Trump explains why he feels the primary process is 'unfair' - carrier air conditioner parts

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
Trump explains why he feels the primary process is \'unfair\'  -  carrier air conditioner parts
This is a rush copy of hanniti in April 13, 2016.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated. (
Cheers and applause)
Host Sean hanniti: Welcome to hanniti ".
"We're on our way again tonight.
We come to you from the beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, soldier and sailor Memorial and Museum.
Throughout the hour, we will be joining Republican front-runner Donald Trump in 2016.
We invited people from all over the country to join us.
We still have a lot to do.
Ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcomeDonald Trump! (
Cheers and applause)Donald Trump
Presidential candidate: Wow! Great people.
Is this crowd incredible?
This is a good crowd. (
Cheers and applause)AUDIENCE: USA! USA! USA! HANNITY: Wow!
Nice to meet you. How are you?
Very good. Thank you.
Hanniti: you must be happy. You are --
Next is New York.
In the past two polls, you were 60 and 61% years old, respectively. TRUMP: Right.
Hanniti: You were there too when I saw Penn, right here. (
Cheers and applause)
You now have over 50% points in Connecticut.
You reached 48% in Maryland. You're up a 20-
Point there.
So for you, things seem to move in a very positive direction.
I think so.
I think it's great.
You know, Pennsylvania is amazing.
I go to school in Pennsylvania. (
Cheers and applause)
TRUMP: So you know, I think we're going to do very well.
We have so many great numbers.
New York is incredible. We have a 40-
I think we will do a good job. I hope, I hope. It's politics. Who knows. (
Cheers and applause)
Hanniti: If you look at the delegate count now, you need--
You have won 61% of the delegates.
If you have a good performance in New York, Pennsylvania, some of these states, you need 57% of the delegates to stay, including those who are not bound, and of course within your capabilities.
This is not a controversial assembly, is this your hope and goal?
I think so. I think so.
I'm the only one who can do this. I think so. . . (
Cheers and applause)
I love the team!
Yes, I mean, that's what I want to do.
I want to turn it off.
I think it's all about making America great again and we're going to do that.
We will do it. (
Cheers and applause)
Trump: everybody understands.
Where I think we will do well, we seem to do well.
I mean, we did it. -
I won the whole South.
We won Alabama, Arkansas and Florida. By the way. . . (
Cheers and applause)TRUMP: . . .
Florida is a big win, you know.
That's funny, you know.
I went to South Carolina where I was not expected to win.
We won by an overwhelming margin.
We won in New Hampshire.
We won MIT. . . (
Cheers and applause)TRUMP: . . .
Many different states. So we've had --
This is an amazing--
I had a great time.
I know the people of this country.
I can tell you that we have great, great people.
We have great people. (
Cheers and applause)
What I particularly want to say is-
You know, Pittsburgh has had a very difficult economic transition, and part of the reason they're on the other side is because of the people here.
But I want to ask you first, especially Colorado. TRUMP: Right.
Because of you. . . (BOOS)
You said. . . (BOOS)HANNITY: . . .
You think it's rigged.
This is a shame.
Reince Priebus, head of RNC, said, wait, everyone knows the rules in advance. Did you --
Have you followed the rules? Do you --
Why do you think it's rigged?
Should you spend more time there?
TRUMP: First of all, when I joined. . .
Trump: lie. Lyin' Ted.
You're right.
When I played in June, they changed everything in Colorado.
They changed--
I will do well in Colorado.
Instead, they have this mysterious system that no one understands.
My people, my representative went there.
They won't put them on the list.
And then they even did--
No Trump, no Trump.
After the whole thing. -
Local Republicans. . .
Hanniti: Republican--
The Colorado Republicans tweeted, We tweeted, we never sent Trump. Yes, yes.
I mean, it's a solution.
It's a politician.
You know, I don't know if you guys know, but I'm funding my own campaign.
They hate it because they can't control it. (
Cheers and applause)
They don't like it.
What I want to say is, give it to the voters.
As you may have heard, people are very angry that they are going to hold a massive demonstration in Colorado on Friday.
They have already taken the votes!
They don't even have the right to vote.
I think this is a very sad situation. And we have --
I mean, even here, you know, if you win--
Because as you know, I have a big lead, like 20-some-odd points.
