residents to stay safe on the state's beaches and prepare for potential jungle fires.
"Lifeguards and lifeguards have been dispatched, but we need the public to take some responsibility for their own safety," surf life-saving chief executive Pierce told AAP . ".
"The tragic events we witnessed in December and early January remind us of the power of the sea.
"Temperatures in Melbourne are expected to climb north of 41C on Saturday, the hottest in 42 years.
2C was recorded on January 13, 2016.
Bendigo, will push 42C, Swan Hill Echuca, warwicknabir and Dilla to play 44C.
A bank in Melbourne accepted the proposal and canceled Saturday's regular sausage, sizzle.
Animal services are also preparing for hot weather.
Due to the hot weather and strong winds that pose a threat to visitors, staff and animals, the Hillsville reserve in Victoria has closed its doors.
"The closure of the protected area is a precaution for visitors visiting the Yarra Valley and allows staff to pay attention to the needs of animals to ensure their comfort and safety, ross Williamson, Hillsville Reserve director, said in a statement.
The Australian Wildlife Health Center will continue to be open to severely injured wildlife, and Mr Williamson has urged people to set aside water for animals that may struggle in the heat.
"In the previous heat wave, we have classified the birds, which became drowsy and landed fatally near dogs and cats.
The young possum fell off the tree.
"If you meet an injured animal, try to put it in a cool, quiet, dark place before you can ask for help. ?
Note: Please note that the health Villa will be closed on Saturday, January 6 due to the expected hot weather.
The welfare of animals and the safety of staff are our top priority.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
We will reopen on Sunday. pic. twitter.
The fire authorities are deeply concerned by the hot weather.
On Saturday, the entire SA and Victoria, as well as most parts of the entire state of the tower, announced a comprehensive fire ban.
"If the fire starts, it will burn, it will run very hard, and it has the potential to cause significant harm," Mr Lapsley said earlier . ".
"Conditions can beat the crew and terrain in these days.
"The South Australian firefighters have summoned additional water bombers from new states and Victoria, which will experience high temperatures and strong winds.
Center Chief Executive Regg Netton spoke to the media on major issues in South Australia.
Picture: AAP Picture/Dean MartinSource: Australian News Group on Friday, the driver was delayed on the Hume Highway due to a section of road "melting.
Victoria Police warned that the driver should expect a delay on the right.
On Friday night, handlane was driving in the direction of the city near Broadford, and it was reported that a 10 km-long road was melting in hot weather. Truly bizarre!
Traffic crawled on the Hume Highway near Broadford as it was melting! ? pic. twitter.
Meanwhile, Australia's energy market operator, the national energy regulator, is in talks with a dozen power companies.
In order to catch the hunger company in Victoria and South Australia before the power outage on the weekend.
The 14 companies have major factories in the southern two states, and due to the increased use of air conditioners that could lead to major power outages, they may need to shut down operations over the weekend.
Companies such as Australian Paper, Visy and Bluestar Steel have all received incentives to cut operations to avoid sporadic power outages in South Australia last summer.
Adelaide suffered a power outage and states will try their best to avoid it.
Image source: Tristan Meyers, AAPSky News meteorologist, told the news. com.
The southern and eastern states of the country will be sultry.
"There will be a lot of hot weather affecting South Australia, tazhou, Victoria and New states this week," he said . ".
"It will be very hot in Victoria and Tower on Saturday.
Melbourne, Gilon and Launceston will have the hottest day in two years.
"Mercury in Melbourne will reach 41C on Saturday, while most of Launceston and the state of TA are expected to reach at least 32C.
On Sunday, much of the new state will reach above-average temperatures, which will make it sweaty to sweat's back.
"We 've seen some of the hotter days, but the state is going to get really hot.
The western part of Sydney will be absolutely sultry, and penris will enter the middle.
In his 40 s, "said Meyers.
The state will then suffer incredibly hot, gusts, which will lead to a surge in fire hazards across the state.
It is expected that there will be catastrophic fire hazards in the lofty mountains of South Australia, and today, Western Australia may see serious to extreme fire hazards in most parts of the state.
James Taylor, acting manager of the weather bureau extreme weather service desk, said Australians need to be vigilant.
Southeast Australia will have some very hot weather on the weekend.
Picture: Sky WeatherSource: He said the supply "will be very difficult to suppress any fire that starts", citing the heat and windy weather expected to occur in most parts of southeast Australia over the weekend.
Analysis of Finder. com.
Au, the country's number one comparison site, found that Australians could save up to $415 this summer if they chose fans instead of air conditioners.
In the summer, using your fan for 8 hours a night will cost Australians a total of $17, while using your air conditioner at the same time will cost you $432 and discover this site
Angus Kidman, Discoverercom. au editor-in-
Australians need to embrace the humble fan more, he said.
"It can be tempting to turn on the air conditioner for a few hours, but if you don't want to receive a hefty electricity bill at the end of the month, try to avoid overusing it.
"We need to give more credit to the fans.
They may not cool the whole room down, but they do a great job of keeping you comfortable, especially if they blow straight to you and it's cheaper to run.
"Australians are used to being calm.
Some people even drop the temperature very low, they end up wearing jackets to keep them warm! Don’t do that —
Ease your use to reduce the bill.
"Australians can save a lot of money by throwing away air conditioners and embracing humble fan sources to prevent power outages: Getty ImagesHere is how you look around the country over the weekend.
This weekend, Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, will usher in a rear-end war, and mercury is expected to reach 41C.
Adelaide has had a taste of the hot weekend, and the temperature today has reached 37 degrees Celsius.
It is expected to rain later on Sunday, which will also bring the temperature down sharply to 26 degrees Celsius.
On Saturday, Melbourne will have the hottest day in two years, with an estimated maximum of 41C.
But after Saturday's struggles, the Melburnians will be seen overnight as a cool change and a sharp drop of 20 degrees.
The temperature will be difficult to reach 21C on Sunday.
The HOBARTA comprehensive fire ban is due to be imposed on Tasman this weekend, as some towns in the state will usher in the hottest days of years.
Hobart will spend 33 degrees Celsius sultry on Saturday, but the cool change on Sunday will bring the temperature down to 23 degrees Celsius.
Cumberbatch, the country's capital, will be on fire.
Today, Mercury will reach 33 degrees Celsius, Saturday will get worse at 36 degrees Celsius, and Sunday will be the hottest day at 38 degrees Celsius.
It is expected that it will not rain at least by Tuesday, and showers will increase next Thursday.
Sydney did not see their weekend warming up until Sunday, and it is expected that the temperature will reach 38C.
Still, it will reach 31C on Saturday and will reach the top of 28C today.
By next Tuesday, a cool change will bring showers.
The capital of Brisbane Queensland will enjoy good summer weather for several days in a row.
The temperature is expected to be low.
Weekends and most of next week are in their 30 s.
It is expected to rain next Wednesday.
According to the usual Darwin style, the top will get hot and wet this weekend and most of next week.
The temperature will exceed 30 seconds, and thunderstorms may occur every day.
The humidity will also be very high, making the night particularly sticky.
The capital of the West Coast will be more pleasant than the East Coast record --
The weather is not good.
Perth will be a model of summer weather this weekend, with temperatures expected to rise from 27 C today to 31C on Sunday and 33C on Monday.
There is a clear sky every day.
It is expected that after the cool changes this afternoon, the state's hot conditions today will also subside.
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