seven tips to keep the 'vacation' in vacation home - space air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
seven tips to keep the \'vacation\' in vacation home  -  space air conditioner
Well, here you are, with the key in your hand, standing at the door of your dream brand new country house.
You imagine family and friends on your porch, barbecue, and enjoy the peaceful freedom of the country property.
The stars are brighter, the air is fresher, and the loneliness of multiple acres provides you with long-standing peace of joy while enduring constant urban noise.
You may not have considered it (
Or avoid considering)
It's the maintenance of your new home.
Because most of us would rather spend money on some toys.
Reading: Leisure cars, horses, etc)
For a new property, rather than paying someone to come in for repairs, it would be better to have that fancy cousin stay there in exchange for work, which would ruin the relaxed environment you are starting to cultivate, you have to do some maintenance yourself.
Here are some quick tips to prevent maintenance from taking too much away from your full set
Work from home for the second time: relax. 1.
Go through a list every time you leave the hotel.
This will reduce the frustrating travel back to the hotel to turn off the air conditioning.
Here is a list of examples for you to start:.
Turn off the power.
If for some reason you don't want to power off completely, make sure to turn off the AC and other energy sources
Electronic products. b.
Close all the doors and gates.
It seems obvious, but when people have so much space for themselves, they often find themselves leaving the door and the door opens more, again, we don't want a second cousinc.
Is it possible for bad weather or extreme temperatures?
Take precautions with pipes, windows and ancillary buildings. d.
Remove any perishable foods and make sure all the garbage is removed and all food preparation and eating tools are clean. 2.
If you have a swimming pool or any other recreational equipment that is permanently fixed, invest in a durable shield.
This will reduce the wear and tear of said equipment and keep it running smoothly without additional maintenance for a longer period of time. 3.
Keep in mind that more land areas may need to be retained.
Unlike rural homes, many people have large lawns.
If riding on a large lawn mower (
There are many cup holders)
It's an attractive aspect of your new property, try classified ads, or look for deals to ride a lawn mower in the nearest town.
These machines are easy to fix and they are constantly resold when people upgrade or move.
If you don't like to deal with the lawn, try to check with the former owner or neighbor of the house to see what service they might use (
Or if they have a teenager looking for cash). 4.
Keep a list when you notice the fixes that need to be done.
This will prevent you from falling into the trap of trying to do too much while enjoying your time at the hotel.
It is also recommended that you occasionally go to your property for a separate, shorter maintenance trip to reduce working hours while protecting an undisturbed relaxing atmosphere while using your home entertainment. 5.
Have people who live in the area come and check your property and report if there are any problems.
If you are not familiar with anyone in the area, it may need to pay a little retainer fee, but when you arrive at your country's home, it is well worth avoiding being surprised at anything. 6.
Some goods, such as all goods
The wooden fence looks great, but kills time in a long repair.
Always consider additional maintenance when adding or upgrading the features of your country home 7.
Some maintenance work that you simply can't or don't want to do on your own, septic tank work, roof, stump removal, etc.
For these jobs, it is important to schedule your time to use the house.
During your Spring Festival holiday, smelling septic tanks being pumped or listening to roof work can lead to the inability to find a company to enjoy a new home.
I'm sure some of you would rather pay someone to handle all these types of work for you.
I suggest using fullin-
Services like this http://www . secondhomecare. com.
Many vacation areas have some reliable options, such as this, although it is strongly recommended to check the service records of these companies with local business owners to avoid fraud.
If you follow these quick tips and use common sense about the length of time you will be leaving the property, you should be able to fully enjoy your property instead of spending your efforts
Doing basic maintenance in your great new home wins time.
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