This is a big lead, however. . . (CHEERS)
This is good news.
The bad news is that I think you will get 17 delegates and others. . .
Hanniti: there are 70-some-odd delegates. . . TRUMP: . . . are appointed. HANNITY: . . .
You actually ended up voting for delegates, not Donald Trump. . .
TRUMP: That's right. HANNITY: . . .
In Pennsylvania. Yes.
TRUMP: You know, the bad, the unfair part, I'm telling you now, because--
You know, if there is one, we will clean up the whole thing because we have to get the voters back in.
The bad thing is I can win. . . (
Cheers and applause)TRUMP: Truly.
I can win Pennsylvania by an overwhelming margin.
Now, I'm a lot ahead. I could win --
I can win Penn with a landslide, get 17 delegates, others get 35 or 40 reps, they don't even win.
But they have a connection with the machine. It's not right. It's not right.
Do you know what I'm doing?
At the same time, I don't want to complain too much because we have won a lot of delegates.
We won a lot of votes.
But it's still unfair.
It is still unfair. (
Cheers and applause)
Hanniti: When you hear John Boehner say he wants Paul Ryan, you believe you can nominate anyone at the convention, Carl ROV says we need a new face, mitt Romney has come up with his strategy, and some state Republican delegates say, well, it's probably someone who's not running ---
Now, says Paul Ryan, no, it won't be me.
Should be the person running
But it is clear that some people want to avoid voters and deprive them of their rights.
What do you say about this?
Well, I think when someone like karrov says we need a new face, he's absolutely right.
Because his face is terrible, we have to get rid of him! (
Cheers and applause)
Trump: I don't know if you remember that fiasco, but if you listen to Carl ROV, he thinks Romney won.
He's still thinking. -
He said everywhere, didn't Romney win?
I thought Romney won. (LAUGHTER)
Romney choked.
He did a terrible job.
I mean, that guy's terrible. But look --
We do need--
We do need new ideas.
Who's fresher than my face?
I have never done this before. (
Cheers and applause)
Let me ask.
We often say that politics is a bloody movement. TRUMP: Yes.
Do you know? It's a rough-and-tumble sport.
Not for the faint. hearted.
It was you who got hit and you got hit.
It's back and forth.
I'm a little worried at the end of the process--I worry --
For example, if you look at social media, the Cruz people hate the Trump people.
The Trump people hate Cruz and me. . .
Male :(INAUDIBLE)HANNITY: . . . and my --and my fear is. . .
Trump: I have a feeling that the name will be with him.
But I don't want to hear it. -yes.
I'm a conservative, never Hillary.
That's what I want to see.
I think the only way is to do that. . . (
Cheers and applause)
Oh, I agree. I agree.
Can you unite the party? I think--
I think we will have a great party.
I have always been an uniter.
You know, we now have a president who is a great dividing line.
He is one of the greatest dividers ever. (BOOS)
Believe it or not, I'm an uniter.
Now, we start with 17 people and there are 17 people, which means I have 16 people hitting me from every angle you 've seen.
Obviously, it's getting harder and harder for us to fight back. they're all gone.
I mean, most of them are gone. (
Cheers and applause)
It's a little hard, I'm going to tell you.
Like when I saw Jeb BushJeb Bush --
I don't want his support because I hit him hard.
Guys, what are the terms we use, low energy?
I don't care--
I don't care much about this.
But I tell you that the party must be united.
We should be unified.
We're going to beat Hillary badly.
If you look at it. . . (
Cheers and applause)
Trump: If you look-
If you look at Ronald Reagan. .
Hanniti: Have you ever thought about giving her a nickname?
Trump: Actually, I do.
I will post it on your next show, but I don't want.
Hanniti: I think they want to hear it now. TRUMP: No. (
Cheers and applause)
We have some good.
We have some good.
Hanniti: But you chose a name for Hillary?
TRUMP: Well, you know, I want to use "lie", but we 've used it for Ted.
We don't want to use it twice. HANNITY: Oh.
No, I have--
I think my name is really good.
You know, I came up with some really good names in this campaign.
I think we have a very good one, but we will try it here in about a month. Is that OK?
Hanniti: Okay.
