the refrigerator feature that keeps food fresh longer - what's a evaporative cooler

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the refrigerator feature that keeps food fresh longer  -  what\'s a evaporative cooler
The food freshness claimed by refrigerator manufacturers is rising.
We came across the built-in
In the air purifier, it is said that bacteria in the air can be eliminated, and we also see small bags placed in the drawer of the fresh-keeping box, which is said to absorb ethylene gas that causes some products to mature.
These requirements are difficult to measure due to different food quality and storage requirements.
But our laboratory tests have confirmed that the refrigerators that are best kept for food are those that maintain a stable temperature and humidity.
In terms of creating the best climate conditions, a relatively new innovation is doing more than any other one.
Called double-
Evaporator cooling.
The typical refrigerator uses a single evaporator or cooling coil in the refrigerator section, along with a circulating fan.
When the refrigerator part requires a colder temperature, the extra air is transferred from the refrigerator part to the refrigerator by the damper located between the two compartments.
There are two major trade in single evaporator-offs.
First, in order to keep the food frozen, the evaporator must operate at low temperatures.
However, this eliminates the moisture in the air, and the cold, dry, frozen air reduces the humidity level in the refrigerator part, which is harmful to many foods.
Second, the smell can migrate between two rooms to make your ice cube taste like salmon or other smelly food in the refrigerator. Dual-
The evaporation refrigerator solves these two problems by creating two different climates, one for the refrigerator and one for the refrigerator.
The feature was previously only available at the top-of-the-
Line fridge but it is slowly moving to more price range as shown in our fridge rating
There are nearly 50 double evaporators in July 2016.
A prominent issue worth considering is the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW, which occupies the current high score in all the refrigerators we have tested, at a very competitive price of $2,700.
In addition to the double evaporator, 36-inch-wide French-
Door model with temperature-
Controlled meat and deli, which helps keep cold dishes and drinks in the ideal climate, its fresh-keeping box drawer is excellent in keeping the best humidity level.
Like all the best refrigerators in our test, Samsung also keeps the refrigerator at 37 degrees F, which the government says can protect most foods from corruption and food poisoning.
How to make more shelf control bring "raw and orderly" to your food storage by making the most of the bins and shelves in the refrigerator ".
Door-to-door: butter, condiments, carbonated drinks, edible oil (
Can rot at room temperature)
Jam and jelly, juice, peanut butter, water.
Warm shelves: yogurt, snacks (
Pudding cup, fruit cup, etc. ), leftovers (
In a separate container), beverages.
Shelf at the bottom of the refrigerator: milk, eggs (
In the original carton)
Raw meat, poultry and fish (
Catch any dripping water on the tray).
High humidity drawer: broccoli, carrots, broccoli, scallions, green leafy vegetables.
Low humidity drawer: apple, avocado (once ripe)
Grapes, mushrooms, Peaches (once ripe), pears (once ripe)
Pepper, Plum (once ripe), melon (once ripe), nectarines (once ripe)
, SquashDeli drawer in summer: cheese, cooked meat, hot dogs that should not be put in the refrigerator: bananas, bread, coffee, garlic, onions, potatoes, tomatoes.
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