smoke war: spokane and grand forks plan duelling fan fests - rooftop air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
smoke war: spokane and grand forks plan duelling fan fests  -  rooftop air conditioner
Smoking in two cities, two countriesfilled.
Residents of a city find a way to have a little fun in the smog: Let's gather a group of fans.
Residents of a city on the other side of the international border began to enjoy it and said, "Hey, let's blow it back.
Talk about flames that incite discontent.
In the past week or so, some residents of Spokane have gathered to organize a Facebook event called "wind", from B. C.
To the south, Spokane is located in eastern Washington state, a city of half a billion people, is in the haze.
On Sunday afternoon, the air was filled with smoke and hot, Caleb Moon and his friends sat around their house and they thought it was enough.
"Sunday is just a few friends sitting together.
It's too hot for us to go out.
"We can't turn on the air conditioner because it sucks in the smoke," he said with a smile . ".
"So we said let everyone put their fans out and blow the smoke away.
"It's just a stupid joke.
"They had an event on Facebook that invited some friends so they could share the laughter.
"There are about 550,000 residents in Spokane, Washington Metropolitan Area (
World Population Review. com)
Moon and his event organizer wrote in their post.
"In order to get rid of this smoke, we have to work together as a community.
After careful consideration and mathematical calculation, we think it is absolutely possible for us to blow away the smoke with a high power fan.
Each resident must place at least 5 electric fans on the roof this Friday.
Transfer your fans to the highest position and target them to northeast Canada.
Teamwork makes dreams come true.
The Spokane, let's do that.
Let's send these cigarettes straight back to Canada!
"Be sure to share the event with all your friends so everyone will be told!
Media attention caught Moon's attention, moving from Dallas to Spokane five years ago.
"How much attention has been paid to this, it's crazy," he said . ".
"I talked to several radio stations.
One of Calgary and Victoria . . . . . . Talked to Global in Vancouver and I think it all started there.
Moon said that once the story begins more than just a joke between friends, they realize it's an opportunity to tell people south of the border to help people north of the border who are affected by wildfires.
They and "we thought it would be a little joke between friends . . . . . . When our friend Hannah said we should turn it into something good, he explained on the phone on Tuesday.
In response, some of the best people in Canada's Great Fox --U. S.
The border and about 200 from Spokane, apparently heard of the Spokan joke plan and is now trying to blow the smoke back.
"Blow the smoke of Spokane back to Spokane," "We will work together to blow the smoke back to Spokane.
They don't think we will do anything to them blowing our smoke.
But they were wrong and we all had to install fans and other air devices and blow all the smoke back to them.
It was a perfect plan, they declared.
The moon does not know the opposite-
The protest suddenly appeared, but laughed after learning it.
Of course, the point to be serious here is that regular family fans, even as heavily gathered as Moon and his friends jokingly suggested, don't push the smoke anywhere.
This is a physical problem.
They can't replace enough air at all.
The Spokane joke event may not have subsided yet: Moon said that even when planning to hatch from Sunday, "it has actually cleaned up a lot.
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