this summer, don't ignore your eyes | chennai news - times of india - room evaporative air coolers

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this summer, don\'t ignore your eyes | chennai news - times of india  -  room evaporative air coolers
With the arrival of summer, not only is it a long period of suntan, rash, itchy skin, dehydration, boiling and heatstroke, but also the endless eye problems that we tend to ignore or despise.
In the fast paced city life, we spent the longest time in a cool room with air conditioning and air cooler.
Technically, air
A conditioned room is the only way to protect yourself from a hot climate.
The little-known fact is that these artificial air and temperature changes caused by ACs do not benefit our health in the long run.
According to the doctor, AC will affect the most delicate organs of the body, the skin, the immune system, and the eyes.
The common complaint among people working in AC is that they feel the eyes dry, irritated, rough, sticky, itchy, burning and watering.
"Medically, this is called 'dry eye syndrome '.
The quality and quantity of tears in the eyes are essential for the smooth feeling and function of the eyes.
Dry eye syndrome is a change in quality or quantity of three layers of tear film, I . E; oily (exterior)
Water/water layer (middle)and protein (inner). In an air-
Air-conditioned rooms, especially at very low temperatures, the humidity drops, so the air becomes very dry, causing the water-like layer of the tear film to evaporate, resulting in the evaporation of dry eyes.
Dr. Preethi explained that subsequent long-term exposure to AC can also alter lipid production in the eyelid glands, resulting in changes in the quality and quantity of the tear film, resulting in dry eyes, chief clinical service at Chennai Agarwal Eye Hospital.
Without lubrication, the eyes are more susceptible to inflammation and infection.
Poor air hygiene-
Air conditioning facilities are one of the main reasons for the spread of viruses, bacteria and fungi.
Dr. Preethi said that drying and infection caused by drying in AC caused eye inflammation and infection.
Symptoms of dry syndrome in the eyes: burning, dry, rough, itchy, painful, heavy, tears in the eyes and blurred vision.
For patients with dry eyes, reading speed slows down and reading speed decreases as the severity increases.
Various causes of dry eyes: natural aging processes, especially menopause, make women more susceptible to dry eyes.
Certain diseases, including diabetes, thyroid disease, and vitamin A deficiency.
Side effects of certain drugs such as antihistones.
Although dry eye symptoms associated with this procedure are often temporary, laser eye surgery.
Tear gland damage caused by inflammation or radiation.
Diseases that affect your ability to shed tears, such as Sjogren syndrome, arthritis, and collagen vascular diseases.
Do not allow your eyelids to close the problem the way they should.
In metropolitan areas, tear gland damage caused by inflammation or radiation air pollution rarely causes dry eye syndrome in people.
Long stare/use of computer/mobile phone.
Tips to prevent dry eyes: minimize the time spent in the air
Air-conditioned rooms with air-conditioning temperature of about 23-
C degree or above is recommended.
Avoid facing the air conditioner and prevent direct contact with the air conditioner with eyes.
Put a small bowl of fresh water in the corner of the room and you can sit on the air conditioner.
This helps to maintain the humidity of the indoor air.
Drink enough liquid every day.
Often consciously blinking when using a computer or mobile phone will help the proper distribution of tear film.
Sleep seven to eight hours.
You can consider wearing sunglasses when you go out.
Use the lubrication eye drops prescribed by the eye doctor and it is recommended to follow up regularly.
"As explained, people can also infect their eyes without taking precautions to prevent them from drying.
If untreated dry eye increases with the severity and duration of dry eye, the patient may cause damage to the surface of the cornea (abrasion)
Corneal ulcers and severe visual problems, "Dr. Preethi warned.
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