some problems with living in a travel trailer - rooftop air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
some problems with living in a travel trailer  -  rooftop air conditioner
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Coleman TrailerCredit: I lived in a travel trailer four years ago.
I live in this exact same travel trailer from November 20.
I don't have a plan to live in a travel trailer, and I don't have a way to buy something like that myself, but things happen where I live in a small entertainment trailer home, the kind you pull behind a truck or other vehicle, with a decent v8 engine behind it, or in my case, you just live in this thing and it doesn't move much.
I mean, it's better not to move, something that moves will signal a lot of disruption to the force, that's the truth, Jack!
Now, don't get me wrong here.
I love my little travel trailer home.
I have already told how I came to other places to live in the Dutchman sports travel trailer and there is no need for me to show you the interior of my home.
I mean, guys, I'm a 39-year-old single man.
So here it's messy, less than preservatives, you won't see the interior of my house unless you visit, and then, if you're in love with me, or intoxicated, that would be the best.
The picture above is a good illustration of what kind of home I have now and it has been a while.
The picture above shows a fairly new one, while my picture doesn't.
In addition to a big event, I have complete functions. . .
Stopped working in an electrical storm last night and we will get there.
What I am saying here is that I am what you are talking about as a poor economy.
This is designed.
Of all the possible ways you can imagine, I am an absolute non-conformist.
I think the federal government of the United States is the enemy of all of us;
It's just that some of us have not yet realized how it all happened.
It has nothing to do with anything, except that I didn't seek a full time job, I didn't have a bank account, I didn't pay utilities in my name, except for what we all know and love, al Gore's stuff, or beyond the "human bear pig", I'm completely out of the grid in every way the internet is definitely not created.
Settle down, brother!
We all know that you are a liberal anarchy or something, and you don't have a phone call either, so calm down and tell us about the trip trailer! Right.
Well thought, thank you.
These movable small houses on wheels have two main varieties, 1.
Round 5, round 2.
Pull behind
With the fifth wheel trailer, you need a pickup truck, usually a pickup truck with a big engine, preferably diesel, because the fifth wheel on the wheel is usually larger than the pulling force behind the various trailers, but this is just a generalization.
Fifth round travel trailer credit: Live in a travel trailer. I have some complaints about staying in my entertainment trailer, in my case it is not entertainment at all, it is my home;
But first let me tell you some of the real benefits of living in a travel trailer. 1.
You have to really figure out what your priorities are!
I'm a very tired man.
I think anyone who knows who Kim Kardashian is dating is an idiot and most likely has a low IQ that can count on you.
I, I don't know who that person is, except that I often see the name, and I don't know her picture when I see her.
I don't watch TV, and I rarely meet fools. . .
So you can say that I removed myself from the list of eugenics sterilization or extinction.
Guess what, I'm still a nobody, but at least I know what's worth cherishing in life and nothing on TV.
I don't know what the latest fashion is, and I don't care how much I have.
I don't know who most of these idiots I hear in a radio chat are, and I don't want to know.
In my 26 feet long home, I have more things than I can accommodate, but what I care most about. . .
Most of them are here.
When your space is limited, you will have a lot of knowledge about yourself, and it is very important to know yourself in life. 2.
Joining small house sports means you care about the environment!
No, I'm not going to join the little house movement, no, I'm not sure if the little pull on these 26 wheels really qualify as part of the "Little House movement []1].
"Guess My family is not small, so I won, it can't be argued.
Why join the little house sport if you can afford a big question, but the answer is easy.
Whether you are joining this little family sport by chance as I am, or intentionally joining like a more upright person, you are helping yourself and helping to protect the environment.
Look, it's not a joke. life in the travel trailer is not energy efficient.
These things are poorly insulated in general, but they are small enough and almost certainly you will consume less energy than living in an apartment somewhere.
So the question is whether you take environmental protection seriously.
Producers are told not to think the market is not catching people's desire for more energy efficient travel trailers, they are responding in kind [1]2]. 3.
Stay in the travel trailer and you can move easily!
This is obvious and does not need to be explained.
The only thing to keep in mind here is that relocating trailers, even small trailers like me, requires someone to have a pickup truck with a powerful engine.
Of course, you may know someone so eager to move you somewhere else who will do it for you with their truck.
Hopefully you will at least know this before it happens.
Credit: First of all, the problem I had during my trip was that I wanted the readers here to realize that these leisure trailer rooms were not built with the idea that someone would live in them full time.
Oh, of course, some trailers are better built than others, which is beyond doubt.
I think the big airflow brand trailer [3]
It is considered to have built several levels of quality on top of almost all other brands and models;
But there may be some competitors at the level of airflow.
Generalization is usually wrong, but we use them in the language because they are usually correct.
In general, if you live in a travel trailer full time, you may encounter some problems that I have experienced, so I will list below the problems I have brought to you. 1.
The mattress is really cheap: The photo above is the single bed of the Dutch sports travel trailer.
The Dutchman movement is where I live and is an ideal trailer for singles or couples who are closely integrated.
No, it's not my bed, but it's exactly the same as my bed.
During the four years of my Dutch sports life, I have worn out my mattress.
My mattress is definitely rubbish and definitely needs to be replaced.
I have worn the hole and there are Springs across both sides as I have worn both sides.
No, I don't sleep, I have Springs in my gut.
I took the cheap rubber floor mat and covered the place where the spring was glued to the mattress and from there I covered the whole thing with a thick blanket for easy repair. 2.
The air conditioner will fail: I will talk about this for a minute.
I'm a professional HVAC mechanic.
But I am also a person who is trying to stay as far away from the grid as possible, so I don't repair the air conditioning equipment full time as I used.
