silent air conditioner exactly where needed - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
silent air conditioner exactly where needed  -  outside air conditioner
I had a window air conditioner on for a while.
It seems to cool only the area near the unit while making a lot of noise.
Quite annoying, it's almost useless to cool where needed.
How can I make this unit quiet and allow you to get cool air anywhere in the room?
The central air-conditioning unit blows the air into each room through a pipe.
Maybe this can be used with the window unit.
To be honest, I'm not sure if the window air conditioner can get the air through so many pipes.
Maybe not.
Perhaps the equipment will overheat due to additional air resistance.
Well, the air conditioner is a thrift store for about $25, so I don't mind much if it gets messed up.
I didn't want to put too much effort into prototyping a concept that might not be valuable, so I used what was around me.
Carton, tape, etc.
The only thing I bought was The flex pipe, which is a silver mylar slinky.
It is 20 feet long.
It turns out that its full length works fine and can reach anywhere in the room.
At first I put the air conditioner a few feet outside the window to reduce the noise.
But when the cold air inside the tube is heated by the external air, the efficiency is reduced.
A few feet away from the window is not too loud.
The second unit is set up with a tin floor vent instead of a cardboard box.
Since the shortest vent I can find is 10 ", about 2" is too long, it's still a little funky.
But it should be longer than the box and look better.
I also changed the Mella tape that is more suitable for the pipe.
Again, this is not a good solution, but I died in the heat.
I just stuffed the old pillow around the pipe to fill the gap in the open window.
Yes, I will do better later.
Currently, it works.
This is an infrared thermometer that shows 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Not bad.
It tends to produce air that is 20 to 30 degrees colder than the outside air.
Flexible pipes can be routed anywhere in the room you need.
Because my feet are often hot, my feet are often hot.
I blew cold air on them.
Part of the theme of this project is to do it with minimal effort.
If I made a proper roof on the roof, I would work hard and not stay calm. ; )
This floor mat will shed rain from the electrical components.
The thermal side of the device means that the manufacturer is outside the window and it may rain, and even in normal settings, the cold side will condense water.
So it won't hurt if it's a little wet.
The device works fine.
But it looks strange.
So a camouflage net will not be so noticeable.
Tan net is similar to the bricks behind it in tone.
The network can also help keep the machine cool by coloring the machine without completely blocking the airflow.
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