the furious and overlooked nsw voters who could topple gladys berejiklian’s government - evaporative cooler central air

by:HICOOL     2019-08-30
the furious and overlooked nsw voters who could topple gladys berejiklian’s government  -  evaporative cooler central air
The drought in Australia has killed fish, wildlife and communities.
The decline in tourism, the decline in population and unemployment have caused pain in rural Australia.
The new state Prime Minister, Gladys berreginlian, and deputy prime minister, John Barilaro, were in the election campaign in Lismore.
Picture: Nathan Edwards
Source: The Australian news group analytics company is steaming hot, but you can only run the evaporation cooler on the roof for a few hours later in the afternoon.
You are forced to shower your child with 10 cm Brown
Drink bath water once a day, only three
Take a shower yourself.
If you need to see a doctor more than just the flu, you have to drive east for a few hours to see someone --
If you can get in.
There is no future for your child, and they will travel to the city to take advantage of the sub-standard education they receive in the jungle.
Not to mention the impact of the severe drought in New South Wales on the working lives of farmers and primary producers.
However, for those who face this grim and uncertain daily reality in the far west of the state, they open up the evening news or open the newspaper and hardly see them in this election.
Broken bed of a waterway between Pooncarie and Menindee
A stark illustration of the consequences of severe drought.
Picture: AAPSource: AAPIt is a billion-
$ Stadium and overdue
Cheap light rail project in Sydney.
While there has been news for a week, the massive fish deaths in the Darling River and the apparent mismanagement of the Murray Darling river basin have not been talked about.
People in Western countries tend to vote for the national party without a doubt, as if they were driving automatically in the ballot box.
Both their parents and their parents do so.
But this time something seems to have changed and the party that has been supporting Bush has been affected.
People in the west of New South Wales feel that the election is not good for them.
Source: FacebookThe national vote in the West is bad news for Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian.
Picture: Nathan Edwards
Source: Australian news group shooters, fishermen and farmers (SFF)
The party is benefiting from a rally to run for candidates in a series of key seats against the coalition government.
The polls worried Prime Minister Gladys berregic and her coalition colleagues.
Barwon is a large group of voters, accounting for 44 of the land area of the new state, and has been occupied by Nationals for nearly 70 years.
According to polls, they are now expected to lose to SFF and its candidate Roy Butler, while their primary vote fell to 35 per cent from 29 per cent in 2015.
Murray, located in the southwest corner of the state, is being interviewed in the local town of Griffith, which will also cause discontent.
Helen Dalton, who is running for SFF, may be one of the people in the minority government to maintain a balance of power --
More and more likely results
Dalton MS vowed to "stop Sydney's spending" until rural schools and hospitals receive guaranteed financial support ".
Shooting athlete fishermen and Farmer's Party candidate Roy Butler may get a large number of voters from the National Party.
Source: in the Midwest of the state, FacebookOrange was SFF in a-
In the 2016 elections, support for the nation fell sharply.
Philip Donato was quietly confident in keeping it.
There was a similar grievance in the seat at Hunter, and National Councillor Michael Johansson grabbed it with a 2-point narrow margin. 2 per cent.
SFF spent a lot of time there hoping former Hunter County Mayor Lee Watt could catch it.
At last week's press conference, MS Berejiklian called the SFF "dangerous" and her remarks coincide with the image of several gun-holding candidates appearing on social media.
On Sunday, former Prime Minister John Howard warned ahead of a new advertising campaign that the SFF party might downplay his landmark gun laws after the 1996 massacre.
Labor is exchanging preferences with small parties on some seats, and the gun issue is something the Liberal Party has been eager to solve.
Nevertheless, due to the terrorist attacks in Christchurch, they delayed advertising for two days.
The town of walgert, north-northwest, is out of water, and local farmer Sam Evans is one of some struggling people working on the land.
Picture: Nathan Edward Source: Australian press group Junior industry, regional water, trade and industry minister Neil Blair was criticized by Bush for blaming the fish death entirely on the drought, it is denied that this is related to water management.
Image source: AAPThe SFF party likes guns.
In recent years, they have advocated the relaxation of gun control laws and issued some disturbing statements on semi-automatic firearms.
For a long time, the prime minister has been outspoken about the value of gun control and opposed to downplaying the law.
But with some shocking political words hanging on the wall, you have to wonder if at least a bit of "danger" mentioned by Berejiklian MS is related to the horrible vote of the National Party against the SFF party.
Which election day is coming, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of party leader Gladys berregic and Michael Daley?
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