Students overdosing, active shooter drills and buying supplies with his own salary: Teacher quits after 20 years and reveals why the 'toxic' profession has made him leave - air conditioner dripping

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
Students overdosing, active shooter drills and buying supplies with his own salary: Teacher quits after 20 years and reveals why the \'toxic\' profession has made him leave  -  air conditioner dripping
A Florida teacher has decided to leave the profession forever, citing the challenges of the job and a bunch of "things I didn't sign up ".
Jonathan Carroll, 46, from Groveland, Florida, teaches social studies at South Lake High School in Groveland, Florida, as part of an educational career that began in 1999.
In a very honest Facebook post, he tells the reason why he left his job for 20 years.
When I started teaching, I was excited to have an impact on the children.
I love every minute I work, Dad. of-
Two ways of life
But just two months ago, Carol began to feel disappointed with his work and began to write down his grievances.
His frustration and fear are the same as his counterparts across the country, which has led teachers to strike in recent months due to crowded classrooms and low wages.
Carol is not happy with a bunch of things.
Everything from excessive
Digital Classroom, high
Test scores of burning wooden piles
His annual salary is $48,000.
Carol decided to leave teaching once and for all at the end of the month.
So that's what I think. . . .
I'm leaving the field of education.
I have had a lot of good memories.
Carol wrote on Facebook, but it has become a toxic profession.
The first two reviews of him.
In his decades-long nostalgic career, he reveals all the things he thinks make the profession a "toxic" career.
He said: "I once believed that I would use a few days to open my mind, debate history, and inspire the next generation to go to a higher level and learn from the past.
I thought of everything I didn't sign up. . . .
Blueprint like micro-admin Administrator, mental health consultation, no freedom and flexibility (
Even if you can't execute the plan)
, Even if I have a graduate degree, it is not considered an expert in my chosen field.
"The students took a drug overdose and collapsed in my classroom after returning from the bathroom.
Active shooting exercises.
Armed teachers.
It's safe to know where to hide in my classroom.
Feed and dress my students.
Buy my own.
I was told that I should thank me for having a job and overcoming myself.
I am tired of constant testing. . .
Tired of other people knowing better, they will be punished if I dare to ask questions or challenge leadership.
So maybe I'm leaving. . . ' he writes.
On Wednesday, the Florida House finally passed a bill allowing teachers in the classroom to carry weapons.
The move is a direct response to a shooting incident in Parkland, Florida that killed 17 students at Stoneman Douglas High School.
In his post, Carol talks about the lack of funds for school supplies and the fact that the $300 he spends every year on pen and paper is consumed very quickly.
He told Yahoo that we ran out of the money very quickly, so I bought extra stuff at the dollar store with my salary.
On one occasion, the air conditioner in my teaching trailer was broken, so I bought a replacement air conditioner for $300. C.
Until it is fixed.
I kept it in the garage for an emergency.
In terms of exam results, the pressure on students and teachers is also increasing.
Carol thinks standardized tests will burn out children.
It also worries teachers about whether their classroom scores will affect their work, he said: "Children are forced to succeed without considering personal development . ".
Now that he finally made the decision to leave teaching, Carol said he enjoyed the decision for the first time in years.
He told Yahoo that the pressure has been reduced, so I can teach history in my own way.
We are doing some cool projects and have a good time.
Carol is going to stay-at-
After returning home, Dad left school for a while.
"To be honest, if I were to be an inexperienced bank teller, I would break even.
But the truth is, I will not miss the fruits of education.
A soulless industrial education complex where administrators care more about exam results than their teachers or students.
I like to teach you a lot.
But it's time to ride to the sunset.
Start enjoying life.
He wrote in his Facebook farewell that happiness was found again.
This post was well received by teachers and students who felt the influence of Carol's teaching.
"You are one of the only teachers I feel really concerned about me.
"Thank you for making my junior year better, I can't succeed without you," one of his former students wrote . ".
"You were my best teacher in high school.
I like to go to your class very much.
I'm sorry that your career has become worse with the development of society.
"God bless you, sir," said the other man with enthusiasm.
"I am so lucky to be one of your students.
Thank you for all the knowledge and wisdom you have given your students over the years.
For all of us, you are not just a teacher, you are a role model and inspiration.
Another wrote in response to Carol's post: "Thank you for everything you do for your students & good luck with your future efforts . ".
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