tradewinds evaporative coolers - what's a evaporative cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-08-23
tradewinds evaporative coolers  -  what's a evaporative cooler
Millions of Americans use evaporation rather than air conditioning to cool their homes.
There are quite a few cooler manufacturers to choose from.
The most common cooler is made of sheet metal material.
Although the metal has a galvanized coating and then painted, the water mixed with a high concentration of minerals will devour the metal.
Usually in the first few years rust begins to deteriorate the metal water pan and side panels.
A few years ago, when the paint contained lead, the cooler would last longer.
Now it seems that most evaporation coolers, or what some call swamp coolers, only last for about five to seven years.
The side panels and water pans are usually rusted and unusable.
What can one do?
Change materials!
In some products, plastics have been used instead of formal metal products.
This happens sometimes with car bumpers or many other items.
The bumper bumps 5 miles per hour, so the bumper has to be replaced.
But for products like an evaporation cooler, this is the biggest problem when it rusts due to water contact, plastic is the perfect choice.
But who made the plastic swamp cooler?
Look at the trade wind cooler.
They have an attractive residential design with low profile cabinets.
But more importantly, they are made of quality materials. Polypropylene.
Plastic and PVC products are greatly affected by ultraviolet rays in the sun.
After a few years, they became brittle and easily cracked.
Polypropylene is sun resistant and will last for many years.
Even better, the deterioration of the water and minerals of the metal cooler will not affect the letter cooler.
The Tradewinds cooler is divided into draft models and side draft models.
Tradewinds TC451 is a downward ventilated model that provides 4500 CFM and cools 1200 square feet of living space.
The side draft is a trade wind TS451 and offers the same 4500 cubic feet.
For larger models, you can choose Tradewinds TC571, which offers 6000 CFM and will cool down to 1800 square feet.
For the side wind model of this cooler, you need the trade wind TS571 unit.
Most people who use a trade wind evaporation cooler will never return to the old rusty metal cooler.
I noticed that in most hardware, the trade wind cooler is not usually found, but is done on its own in the store.
You can go to Google or Yahoo, enter "swamp coolers" online, find these coolers online, or you can enter the letter wind and the model you choose.
Either way, a batch of dealers selling these quality products will be cultivated.
One of the dealers only charges the same delivery price as you usually pay the sales tax.
You don't pay sales tax because you bought it from outside the state.
In this way, you can send the cooler to your home at the same price as driving and picking up your car.
I hope this article will give you some ideas to think about the next time you go to buy an evaporation cooler.
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