summer for dummies: how to beat the heat when you're 50+ - what's a evaporative cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-08-26
summer for dummies: how to beat the heat when you\'re 50+  -  what\'s a evaporative cooler
Some days I don't think I'm smarter than your roadside weeds.
That's because I have to come back every summer.
Learn how to stay cool and comfortable when the temperature is over 90 degrees.
But again I haveread Dr.
Spook's baby and child care after every one of my kids is born, so the brain screening problem is not new to me.
If you also need a reminder of how to best take care of yourself in a hot summer, this is the summer of a review by a dummy.
Take your clothes off, this is a no
It was a smart idea for teenagers who took off their shorts and shorts as soon as they were out of school.
But for the elderly, every decade of the past seems to bring a desire to cover themselves up more and more.
In our culture, the signs of depression and other aging are hidden, so we wear long sleeves and trousers when 100 degrees. (
Have you seen the beach photos of middle-aged and elderly people in other cultures?
They just put on swimsuits like everyone else.
This burqa-esgue hiding. )
So take off your clothes.
Most of them anyway.
My spy told me that some women even gave up their bras in the summer and didn't want to be tied to an extra layer.
Sleeveless tank or camper under a light cotton top can also be taken careExpose the problem.
Around the house, the underpants and a tank are enough for a woman and of course will be recognized by my partner Cranky pants, who himself does not wear anything. Capris (
Also known as the pedal pusher in the old group)
It's great to go out in the world.
Kmart has a range of cotton coats for women for just $6. 98.
Neck cooler these headscarves that look like rolled up can keep people comfortable in hot weather.
They have small beads sewn inside, and they will be full when they are wet.
First, you soak the neck cooler in the water and let the beads soak and expand.
Then you put on your scarf and let the evaporation work to keep you cool.
Just like having your own evaporation cooler.
When the side opposite to the skin becomes warm, turn the scarf.
I put my extra items in a plastic bag in the fridge and ready to go in.
Look for a neck cooler at a local sports store. (
Yes, the neck cooler is a bit odd, but better than the emergency room for heat exhaustion. )
I don't understand why we are in America. S.
It seems that these have been abandoned.
I had a folding paper fan in my handbag all summer and when it was hot outside I could find it keeping them shamelessly swinging.
I bought a dozen on Amazon. -
It costs $6.
£ 12 £ 99, the website offers free shipping for key members.
These are great gifts for hot friends.
Living in a hot climate, you can choose Italy or Spain.
They go on vacation in the afternoon to siestas, and activities in cool places during the day and at night.
So, if you want to hike, run errands or gardens, please get a hint from them.
Do these things in the early morning.
Take a nap in the afternoon. (
Don't let the boss see you if you're working. )
Then stay up late and enjoy the stars.
Even cooking dinner early in the cool morning makes sense.
Then the main food of the day folderol is already in the bag.
Keeping the electric fan and air conditioning at home is helpful for a lot of people, but the same is true for simple curtains.
Also, open the house when it's cool at night and turn it off when it starts to heat in the morning, which will control the temperature.
You can get greener by not using the air conditioner 24 hours a day and setting it to 75 or higher.
For electric fans, the local hardware store has a lot of sales.
It seems silly to remind people to drink water, but your thirst mechanism goes wrong as you get older.
It's a good reminder to see a large bottle of water.
In the eyes, in the mind.
So stay calm, okay?
I may have to write it again next summer.
Mel Walsh is a gerontology, writer and columnist.
Her book "Grandma spicy" is on sale on Amazon.
Visit Mel at www. melwalsh. com.
Twitter: @ MelWalshWriter.
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