the portable swamp cooler - small portable evaporative air cooler

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the portable swamp cooler  -  small portable evaporative air cooler
Portable swamp cooler can help you overcome the heat!
An economical and eco-friendly portable swamp cooler
A friendly way to cool down your bedroom, home office, living room or other space-
You can move it from room to room if you want.
The evaporation cooling process it uses works best in a dry climate, just like in the western United States.
Here I will explain what to look for in these units.
I will also tell you how my husband and I chose one to deal with the unusual heat we live in Colorado this year.
The coolers listed on this page are the ones I have selected after reading many descriptions and specifications.
I chose two of Amazon's most popular brands here: Sundentown and KuulAire.
More information about each of them.
Image source: Amazon
Choose a portable air cooler, here are some things to consider :[1]
How big is the unit?
Is it appropriate where you want to put it?
All these units should. [2]
How much water is needed at a time? [3]
Do you need to add ice cubes to work more efficiently? (
If you have a refrigerator in your fridge, it's not that important. )[4]
How much is it? [5]
How does Amazon customer review comment on this?
One sentence about customer reviews: Usually when I shop for myself or write an information page about Amazon products, I look for products that have at least ten reviews with an average of 4 stars or better.
This will not happen here.
There are a lot of people with low scores, but I believe a lot of them are because people are too wet, or they are not doing exactly as instructed, or their expectations are too high[6]
How much area will it cool and how much can you expect the temperature to drop? [7]
Does it need to be placed near a slightly open window?
Sundentown portable steaming CoolersThe Sundentown SPT SF
608R portable vaporized air cooler this is a very popular device and is the one I see most reviews of portable vaporized air cooler on Amazon.
The device adopts a sweat cooling method.
It weighs 17 pounds and has a sleep mode.
Parts can be replaced online if needed.
Ice cubes can make the air cooler.
These two models are very similar to the model above.
KuulAire portable evaporation cooling unit si has gone through the manufacturer's website and is impressed with the organization and detail of the information.
I do like this as a librarian!
The KuulAire website emphasizes that their products are very cheap and I believe they are.
Almost no electricity is needed for all portable vaporized air coolers.
KuulAire PACKA45 portable evaporation cooling device-
This KuulAire portable air cooler has a cooling capacity of 200 square feet, just like the Sundentown model, no need to add ice cubes.
This is because of the way these units are designed.
This one uses a fixed media filter instead of a wick, which leads to a larger surface where evaporation can occur.
If you want any details that Amazon does not provide, here is the page on the KuulAire website with more information.
About 22 pounds, the water capacity is about 2.
6 gallons, it has the same amount of water as the featured Sundentown, adding 5 pounds to its weight.
Still, its casters are described as easy to move.
KuulAire portable swamp cooler this air cooler is also the most popular.
It is considered to be a larger space for cooling.
This is a page I found on the manufacturer's website where you can download the specs and user manuals.
It can cool larger areas and therefore cost more.
Convenient cooler, a much smaller device convenient cooler as a micro (very miniature)
Or they even call it an air conditioner.
In any case, it is designed to cool you off within a short distance, indoors or outdoors.
For example, when you are working on a computer, you can use the port plugged into the USB port.
If you're walking around, they can run on a battery or adapter to get home current.
You add water to the filter.
These are only 7 inch high, so they are not comparable to those listed above.
These seem to be a pretty big step forward for regular fans who can help you win the heat.
Both models have plenty of satisfying customer reviews.
People use them in a variety of ways, including traveling.
Video about convenience cooler this video is how I found convenience cooler.
It sounds noisy, but I suspect it's just a home video device that receives sound.
How does the swamp cooler work? -
It turns warm and dry air into a cool and humid swamp cooler, a device that evaporates water, which is why it is also called an evaporation cooler.
These air coolers work best in a relatively dry climate, just like in the western United States.
They have many sizes;
Portable devices are used for families.
The cooler operates in the case of electricity, with a water container in the portable device, which uses the warmth of the air as a heat source for evaporation.
If you think about how sweat cools our bodies, it's basically the same.
More economical and ecological than air conditioning. The process requires little power, just like running a fan and a pump.
It does not require a compressor and does not use harmful chemical refrigerants.
Because the main components are fans and pumps, many people can repair the cooler themselves if something is worn out.
If not, maintenance should be cheaper. (
In fact, there are a lot of videos on Youtube about how to make your swamp cooler.
I didn't look at any of them.
I'm not a technician! )
When I started working on the air cooler, I thought we had to buy a window swamp cooler, install something in the window and take it off before winter.
I didn't realize the existence of portable devices. (
Maybe under the rocks. )
But it turns out that the window swamp cooler is not popular.
I saw a few of them for over $400, no comments, and only one or two.
So I don't introduce them here.
Please note if you click on Amazon.
Squidoo and I can share the Commission for free if you buy something.
Clicking on some other links may also bring me some Commission.
I appreciate the income because it enables me to spend time writing like this.
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