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by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
responsibility, sense of worth – it’s all personal  -  rooftop air conditioner
The following text is a presentation by Yoel Esteron, founder and publisher of business daily calcalcalist, to graduates of the University of Tel Aviv, Recanati, who perform the MBA program.
Over the next few years, you will find yourself in a critical position and you will take responsibility for the fate of the company, but not just the responsibility.
You will also take responsibility for the society in which you live, or primarily.
To be clear, I want to talk about the relationship between you, that is, your relationship with the government, the economy, the media, and your position in this trinity.
The most famous sentence in the myth Godfather trilogy is: "This is all personal ".
As I speak here, I hope that you have been convinced of the benefits of business and personal marriage.
This is my personal life experience, of course, so you can learn from it.
At the end of the day, the person who created your own story is you.
My story begins with my father, and may he rest in peace.
My father, Kople, studied law in Poland.
For a young Jew in his 1930 s, being admitted to a prestigious academic college is no great feat.
But Kople endured all the difficulties until the second world war shattered his dream.
He fled the Nazi Tu slaughter and came to Shikun Olim in Holon.
However, there was little demand for his knowledge of the Polish code and Kople, during which time Kople became Yaakov and he had to feed his wife and children.
He installed the Poles on the budding road until he found a position as general manager of dikupat Hollym.
By the way, the manager was called a "secretary" in those days ".
My mother, Jennia, studied math before the war, was actually the only lucky member of the family, and somehow she survived the massacre, but when she came to Israel in her 50 s, she had to give up her math and do temporary work.
My first memory of my mother was a small woman carrying large baskets of clothing from door to door in Holon.
However, despite her hard work, she learned enough Hebrew and received a diploma in education, which allowed her to re-shape herself as Miss Zehava.
To this day, the little teacher at the Holum Jessie Cohen School has a special place in the hearts of thousands of former students.
Occasionally, people stop me in the street and tell me how they credit miss Zehava for the success of the final exam.
My mother did leave her mark.
So Kople and Zhenia-or Yakkov and Zehava-have worked hard all their lives but nothing to show-they managed to save their investment in their children.
After retirement, they live on a modest pension.
They were satisfied with what their son could see in time.
After all, they defeated Hitler and the statistics, and they never regretted coming to Israel.
It took me a few years to realize that they live a full life, even a fairly good life, without having to be proficient in the ins and outs of the Israeli economy.
In this sense, they are no different from most of the middle-class Israelis of several generations.
They don't like dueling.
They do not know that greedy and uncontrolled extortion-settlers Haredim, power at Israeli ports and power companies-has squeezed out public coffers, in fact under the pretext of cynical politicians or ideologies, at the expense of the public.
Fast forward until 2007.
At this point my parents are gone and I find myself at the crossroads of life.
After 25 years in the media, I sought a new path and started business activities such as starting a business.
When the oil was sold for $150 a barrel, I was working on cane methanol production in Peru.
Occasionally, I taught an academic course in communications and even wrote a script that has been in the dark corner of my desk drawer since then.
One day, however, I was offered to start a new financial newspaper.
The proposal at that time seemed odd-Israel already had two large financial documents and it seemed redundant to have a third in such a limited market.
After all, big countries have only one or two financial documents, certainly not three.
The prospects are grim.
I immediately agreed to do so.
It's hard to say what drives a middle-aged man to jump into such an adventure.
Maybe I'm thinking about my parents or my girls, maybe I'm just looking for self worth.
When I was very young, a wise man once said to me, "No matter what you do, you must seek the value of your behavior . "
So in 2007 I formed an ambitious small team and we built a startup style in the shabby attic of the car
Shopping district in southern Tel Aviv.
The elevator did not reach our floor and the air conditioning was useless.
The truth is, we are not unfortunate.
We have a strong media group behind us, but I 've been looking for the typical hunger of startup founders.
On the roof of Choma u'migdal Street (how symbolic)
We will link Israel with its economy.
