rich future of el chapo's beauty queen wife - industrial air conditioner

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rich future of el chapo\'s beauty queen wife  -  industrial air conditioner
When the wife of the notorious drug lord El Chapo learned that her husband had been convicted of trafficking in large quantities of cocaine to the United States and could spend the rest of her life in prison, her response was very calm.
"No one is dead," Emma Colonell esprol told those who made a fuss around her that she waved paper towels as she swept out of the New York courtThe 29-year-
Lao Kim Kardashian, who looks similar, is known for his optimistic demeanor and has become a magnet for a group of paparazzi, when she is faithfully standing by her husband, paparazzi Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.
"I 've never seen her cry," Mariel Colon Miro, a junior lawyer close to Cornel MS, told news during a sensational trial. com. au.
"She is very, very strong. she is a very smart woman.
I think a lot of people underestimate her.
"I played the role of helping her in New York.
This is a person, she has no one in New York, she came here just to support, like a lovely wife, supporting her husband for three months without family, not even knowing the language
"Now that the trial of this century is over, the former beauty queen will return to Mexico to visit family, friends and twin daughters and to check her land and business interests.
The wife of the drug lord lives a luxurious lifestyle, and the family of Sinaloa, a member of the drug cartel, and the married person is estimated to be $14 billion as a powerful criminal activity.
She has big plans for the future, and MS says she may return to the United States in a year to work on some secret "projects ".
El Chapo, meaning "short man" because he only stands one. 7m-tall (5ft 6in)
At the end of a trial that lasted nearly three months, this week was convicted of 10 charges related to the smuggling of about 200 tons of drugs to the United States.
More than 50 witnesses from the prosecution, 61-year-
Hollywood old cocaine king-
Description ruthless murder, a gem
Shell gun paid by the governmentDrugs, cocaine
A submarine full of things and a naked prison escape
After an emotional ordeal of extraordinary trials, Cornel MS now has to start creating life for herself and their twin daughters alone --
The former beauty queen has a big plan.
"She's the wife of El Chapo, so of course people know her.
Especially in Sinaloa, their respect and admiration for her "MS Colon.
MS Coronel saw Pinochet at a party in his teens by Coronel Barreras, the ranchers who believed the cartel of cannabis and opium poppy cultivation.
Her uncle, who is the owner of the murdered drug cartel, Igancio "Nacho" Koronel, is one of the most trusted people in El Chapo.
Then 47, it is said that Guzman has exerted his influence to ensure that 17-year-
In 2007, the old beauty queen won the Coffee and Guava Festival in the state of Durango, Mexico, and became his fourth wife on her 18 th birthday.
"She has experienced a lot with her family all her life," MS Coren said.
"This can shape a person. . .
Or let someone react in a different way in the face of difficult situations.
"When a former mistress of Guzman appeared in court last month, and when the lady cried for the way she thought they were in love, Cornel MS giggled loudly.
A day later, the charming motherof-
The two posted three photos on Instagram, in which she herself smiled outside the court with a love.
Michael Lambert, another lawyer at El Chapo, told the News: "Her commitment to Huajin is absolute and they really love each other very much . ". com. au.
Coronel MS gave birth to their twin daughter in 2011, but Guzman was imprisoned for the second time in 2014.
He escaped from a Mexican prison twice, the first in 2001.
For the second time, the man known for transporting drugs through secret channels dug a tunnel from a honeycomb shower room to the outside world in 2015.
There, according to one witness, his wife met him, and the two began to escape the law.
El Chapo even met with Hollywood actor Sean Payne during the six months of the escape, after which police hunted him down nationwide.
His legal team claimed that he was seen by detectives as the ultimate prize, and that the man had almost won the fabulous status of the biggest criminal boss since the Pablo Escobar.
There are so few videos of the elusive criminal that the actor who played him in Marcos appeared in New York to study his behavior.
Guzman's lawyer says he's not top.
The dog is just a scapegoat for cartel and corrupt law enforcement, and he says even the former president and the current Mexican president are taking bribes to find another way.
But the defense lasted only 30 minutes.
The panel faces a lot of evidence, including testimony from Guzman's former criminal associates, whose defense claims that the testimony of these people is low
Someone who can say anything to help shorten the sentence.
Their former boss stared coldly at him and even wrote down the sensational charges against him, from sleeping with minors to ordering the murder of thousands.
Coronel MS has been banned from contact with her husband and can only meet him in court, although his daughter has been allowed to visit him four or five times in the past year.
This state will continue, with Guzman in solitary confinement in a small cell with no windows under the age of 24
His lawyer said he had a headache with an hour of artificial light bulbs.
"His ears hurt and his throat hurt. . .
The air he breathes comes from the air conditioner and it doesn't circulate, "MS Coren said.
"This extreme imprisonment also affects him mentally and emotionally.
He forgot a lot of things.
She wrote a letter asking the judge to allow Guzman to embrace his wife as a "humanitarian gesture "--
But the request was rejected.
"Just because she is the wife of El Chapo, of course people have had unfair doubts about her.
"When the current beauty queen was found in court to have her mobile phone banned, prosecutors insisted she was trying to communicate with her husband.
The judge finally admitted that she was just trying to use Google translate.
But the process could take years.
At the same time, he still doesn't see his wife, friends or family, and after living the dangerous and exciting life you see in the movie, he is cut off from the world.
"At some point, both Mr Guzman and Emma knew it was coming," said Mr Lambert . ".
"If you see them in court, they're all stoic people.
It's been months.
"She's continuing her life because it's what huaquin wants.
"I think she will take a lot of action in the world.
"She's not looking for attention.
She's a real person.
"In the sense that she is a celebrity, she is a charming person, but she is also a private person.
This is not what anyone wants . . . . . . Chaos outside the court.
Mr Lambert said, "Mr Guzman is looking forward to the battle and he has not given up.
"At the same time, the woman behind the legendary gangster will chase her fate.
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