We will be back in a month. (
Cheers and applause)
Hanniti: this is a recent interview. you actually named it.
Your name is John Cassidy.
Your name is Marco Rubio.
You called some. -
Scott Walker is the other one.
Even though they are your opponents, you have said a lot of positive things to them.
What does this mean?
How can we explain this?
If you win the vice president nomination, is there anyone on your list?
No, I mean, I think they're very nice.
I get along well with these people.
I like these people.
Once again, I hit them hard.
They hit me. I hit them.
It's always reversed, right?
But we hit them very, very hard and they disappeared.
Don't forget that Jeb gets it automatically when I do it for the first time. He was gone.
Then Walker went to get it and he left.
Then Marco, I did a great job in Florida.
We won 20 points.
You know, all the people.
Because it's hard to say, you know, will you support me?
I mean, will you support me after we go through this?
So I'm not looking for this.
What I want to do is unite the people.
Here comes the problem.
Like this, like Colorado--and I --
Let me tell you.
I would love to take part in a parade in Colorado or any event they are going to take part in because I heard it would be incredible.
Voters want to take it back.
They want the money back from politicians. (
Cheers and applause)
Hanniti: But, as far as the VP is concerned, you say you want, you're looking for someone with political experience. TRUMP: Yes.
I do think so.
I mean, I have good business experience, you see.
I built a great company. I loaned --I borrowed. . . (
Cheers and applause)
Pu: I borrowed it very well. I changed it into a comparison of more than $10 billion ---which is good. (
Cheers and applause)
Trump: Turnberry has some great assets in the world (ph)
You know, there are buildings all over here, just some great assets, Doral of Miami and great stuff.
Do you know the truth?
I'm not talking from the point of view of bragging.
I say this because it's a kind of thinking. -
At least for some time before we solve the problem, this is the way our country needs to think.
We have to do that. (
Cheers and applause)
Sean, we owe $19 trillion!
Hanniti: You know, the last time I interviewed you, I interviewed you with your wife and she told you very strongly, she quoted "hope you become more. maybe stop tweeting late at night. " Have --have you --
You seem to have gained a foothold.
You may have been through the toughest two weeks of the campaign. And. . .
Trump: I don't think so. I didn't think.
I mean, they said. -
You know, because I 've had moments like this, they say, Trump's done, he's done.
Then the result of the vote came out, and I was higher.
I said, you know what's going on?
We have six of these moments, you know.
I don't think it's that hard.
You know, people don't. -Wisconsin --
I shouldn't have done a good job in Wisconsin.
This is not my place. it's okay.
I got 35% or 36%.
That's a lot.
You know, a governor closer to a state gets a smaller number, a very small number.
The whole thing is piled up.
They spent millions of dollars on negative advertising.
You have a radio host. -
The whole thing is like a big thing.
Walker didn't like me very much because I got him out of the game.
He is the other one.
He should have won, right?
Do you remember what Walker was supposed to win?
He's leaving in three weeks. bye.
Hanniti: you want to give--
But you have to give a series of speeches. TRUMP: I am.
You gave a speech at AIPAC.
You're really serious. . .
Trump: policy speech. . .
Hanniti: about 10. . .
TRUMP: Let me talk about it. . . HANNITY: . . .
There is a word maker, serious and well written. . .
Trump: serious, huh
I wrote it. . . HANNITY: Yes. TRUMP: . . .
I wrote it with experts.
Look, I believe in policy very much, you know.
I believe I am smart.
I was recently asked on a show about NATO and I said, well, I'll let you know ---
You know, I never liked it too much. . . (CROSSTALK)
Yes, 68.
I said it was out of date.
Everyone said, oh, it's terrible. (
Cheers and applause)
Trump: Then they looked at it and they said, well, he's right.
One more thing.
You have 28 countries.
We pay most of the cost.
Why should the United States pay for 28 countries?
We're defending them.
They have to start paying.
Many of these countries are very rich. (
Cheers and applause)
Hanniti: we have to take a break.
When we come back, I think one of the more important questions is how President Trump will affect the lives of people in this room. (
Cheers and applause)
Hanniti: Let's take a break.
We are on the road.