We decided to plow forward and go all out.
We don't want to have only another financial daily left-we want to be a financial daily.
We want to be number one in distribution, reader, all aspects.
Our clear business goals complement our personal motivation.
Over the past six years, I have often asked myself if Calcalist is in line with its vision.
Is this consistent with the lives of my parents and the Israelis that their friends like?
I think it is certain that the economy has become the central topic of public debate.
Of course, while this is not entirely due to Calcalist, there is no doubt that the financial documents are a central element of this shift.
Young people are discussing their pensions, and more people are tracking their pension management costs.
More and more Israelis are beginning to realize that they are supporting the people of Hariri who do not work, do not serve in the army or even pay taxes.
We are also beginning to realize the price we pay for settlements in the occupied territories.
Financial documents are not necessary on the same page.
The focus of one of these issues has shifted to the minds of all of us-the problem of wealth being concentrated in the Israeli economy.
Is this coming from ideology, or is it due to the messianic enthusiasm for the morbid contempt of a particular tycoon, a discussion of another era.
Every newspaper is paving the way, and when I say that we believe that Israel's economy is plagued by more than one disease, I can only speak on behalf of Calcalist, we strive to report and analyze what we see to our readers with our own eyes, not on behalf of any political party, but as a professional newspaper.
I think this is a stumbling block to our economy.
Of course, you don't have to agree on every item on the list, but, I suggest you make a list yourself, considering it from the perspective of business executives and people on the street. 1.
Settlements have caused too much damage to the economy and the middle class.
Unless we solve Israel-
We will be a Palestinian conflict.
The nation-state is stuck in a dilemma of race and debt. 2.
The distorted allocation of funds is good for the rest of society as a whole, which has been dragging down those of us who work, serve and pay taxes in the Army. 3.
The great failure of the education system to instill appropriate skills into the younger generation has pushed Israel to the third edge --
Ignorance and ignorance of the world. 4.
The degradation of culture in pursuit of excellence and the reduction in investment in higher education have weakened Israel's global competitive power. 5.
The increasing inequality undermines society and strikes the spirit of friendship in Israel, Arvut Hadadit. 6.
Structural problems such as concentration of wealth, monopoly, and excessive regulation are common.
Every item on my list reflects either our leadership qualities or the serious deterioration of the government and parliament as well as the decision makers and the senior civil service.
This led to an unwise economic system.
Why are smart and creative Israelis?
It is a mystery that technology, science, elite Union and global business have these mediocre, often cynical or corrupt individuals in charge of the country's dominance.
Some people who do business will spend their day like this has no impact on them.
I suggest that you take the shortcomings of our leadership with all due seriousness.
If the hand holding the steering wheel is incompetent, unskilled, unstable-it will reflect your society.
If education is not enough-you will lack engineers;
If Haredim is still outside of the labor force, you will face high taxes and will need staff;
If there is a missile attack on Israel, your factory will also be attacked;
If Israeli products are boycotted because of settlements, you will find that you cannot export your products.
We are in a war of consumption in which we must decide what state we want and what we are willing to do for it.
This brings me back to the Trinity I Opened: government-press-business.
Although the media are not elected through the general election, we should wave red flags when the government is incompetent.
Our readers choose which newspapers to buy and which websites to visit.
Their choice is our responsibility.
I think-you, the future business leader of Israel must form an alliance with the "forces of light" that are trying to make our country a better place.
You can't sit on the fence.
Create value for your company while fostering a sense of responsibility for Israeli society.
What does this mean?
This means that participation in politics and society is more prevalent than in today's business world.
Unfortunately, entrepreneurs, businessmen and managers tend to get away from anything politically, just as they do from the plague.
Thanks to your hard work, each of you has received this degree with honor.
There is no doubt that each of you will improve your position-you deserve it.
You have gained the right to see yourself as an Israeli business elite.
It is a compliment, but it is accompanied by a certain degree of responsibility.
Don't ask what you can do for the company-ask what you can do for the society.
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