solar installers should bundle panels with heat pumps, study says - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-02
solar installers should bundle panels with heat pumps, study says  -  in a heat pump
According to a recent study by the Rocky Mountain Institute, solar installers can offer roof customers more savings by tying solar panels with heat pumps and other appliances.
Rmi studied the carbon benefits and financial costs of home heating in four U. S. cities.
Three of the four countries have seen significant carbon reductions.
Financial costs are harder to overcome-
Unless electricity comes not from the grid, but from the roof.
Mike Henchen, manager of RMI electric power, said: "Customers who insist on using natural gas alone may have lower costs and lower life costs than switching heat pumps . ".
"However, if we combine electricity with installing roof solar in this case, we will see different results.
This is very capital intensive, so in this case it takes an extra $15,000 to install roof solar, but for a long time
The long-term reduction in energy is huge, over which solar energy-plus-
On the whole, electrified is a successful strategy.
"For 15 years, the heat pump saved homeowners $24,900 when solar powered.
Carbon emissions fell to zero.
Following this strategy, solar installations can not only reduce customers' electricity bills, but also eliminate electricity bills by handling all tasks that are usually reserved for natural gas: space heating, water heating, clothes drying and cooking.
"This could be an opportunity for solar companies to expand their business or upgrade customers who are already looking for solar," Henchen said . ".
When the home is fully powered on, the homeowner saves the monthly cost of the gas connection, and the gas connection is levied regardless of whether or not the gas is used.
"One of the benefits we see in making home fully electric is that customers can completely stop gas services," Henchen said . ".
"In one of the states. . .
There is a fixed fee of more than $30 per month for entering the gas system, and when the home is fully powered on, the monthly fee will disappear completely, so this is an additional saving opportunity.
In order to achieve this, solar installers must convince consumers to abandon smaller gas devices, such as stoves and clothes dryers, that they may prefer.
But henchenstwo recommends techniques that can change their minds.
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