The elements of art - air conditioner accessories

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
The elements of art  -  air conditioner accessories
Five elements.
If you tend to the latter, you have already won the first prize, and the words will summon the philosophical sharpness of what chemistry class is. Five elements.
If you tend to the latter, you have already won the jackpot, and the words will summon a bitter philosophical spike in chemistry.
Although your opinion on it may be a little different from the artist Sultan Suta's explanation of the earth, water, wind, fire, Sky (ether).
Its five panel structures show the Google Earth plan, a bottle of Evian, an air conditioner, and then the smoke from the match rises to an electric chimney and a satellite around the moon.
"Modern technology is an integral part of our lives-we have to re-explain our original symbols," the artist explained . " His first solo exhibition is in the art museum.
The big canvas presents a unique perspective that we are all very familiar.
The long train journey, the endless fields, and even in the afternoon sun, an empty train sleeper was covered.
Empty view through old tire tube.
"Travel is something everyone agrees.
These ideas run through the minds of every ordinary person.
Vehicles-trains and bicycles-once again became a very obvious symbol of the journey of ordinary people.
"In addition to the unusual perspective of the elemental panels and the common landscape, there are a number of abstract works-covered with a layer of smoke.
"It means an element-fire, water, air.
"The explanation leads to a painting of a horse covered with smoke, symbolizing the energy of the horsepower unit.
Sudhansu moves between abstract and landscape, depicting our familiar sights with unique colors and perspectives.
Even if that means we see the city's degradation through phone lines and city-specific junk plastic bottles, a weird corner of mouth and even pieces of trouser legs.
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