Donald Trump spent an hour with us, and we continued from (INAUDIBLE)
Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaStay with us. (
Cheers and applause)(
Business break)(NEWSBREAK)(
Cheers and applause)
Hanniti: Welcome back to hanniti ".
"We're in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and we 've been on the road for an entire hour with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. (
Cheers and applause)
Hanniti: You know, I personally admire very much the people I know in Pittsburgh.
I have friends in the audience tonight. TRUMP: Sure.
Hanniti: and the city. . .
I really like it.
But in this city, the steel industry has gone through a period of economic transformation and difficulties, and I know it represents a lot of America.
I know everyone here wants to know how you intend to help them specifically so they can save money, pay for college, buy a new car, and it's nice to live near a safe house.
TRUMP: So our job is like we--
Like taking candy from a baby.
I use this expression, like taking candy from a baby.
We have incompetent people to run our country.
We don't know what we're doing.
Our job is going to Mexico.
China is dumping steel everywhere. -
By the way, all over the world, just to make you feel better.
But China is dumping. -dumping steel.
Your steel mills. -
I know what's going on.
So far, this is the world steel capital, not close at all.
Now I know what they're doing. (
Cheers and applause)
TRUMP: You know, before I come today, because I'm giving a speech, and after that, we have thousands of people, and I said, give me some stats.
It's incredible how you lost your manufacturing job.
You lost your steel job.
You see what's happening in America. S.
Steel and these great companies. -
These incredible companies.
Because of the devaluation, all the depreciation, it was taken away.
This is impossible. -
This makes it impossible for these companies to compete.
We are losing our jobs.
The company is moving to Mexico.
Mexico is becoming a new China. (BOOS)
Trump: We have to stop it all and we will stop it.
What are they doing? -
Especially in Asia, especially in China, you can see what they do with dumping.
But forget to dump.
What they did with the devaluation of the currency was incredible.
There are some of us who can't do anything about it because our politicians are taken care of by lobbyists and special interest groups.
They were told not to do anything. (
Cheers and applause)
Not that they are stupid.
They were told not to do anything.
Hanniti: But I think--
I think it's an advantage in some ways because you said you would negotiate a free and fair deal.
However, let's say that we have restricted some imports from China, Vietnam according to the situation of the products.
This also means that American consumers will eventually pay more. TRUMP: Well, no. . .
How did you do it?
Because we will have more work.
Do you know?
You may pay a little more, but you will have a better job and you will have more.
People never say that. (
Cheers and applause)
You know, these people who don't know what they're doing. -
You know, I'm free trade.
But the problem with free trade is that you have to let the leaders on your side know exactly what's going on.
They don't know what's going on!
We do not have these leaders.
We have leaders we don't know.
You see what happened. -
You know, I used--
Just a company.
I hate picking them all the time, but I'm talking about Ford.
I'm talking about Nabisco.
I'm talking about the Carrier air conditioner.
They're moving to Mexico.
They let go of 1,400 people, amazing people. I watched it.
I saw it on the screen.
Hanniti: So what do we do when they want to bring their product back?
We do nothing.
We let them in, no taxes, nothing.
They fired everyone.
They moved to Mexico.
They produce air conditioners.
By the way, they sell them across the border and now the border will be very strong.
It won't be. . . (
Cheers and applause)
Trump: Trust me-but. . . (
Cheers and applause)
Audience: build a wall! Build the wall! Build the wall!
Hanniti: Wait.
So I asked you. . .
But Sean, look--watch this. Wait. Watch this.
Are you ready?
Who will pay for this wall?
Audience: Mexico!
TRUMP: By the way ---
By the way 100%.
You know, politicians say they will never pay. -100 percent!
Hanniti: they won't write us a check. . .
They will pay.
They will pay in one way or another.
When they see what's going on, they may even write us a check. They may. (
Cheers and applause)
Hanniti: Let me-
Let me get it back. . . TRUMP: Sean? HANNITY: Yes.
Trump: I respect it very much-
And Hispanic.
What you saw in Nevada, I won the vote with Hispanic Americans. -
Because I want to create jobs. They want jobs.
People who are legal here want to work.
But I want to tell you, Mexico, I have a good relationship.
The problem is that their leaders are too smart and cunning for our leaders.
