ten players killed as fire sweeps through flamengo lodging in rio - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
ten players killed as fire sweeps through flamengo lodging in rio  -  outside air conditioner
On Friday, the fire swept through an unlicensed accommodation site at the flamenco training center of the Rio football club, killing 10 members of the club's youth team and injuring three others, one of whom was seriously injured, firefighters and news reports.
According to the details on the Brazilian Globo website, all 10 deceased persons aged between 14 and 16 are either playing for the club or are being tried there.
In a brief statement, flamenco said the three injured players were taken to hospital, one of them seriously injured and 30 physically burned.
The mayor's office in Rio said the fire-burned dormitory was built on land without registered buildings and the club had no right to establish a residence there.
"In the project agreement, the area is described as a parking lot," the office said in a statement . ".
"There is no new request for registration to use the area as a permit for a dormitory.
The firefighters said they arrived in a state called neño duulubu. of-the-
Two months ago, the art training center expanded and opened shortly after 5. m. (0700 GMT)
Found the building swallowed up by the fire.
The news reported that the fire occurred in an old place in the center, where it will be demolished.
I don't know if the smoke alarm is installed in the building. the metal roof of the building looks bent and burned by the fire.
13 people managed to escape the building on fire, but the intensity of the fire prevented firefighters from entering the facility.
"We managed to rescue the victims outside," Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Henot told reporters . ".
"This place was completely replaced by a fire.
Like we try to get in and find people who are still alive (possible). . .
We only found bodies inside.
"We can't tell you the cause of the fire, which needs to be investigated," he added . ".
President Rodolfo Landim of flamenco said it was the biggest tragedy in the 123 incident in flamenco.
But the club did not give the name of the deceased or provide any information about the cause of the fire.
However, a young player told reporters that his room was on fire.
"The air conditioning was on fire and I ran out," said Felipe Cardoso, a midfielder. 17 side.
"Thank God, I ran away, I'm still alive.
"The complex on the edge of the city was blocked by the media, with dozens of journalists and television workers waiting outside the gate.
Fans also gathered to wait for news.
16-"I'm very sad . "
Augusto Matthews, aged, appeared in a red flamenco shirt.
"There are a lot of talented people who have an exciting future ahead of them.
"Brazilian clubs usually host young players in dormitories while training with youth teams or in club trials, especially those with poor background or from outside the city.
However, the hygiene and hygiene standards in many residences are poor.
In recent years, major clubs such as Vasco da Gama, Botafogo and Parana have made headlines for the instability of their training centers.
After years of financial difficulties, flamenco spent 23 million reais last year ($6. 2 million)
In order to expand the Ninho do Urubu training ground, both the first team and the youth team are using this training ground.
In addition to accommodation for young players, other amenities include several courses, water park, gym, medical center and ministadium.
Neio du lub, or the nest of the Vulture, gets its name from the symbol of the club --a vulture.
The best in the club
The famous young players were trained there, including midfielder Lucas packeta, who made his debut at AC Milan in January, and viñeus, who joined Real Madrid last year. “What sad News!
Pray for everyone!
"Power, power," Junior wrote on Twitter . ".
Flamenco is one of the best players in the world, like Zico, Junior and Leonardo.
Support clubs in Brazil and around the world.
Known as Red by fansand-
Blake, who won the South American version of the Champions League in 1981, raised the International Cup a few months later.
Brazilian midfielder Zico wrote on Instagram: "how shocking it is to hear the news on the other side of the world . ". “May the Red-and-
The black nation has the power and conviction to live through this moment.
"Teams from all over the world, including Rio rivals Botafogo, Flamini and Vasco dagma, expressed their solidarity on Twitter and provided
Officials postponed two semi-finals on Saturday.
The Guanabara Cup final, one of which is between the hosts of the famous Maracana stadium, 2014 World Cup final, flamenco and flaminese.
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