second-hand: 2012-15 kia rio offers good value - air conditioner dripping

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second-hand: 2012-15 kia rio offers good value  -  air conditioner dripping
This is a strange thing when the company goes out of its way --and expense —
Cheap engineers.
Kia saves the crank in its previous manual window-
From the point of view of telegraphic payment, Rio Tinto is secondary. The feature-
The fully loaded sedan is equipped with some high-end standard equipment, but executives feel
Cautious pennies are displayed on Windows
This will attract some buyers. Ironically —
These cheap saturated window mechanisms cost more than power productionwindow motors.
In the third basic model, your own windows remain intact
The Rio generation of 2012 model years.
In fact, a lot of the former Rio has been left behind and hidden somewhere in California --
Sheet metal designed.
Who said it must be ugly to save money?
Even though it's wider, longer, and lower than the out car, Rio still uses the same old car head --
Drive platform shared with modern accents.
As before, it was as a four
5 carsdoor hatchback. Roll-
With or without windows, the interior is attractive.
The dashboard uses soft, expensive plastic and has a hard top of the dashboard where it doesn't matter.
The instrument and the switch cover the low of the car. Budget task-
The same goes for a long list of options including keyless entry and ignition, heated front seat, rear view mirror, leather seat and power supply
Folding rearview mirror.
As a boss boasted online, Rio was surprisingly comfortable with a small plane: "I'm over 6 feet tall and can sit in the back seat (and front)
Very comfortable.
"Strangely, some owners commented on the low installation position of the front passenger seat relative to the driver seat, which adjusted six ways including height.
The only engine available is the modern "Gamma" 1. 6-
Migrated from the old car but updated to produce a 138 hp l dohc four cylinder. Two six-
Manual and automatic speed transmission is provided. All automatic-
The "Active ECO" button with Rios reduces the throttle response and changes the shift schedule to improve fuel economy.
The optional Eco package adds an engine stop/start system that cuts off the motor every time it stops.
Rio is equipped with anti-lock disc brakes in all four corners, allocating a lot of resources on the budget.
The car won four stars. out of five)
In the United States, front protection and five-star side protectionS.
Government crash test
It's rare to drive and have cheap eco-boxes, and Rio is no exception.
However, since a smaller car is easier to drive on a tortuous road, as a pipiak, this has brought some handling issues to Rio.
The weight electric power steering helps to some extent, but there is little feedback.
Kia embodies the Korean love for comfortable suspension settings and body rolls that don't fit.
Although some owners disagree, fuel economy is considered one of Rio's strengths.
The car scored high on the government's fuel rating. 6.
8 liters/100 km in this city, 42 miles
But car owners say that in the real world, mileage is expected to be within 30 to 35 miles.
"Please turn off the ECO button if you need power.
If you want the ECO button to stay working, "suggested one driver online.
Mechanically, Rio has always been a model citizen.
Since its debut four years ago, there have been relatively few complaints about the reliability of the car.
The only exception was a disturbing complaint from a small group of owners reporting engine noise.
The fault is a defective timing chain and guide rail that can produce a noticeable click under the hood.
Kia Announces technical services (TSB)
Instruct the dealer to replace the engine
Assembly and long blocks.
Work orders are limited to a batch of 2013 Rios built between August. 9 and Oct. 9 2012.
The owner concerned can contact their dealer and quote the service action number sa134.
In addition to the loud clicking sound of the engine, the driver also noticed some problems with the air conditioner dripping onto the floor (
New insulation required)
A small number of faulty electric power steering devices have been replaced.
Perhaps the biggest annoyance for most car owners is the discovery that some models carry a can of tire sealant and an electric air compressor in place of temporary spare tires.
Some people think emergency gear is not a good place to pinch coins. 2012-
Moon Kia RioTell our perfect experience for you these models: terrain of GMC and Infiniti M series.
Email: toljagic @ ca. inter. net .
What is Hot: cheap and cheerful, great design inside and outside, high value but not so: poor visibility in the rear, not moving as it seems, worrying engine Price: 2012$10,500; 2014 —
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