Oh, I 've been working here or there for a whole couple of weeks, but not often.
By the time I got it, I had this trailer for 10 years.
It was only used by some people to hunt before I started living in it. . . .
In other words, it is used for the kind of thing it designs and builds.
I am the kind of person who abused this thing in full time life.
This is not to say that almost all air conditioners on these travel trailers by one or two companies are not enough, but that the insulation in the trailer is almost non-existent;
So when you live like I do in places like Texas, these devices have to run non-stop in the summer, and all air conditioners fail at some point.
What's the problem, I'm a HVAC guy, right, but there's a big problem.
The air conditioning on the travel trailer is not like a residential air conditioner.
Oh, they work exactly the same way, but the parts of the travel trailer air conditioner are not easy to buy.
This can be done, this is not a problem for me to fix them;
This is a question of getting parts and calculating whether the cost of these parts is worth it.
When my first air conditioner was a little dusty, I got a used one from a full trailer.
Just two days ago, the new old died in a thunderstorm.
The surge destroyed the fan motor.
At the moment, I am thinking about changing a motor.
In the meantime, I'm hiring something too small for the work it's trying to do, and I'm sitting here in a really hot heat.
The KUL brand portable room air conditioner shown above is a nice small air conditioner.
I don't want anyone to misunderstand me on this matter.
The problem is that it is not a good alternative to the roof wrap unit and it can remove the extra 5,000 btu heat.
At the moment, I have something from KUL in my trailer, or I call it "r2 2 ".
I have prepared another fan motor for my dead penguin and I will soon have my roof wrap unit-a multi-meter Penguin start up again.
At the same time, it was very hot in my trailer.
I live in Kaufman, Texas.
Here, in order to maintain the comfort of the travel trailer, one needs a perfect functional unit that runs 24/7 kilometers in the summer.
If I have the money then I have definitely ordered a brand new Dometic a/c Penguin II for my trailer.
This is a good unit.
An electrical storm pulled out my fan motor;
Sometimes bad things only happen to good people, not the best people out there. 3.
The trailers are barely insulated: I have mentioned the issue above.
I need to mention it over and over again
I live in Texas so the problem is the heat, not the lack of heat.
I never ran the central heating in my trailer.
In winter I just need to install a small plug on the electric heater and I can stay comfortable as I like.
I am also very thin, so I need more heating than others.
At least for me, the thing about the insulation is very obvious.
There is no attic, so there is no insulation on it;
At bestHere the walls are 2 inch thick and if you live full time in the wheel trailer you may want to do something about the windows.
You can't do anything about the insulation on the walls, unless you're a craftsman with enough time, energy, and another place to work on a trailer.
However, you can heat up the windows of your little home, and I do.
Home Depot will sell metal bands and foam plastic insulation, and on top of that, you just need a tape measure and a knife to use it to cut things and go straight. Feel the feeling of improvement4.
The construction cost of most travel trailer fixtures is very low: Again, I can't say that, these little RV's are not built under the idea that you live inside every year, but it's a viable thing, it's just that there has to be some constant investment in the house.
I have not replaced any fixtures, but I have at least one that needs to be replaced absolutely.
They just build it cheaply and if they only use the trailer for a vacation or something, it's not something people will worry about.
Eventually I will replace some fixtures here and I have a list of upgrades in reference [4].
It's not just the lamps that are annoying.
The bulbs of standard lamps in the RV are usually cheap as well, and they often go out.
Trust me, they won't last as long as Old Tom Edison did in the past, but at least they're not Algore-backed mercury-containing EPA poison. . .
I mean, bear pig. 5.
You have to be very careful that the cabinet is wet!
I was told that the airflow trailer had solid mahogany cabinets.
It makes me a little sad because I think mahogany should be used to make acoustic guitars and so on.
I have learned that my thoughts in this world are often not the ideas of the rest of the world, but, maybe building non-
Airstream travel trailer agrees with me.
My cabinet is made of some sort of particle board, like cardboard made with super steroids.
You want to make sure that these things don't get wet because it expands and then starts to break up, or at least break up forever after deformation.
Listen, I'm in Texas.
It does freeze here in winter, and one winter, when it lives in a trailer, it's been under freezing for almost ten days.
In this case, you don't want to turn on a faucet by mistake.
No, you won't know that you leave the tap on as if it was frozen outside, you won't know that the tap is on because there is no water in it.
Just be sure that when the outside world is frozen, you will turn off the tap, just like when the outside world is unfrozen, the tap will suddenly be filled with water.
If you leave the tap on and the plug in the sink is on, then you will flood the trailer and the bottom of all your cabinets will expand a little.
Please don't ask me how I know these things. 6.
The door lock is to be replaced.
I am in a single door trailer and my door lock is in 3rd format.
These things cost about $45 and I don't know why they crash but I really locked it in for a while.
Oh, yes, I'm a little scared.
I finally opened it up.
Not so disturbing to me, but probably not for some others, that is when you can't lock the door from inside or outside, I also come across both situations.
Look, I'm lucky that my parents' home is in the same place, so I'm probably luckier than some other people who decided to devote themselves to traveling trailer life.
In any case, I am on my third door lock;
Give me another year and a half. I may be in the fourth place.
Look, I want readers here to know that the list of issues above is not a list of complaints.
I love my little travel trailer home.
Oh, of course, I look at the bigger bathroom than me, which has a slide, a bigger bathroom with desires and desires, without any doubt about it.
I just want to provide these questions so that people like me can be prepared for them or be prepared in advance
Take pre-emptive measures to solve these problems.
I don't really complain.
Thanks for reading!
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