Our leaders don't know what we're doing. And Mexico --
We are going to build a wall.
But let me tell you that without the wall, Mexico can stop the problem of 90% by being tough.
They don't want to stop it. . .
Hanniti: How long do you need? . . TRUMP: . . .
Because it's good for them.
Hanniti: how long--
You are the president. this is your first day in office.
How long will that wall be finished?
TRUMP: Well, it will--
I want to say that it will be completed in two years from the beginning of us.
We set off soon.
We set off soon.
It will be a real wall.
It will be a real wall. (
Cheers and applause)
But I will tell you.
Last week I was supported by 16,500 Border Patrol personnel. (
Cheers and applause)
Trump: first time.
Of course, a month ago, a few months ago, Sheriff Joe. -
Captain Joe apayo, great. (
Cheers and applause)
Trump: he knows--
This guy knows about the border, right?
But Sheriff Joe is behind me.
But 16,500 border patrols.
They have never supported any presidential candidate before. HANNITY: Yes.
They support me because they know. -
They want to do their job, you know.
When you ask them to do their job, when you put pressure on Mexico to stop what's going on ---
You need this wall.
You will always want this wall.
But you know what?
It will not be as necessary as it is now.
Let me get back to the economy because it's important. -
95 million Americans out of the labor market, 50 million--
This is not a joke.
We all know the poor.
We all know people on food stamps.
You know, in my early radio career, I could get a job for someone if they were out of work.
I can't find a job anymore.
So the question is between trade, what else?
In other words, how many jobs can we create by becoming an energy source? independent?
Trump: Do you know that millions of jobs have been lost in our country?
This is a major area. -
You know another area we really care about. -
Look North New York.
This is destruction.
This is destruction.
That's why I went there.
We had 21,000 people in Albany two nights ago.
We have 6,000, 7,000 people, like a regular crowd.
These people are eager to work and they want their business back.
By the way, one thing that has never been mentioned ---
Rules and regulations.
They set out regulations on people and businesses, making it impossible for us to compete.
Look at the people we're competing. -
They have no rules. So we're --(CROSSTALK)(
Cheers and applause)
Hanniti: You think--
Let me go back here.
If you become president, it's your first day in office. -
I hate the fact that the country we depend on is the lifeblood of our economy. TRUMP: True.
So my question is how fast we can be an energy.
Independent country?
TRUMP: Well, very fast.
I mean, we have the technology we can do today.
In this state, for example, they have destroyed your coal mine.
They wiped out your workers. (
Cheers and applause)
TRUMP: They have eliminated-
You know, you have something called clean coal.
Do you know what we do?
First, mines are almost--
They're leaving.
They should be extinct. Coal is great.
We have 1,000. . . (
Cheers and applause)
Trump: 1,000 of us-
But listen to this. -1,000-
There may be more coal supply in the year.
We are not allowed to use it.
Do you know what we do with it?
We send it to China, China use it, OK?
We produce small now.
I'm going to open them up. we're going to have clean coal.
We all want clean coal.
We need clean coal.
But we need to open the mines.
In West Virginia, it was destroyed because of what they did.
Parts of Pennsylvania have been hit hard. (CROSSTALK)
We are Saudi Arabia for gas.
We have more countries than any other.
We have a lot of things, but we can have them. . . (
Cheers and applause)
We should have everything!
We should have everything, including renewable energy.
Look, the renewable energy issue. -
Look, I know more about renewable energy than anyone on Earth, because I'm from--
You know, fromINAUDIBLE)HANNITY: Yes.
I like solar energy. Solar's great.
The problem is, this is a 30-year payback! You know, you --it isn't. . .
Hanniti: practical.
Trump: a little weak.
Not yet. It's a 30 --
Someone said, oh, that's great, 32-year payback.
Who will get 32-year payback?
And it does not have much power.
Hanniti: is it there? . . (CROSSTALK)
Hanniti: Are there millions of jobs? -
For example, for those in this group, if we are working as a nation on energy independence, is there a few million jobs in the energy sector?
Trump: Yes, there are millions of jobs in everything! We're losing. . .
Do you want those jobs? AUDIENCE: Yes! (
Cheers and applause)
Hanniti: we have to take a break.
We know more about Donald Trump.
We are on the road.
