the best way to reduce pollution on your drive? crank up the air conditioning! ac traps toxic particles so you don’t breathe them in - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
the best way to reduce pollution on your drive? crank up the air conditioning! ac traps toxic particles so you don’t breathe them in  -  outside air conditioner
While sitting in a car on a daily commute seems quite harmless, drivers are exposed to a lot of air pollution while driving.
But scientists believe they may have found an easy way to reduce this. car pollution.
In a new study, the researchers found that the use of air conditioning can reduce the number of pollutants in the car by up to 34.
Scroll down to see video producers at Washington University in St. Louis find that simple shifts in driving habits help reduce
Car pollution on the road.
Dr. Anna Levy, who led the study, said: "We know that traffic can cause a lot of pollution, so when you are traveling in traffic, the amount of your exposure to many harmful pollutants per day is not proportional.
What we want to see is: when and where our highest risk occurs, and how to drive to reduce the risk?
"Researchers use portable instruments and sensors to monitor and measure the level of contaminants in the indoor cabin air and outside the car during their daily commute.
Nathan Reid, who is also involved in the study, said: "As aerosol scientists, we have access to the country --of-the-
Air monitoring equipment.
"Once we start to measure the inside and outside of the vehicle and start to retrieve the data, we are able to confirm our assumption that by controlling the ventilation of the vehicle, we can mitigate the risk of some contaminants.
Dashboard installed on the car
Cams, allows researchers to be stuck behind a bus or truck every time, on a highway, identify a given concentration of contaminants when parking at a red light, or drive past a restaurant or construction site.
They also used a series of ventilation settings when the window was open, the window was closed, the fan was on and the air conditioner was on.
After a month of testing the level of pollution, the researchers found that using air conditioning can reduce the amount of pollutants in the car by 20-
34%, depending on the outdoor concentration.
Mr. Reid said: "We found that there is a big difference between running the fan and running the air conditioner.
The air conditioner pulls out the external air through the same filter with the same ventilation path as the fan.
But there is a difference: you have a cold evaporator when the air conditioner is running and it cools the air when it goes through.
"This cold surface attracts pollutant particles, which are deposited there instead of spreading into the air you breathe.
When exposure rises, such as when a car is behind a bus or truck, this particle deposition is found to be most effective.
After taking all the factors into account, keeping the windows closed also provides a protective lift from 8 to 44.
Dr. Levy added: "The car cab can be seen as a buffer to protect us from outside air.
When you drive with an air conditioner on and close the window is the most protective thing you can do, running the air conditioner will reduce your fuel economy.
This is why dynamic behavior modification methods are recommended, in which communication or closed windows are used when tracking highly polluting vehicles, or on more polluted highways.
"Once you have left the polluted environment, we recommend that you open the window to remove any contaminants --
Out of your car.
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