t.o.'s summer heat replaced by rain and sleet - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-02
t.o.\'s summer heat replaced by rain and sleet  -  in a heat pump
Heavy rain has hit heavy smoke and Southern Ontario over the past two yearsand-a-
Half a month later, summer turned into a flood nightmare.
Canceled beach dayEmpty patios.
The game was scratched.
Our disaster is endless.
Dave Phillips, a rockstar meteorologist and senior meteorologist at Environment Canada, said the gray sky and the pain of the pouring rain every day have plagued our minds.
"Canadians feel the weather is good," Phillips told the Toronto Sun. "It's a debt and we should get it . " He added that the country is the second-coldest country in the world and also
The mercury expert says he has been getting heat from angry farmers and grumpy tourists.
But there is a reason for the weather chaos.
Phillips pointed out that the weather was very good last summer and we were spoiled.
Normally, the temperature in Toronto is 16 days higher than 30 degrees Celsius, but the temperature in the city last year was as high as 39 days.
So far this year? Five.
"But the rain adds to the pain," Phillips said . ".
"Our income this year is twice the normal level.
Is it Donald Trump or the ozone hole?
"In fact, neither is it.
Normally, southern Ontario receives the so-called Bermuda Higha large high-
Pressure system-
Keep the weather warm and sunny.
No such luck this year.
"Sometimes it brings heat waves and smoke, it's like a heat pump that pushes warm southern air to flow north because people are using air conditioning, so I call it" summer Hummers ", said Phillips.
So far, veteran meteorologists
High Dihao at high and low-
He said we have been working for four days in a row.
Another problem is the jet stream;
Its pattern and stuck place.
The jet stream is a wind belt at a very high altitude, usually at this time of year it resides in Hudson Bay.
The North is cold and the South is warm.
But on 2017, we were just under it and received what Phillips called "active weather ".
It means rain, hail, lightning, sunshine.
The whole mix.
He added that the storm would hook up to the jet stream of strong winds and dump their goods on the souls below.
In addition, heavy rains and "active weather" on strike lasted longer. Much longer.
"Day after day," Phillips said . ".
"Just like a storm, the big jets line up at the airport and there is another arrival as soon as they pass.
"According to Phillips, the heat wave in Europe is also raging in the North Atlantic, blocking the warm weather we deserve.
Since we received a heavy strike in May, Phillips said it was 62% more wet than dry.
But there is hope. perhaps false —
Said the weatherman.
Phillips said that in the rest of the summer, look at the model
The third one is warm.
Third Cold last cold
Third is close to normal.
"I bet,not much more —
The end of July and August will be warmer than normal.
That's what we're calling for, "Phillips said, adding that precipitation is an option and Environment Canada can only predict the next four days.
Bhunter @ postmedia.
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