We're in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
"Hanny" on the road ". We'll continue.
Donald Trump leads directly. (
Cheers and applause)(
Business break)(
Cheers and applause)
Hanniti: Welcome back to hanniti ".
"We came to you from the memorial of soldiers and sailors. (
Cheers and applause)
We are in Pittsburgh, beautiful Pennsylvania.
2016 Republican presidential front
Donald Trump is with us for an hour.
By the way, you met Megan Kelly today.
What's going on with this? (BOOS)
TRUMP: Well, you know, she called last week and they had a meeting.
Did they say we could come up?
I said, will you come to the Tower of Tegra?
Because, you know, I don't want any confusion.
She did it. She was very, very good. And we had a --
A meeting, you know.
She is very nice. I mean. . . HANNITY: OK. TRUMP: . . . she really was.
Hanniti: you don't know. . . (
Cheers and applause)
No, I think--
Maybe it's time, maybe she thinks it's time.
By the way, to be fair, I gave her a lot of credit. . .
Male :(INAUDIBLE)TRUMP: . . . yes, for --
You know, because what did she do? . . HANNITY: OK. TRUMP: . . .
Because I don't know. -
You know, it cost a certain amount of money. . . (CROSSTALK)
TRUMP: Let's see what happens.
Hanniti: someone who said he was the representative just gave it to you (INAUDIBLE)(
Cheers and applause)TRUMP: Oh!
Hanniti: Okay.
Many people are focusing on Republicans.
Democrats even have a more corrupt system because Hillary Clinton and Bernie would be nervous if it weren't for that
Super representative.
My question is-
Even though you 've had a fierce fight with your Republican opponent, I 'd at least like to know if you don't tell us the name and talk about whether you're a Republican candidate, talk about how you're going to hit the Clinton machine, it will claim you're a racist and a racist, etc.
It's all fake.
First of all, I must say that when you say Democrats, their system is also very bad.
It's funny, you know, because I don't like Bernie at all.
I think he's terrible.
But when you look-(APPLAUSE)TRUMP: He wins.
He won, won.
Then I will listen to you, you will say, but he will never win.
So he won all the time.
Run by politicians.
It is run by machines on both sides.
Republicans are a little different.
In the case of the Republican Party, like the Pennsylvania we're talking about, you win in Pennsylvania, you get 17 reps, 35 or 40 reps, or whatever the numbers are, so many people can find someone who doesn't even win.
Hanniti: they actually listed the names of the delegates here.
But you're right, not necessarily even if you win. -
Trump: bosses can say that.
So the vote of the people does not mean that much.
It's really bad.
That's why they have a big problem now.
I'm glad to see it, but they have--
Because we want to give the vote back to the people.
The reason is(APPLAUSE)
Trump: Sean, the reason they do this is because they want to put everything inside the agency.
You know, I almost think they don't care who wins and who loses.
They want to keep it in the agency.
They want to run things.
They want money.
You know a lot of money, huge.
They want power.
They don't want to lose power.
Go find Hillary.
Imagine this is a general election. up.
It's you for Hillary and her vice president, and you're the vice president.
You're tough on Republicans.
Will you redouble your efforts? -
I think I will work harder.
I think it's much easier.
She is an easier target. (APPLAUSE)
Hanniti: talk about this.
I mean, I'm very strict with some Republicans.
Some people will say it's too hard because, you know, it's hard to bring them back.
So I said, don't worry.
You don't need to support me.
I told them a few things. don't support me. it's okay.
I will say that, but you will be surprised. -
People you never think of want to get on the bus--
They call it the Trump train.
I don't know what it is. -(APPLAUSE)
Trump: the people you wouldn't believe called me, the people who called me and said, we want to move on.
We want to move on.
This is a great thing.
In fact, I say to one person that you can't recognize me after we 've gone through this.
Because we had a great victory, but it was a difficult one. -
They want to enter.
Do you know what they want?
They just don't care.
They said no problem.
Because they're politicians, do you know why?
No problem.
This is a problem for me.
This is not a problem for them.
I said there was no way.
They said no problem.
So you'll soon see the names of those who support me coming up, and you won't even believe it at the top level. (APPLAUSE)
Hillary Clinton in almost every poll of two people
More than 30 Americans think she is dishonest and trustworthy.
