Sheriff Joe faces trial over 'illegal surveillance' of Trump's Republican enemy Jeff Flake when lawman targeted senator's son over 21 dog deaths - air conditioner dripping

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
Sheriff Joe faces trial over \'illegal surveillance\' of Trump\'s Republican enemy Jeff Flake when lawman targeted senator\'s son over 21 dog deaths  -  air conditioner dripping
The federal lawsuit to be tried next month marks the latest legal action against former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, accusing him of pursuing a false
Bring a criminal lawsuit to embarrass the opponent.
Political opponents in this case: the United StatesS. Sen. Jeff Flake.
A son of Fletcher filed a malicious document.
The lawsuit claimed that Arpaio was against him and his then-
In order to cause political harm to senators and win public attention.
Austin Fletcher and him at the time.
Logan's wife has been charged.
On June 2014, 21 dogs died of exhaustion in a kennel run by his owner. laws.
It was all 21 at the time and when the dogs came in they were watching the dogs
The law is out of town.
When the air conditioner in a small room was broken, the dog died.
At the request of the prosecutor, the prosecution of the flakes was dismissed, and after an expert determined that the air conditioning was faulty, the owner of the kennel acknowledged the allegation of animal abuse because the operator did not properly maintain the air conditioning.
The proceedings scheduled for trial on December 5 claimed that Arpaio intended to link the flakes to death in order to monitor the senator's home.
The lawsuit also said that Arpaio's investigators checked the phone records to see if the young flag called his father while watching the dog.
Austin Fletcher and his lawyer at the time.
The wife said that the senator did not agree with Arpaio on the issue of immigration and was critical of the campaign to question the authenticity of the time
President Obama's birth certificate
In one testimony, Arpaio was not liable for the charge against the couple and could not cite any evidence to support the charge.
But he still expressed confidence in the investigators.
In his testimony on July 2016, Arpaio said, "I will do what my detective has achieved in the investigation . ".
"They already have nuts and bolts.
I defend my people.
I have confidence in them.
I don't need to know what's going on.
Lawyers, arpaio and Jeffrey Leonard, representing the Maricopa County and former sheriff, declined to comment on the case.
Stephen Montoya, attorney for Austin Fletcher and his ex-wife Logan Brown, said there was no evidence in the sheriff's office that his client intended to hurt the dog, however, they are still charged with the crime of vandalizing them and causing their marriage to break down.
"They are promoting the name of the murderer who killed 21 dogs on the Internet.
Montoya said it really tortured them emotionally. He noted that Austin Fletcher was 21 years old and his wife was 20 years old at the time.
A us ruling in AugustS.
District Judge Neil Wake dismissed the defamation charges in the proceedings, but there was no possible reason for the identified investigators to accuse the couple.
"Factfinder, therefore, can reasonably find that the prosecutor initially charged the flakes under Arpaio's pressure," Wick wrote . ".
The prosecutor who brought the charges said in a court document that she was not under pressure from the Arpaio office to sue the couple, that the decision to present the case to the grand jury was made by her and her supervisor
The office of the attorney general of the district of Maricopa has not been listed as a party to the proceedings.
The lawsuit does not specify how much money the young Fleek and his predecessor had.
Wife is looking
But they had previously claimed $4 million in a claim notice.
Prelude to litigation.
This is no longer the first time Arpaio has been accused of fabricating allegations in a case of animal abuse.
He launched an investigation into a police officer in Chandler, a suburb of Phoenix, which revealed that a police dog was placed in a hot car for 12 hours during the hot summer months, killing 2007 people.
The officer was charged with animal abuse but was eventually released without charge.
He filed a lawsuit accusing Arpaio of criminal action so that the sheriff could use the propaganda.
The taxpayer paid the official $775,000 to resolve the case.
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