She has a disadvantage of 55%.
TRUMP: You know, big--
I really think she has a lot. -
What is her weakness?
TRUMP: First of all, I don't think she has the strength and perseverance to be a great president.
Have you seen Hillary?
She will go to an event and then you won't see her for a long time.
Then she goes to an event and you can't see her.
You need great power.
You need great stamina.
She has no strength or endurance.
She was completely controlled by special interests.
Look at the money she raised from Wall Street.
I'm not raising money.
It's interesting, you know. -
I know people on Wall Street. I know them all.
They want to give me tens of millions of dollars. I say no.
Hanniti: you can send it in my way. I'll take it. (APPLAUSE)
Trump: It's not my life.
My life is taking money.
That's what I should do.
I will, but I will take the money for the people.
We want this country-
Hanniti: I think you hold it near the vest and how hard it will be for you to play.
Oh, you don't know.
You don't know. (APPLAUSE)
Hanniti: if they fight back, is everything on the table there? TRUMP: Yes. I don't care.
I mean, it's okay for me.
Hanniti: Is that what it is?
TRUMP: You know, there were 38,000 negative ads when I won Florida.
Can you believe it?
I had a big tournament in Doral and Adam Scott, a great player from Australia, was winning.
They did four negative ads on me before they gave him the trophy.
I said turn off the TV.
They are everywhere.
That's my game in Doral.
It was the world championship.
World Championship Cadillac
Hanniti: Welcome back to the Donald Trump tournament, an ad for Marco Rubio.
Trump: It's terrible. I know it's going to happen.
Every time, you can't turn on the TV in Florida a week before the big deal. And I won.
Actually, I said, I can't win Florida with these things. -
But the worst thing is
So we are going to give the trophy to the great Adam Scott, who is a great player from Australia and one of the top players in the world.
He just took this incredible picture in hole 18 and took it down.
So he won the game in one shot.
Everyone is crazy, thousands of people.
And they said, now we--
I mean, oh, no, I hope not--
One after another
I have these guys from Cadillac and PGA--
They're watching these terrible ads.
I said I couldn't win Florida.
I won 20 points. (APPLAUSE)
Hanniti: Let's take a break.
We are in Pittsburgh with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.
"Hanny" on the road ".
Stay there.
We will talk directly about ISIS, and of course all the issues of the day. (
Business break)
Hanniti: Welcome back to hanniti ".
"We are in the steel city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
We continue to work with Donald Trump, the 2016 Republican frontrunner.
I feel nervous about our children and grandchildren.
There was a lovely little girl in the front row and I talked to her before.
She raised the issue of security in our country.
Specifically, you said we were bombing. -out of ISIS. TRUMP: Right. (APPLAUSE)
Do you really believe it? -
Do you think it will wear boots on the ground?
Do you think we have to send people back?
Do you think this is a war that lasts for generations?
TRUMP: First of all, you know, I am very, very strong to the people who enter this country, nobody wants to mention it, and nobody wants to talk about it. (APPLAUSE)
Trump: I am very, very strong.
And, you know, we're going to have to be tougher, smarter and more vigilant, or we're going to have problems that you 've never seen before.
We used to have troops. you can fight Japan or Germany.
They are in uniform.
Now that we have people, we don't know who they are.
We are now bringing thousands of people into our country.
They have no documents and no paperwork.
No one knows who they are.
They may be ISIS, or they may be ISIS.
We 'd better be careful.
I can tell you that the people who enter this country, sadly, will have to go out because we don't know, we don't know what we are doing.
We don't know. (APPLAUSE)
TRUMP: They're from Syria, you know, I talked to a lot of great experts on security and border.
They say there is absolutely no idea of judgment when you don't have any documents.
Now ISIS is also making passports. You saw that.
They stole the passport machine.
So they're making passports now.
These are very beautiful customers.
We will have to knock them out.
What I'm saying is-
I will say that. (APPLAUSE)
Trump: I don't want to put people--
If you add it up, we may have spent $5 trillion.
At the same time, our country is collapsing and our infrastructure is collapsing.
I have been against the war in Iraq since the beginning.
But you should not go out from where they go out.
When you look at Obama-
Hanniti: Let them pay with the oil. -
Trump: I said take oil.
I said take the oil.
I wrote Osama bin Laden, and I wrote in a book published by the World Trade Center two years ago that Osama bin Laden ---
Hanniti: You talked about Brussels in advance on January.
They killed me in the New York Times.
I talked about Brussels.
I said five months ago that Brussels was a hell.
The New York Times made an important story about what I had to say was right and then they had a problem. I was right.
Hanniti: But do you think the bombing is enough, or is it combined?
Is this one of those situations where the US always seems to have to do heavy work? TRUMP: Yes.
Let me tell you that we can get someone else's boots if we have a leader.
You have Kurds, you have people who are willing to fight.
But, you know, we don't have the right people armed.
We don't give the Kurds what they want.
But we gave it to the others and the bullets they fired in the air ran away.
I have a friend whose son is there, three times in total.
I mean, he's been there for a long time.
Three tours.
He's back, you know.
The most sad thing, he said, is that the enemy is better equipped than us.
Do you know where they got it from?
We give it to people.
We don't know who we gave it.
They fired a bullet in the air.
The enemy, ISIS, or others took the equipment.
They now have better, more modern equipment than we do.
We put it over there.
We must be so strong.
They are cutting their heads.
You know, in a debate, they asked a question about the water boarding machine.
They asked Cruz.
He did not want to answer the question. -(SHOUTING)
Only in Pittsburgh.
Only in Pittsburgh. Only --
The home of Big Ben we love, right?
We like Big Ben. I love --
He's a friend of mine.
But he's a good guy.
He's a strong man.
We can use this attitude a little more.
But they talked about waterboarding.
Then he didn't want to get involved.
They asked me.
They said, what do you think of boarding on the water?
I said I thought it was okay.
What else do they say? (APPLAUSE)
Trump: I said it's good that we can do more. Here's --think of this.
They cut their heads in the big iron cage, drowned, we can't water, okay. (APPLAUSE)TRUMP: That's--
This is not the secret of success.
I can tell you.
One thing we have to do-
We must take their wealth.
Hanniti: You think--
We will not deprive them of their wealth.
We're not blowing oil.
We may bomb your truck in an hour.
Please remove the form yourself--we are --
We don't know what we're doing.
Hanniti: Do you think this is a generation or do you think we can ---
Because I think these are modern. day Nazis.
This is evil in our time.
Trump: very evil. (APPLAUSE)
Hanniti: I wonder, can this generation, or can we really win this war?
I think you can win, but you have to be very tough.
You must be very smart.
Hanniti: Are you ready to fight to the end?
TRUMP: You know, it's not like fighting Germany.
It's not like these countries we can beat.
It was 35,000 people who laughed at our stupidity.
They can't believe it.
Think about it. it's true.
When we bomb, we send out leaflets.
We're going to blow up your truck.
This is true ---
They don't want to bomb some oil because they don't want to have an impact on the environment.
Do you know?
Hanniti: We told our army that we really tied their hands.
They have rules of engagement and they can't shoot even if they fire.
TRUMP: So Hillary went to Libya, you had a Benghazi problem, you had everything.
But she went in.
Who is Libya, who is it? ISIS has it.
And they have a lot of oil.
Do you know what's going on with oil?
We do nothing, we do not create a blockade.
We do nothing.
Hanniti: we have to take a break.
I don't want to interrupt you.
When we come back, Donald Trump will bring us more.
As we continue from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we receive questions from the audience. (APPLAUSE)(
Business break)(APPLAUSE)
Welcome back.
On his way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, tonight, Donald Trump, the Republican 2016 front-runner, hanniti ".
Okay, we have a problem.
Hello, sir?
Man: OK, how are you? Thank you.
Welcome to Pittsburgh, sir. Trump.
No pressure, no pressure. (APPLAUSE)
Unidentified male: So as a college student, people often tell me that you should be a liberal, but I'm not quite sure about it.
Why did college students vote for you? Trump?
Because I want to create jobs.
The biggest problem is-(APPLAUSE)
Trump: I have more college students than I thought.
They are incredible people, they go to good universities, do well, and some are at the top of the class.
They came up to me and borrowed money from hilt and they didn't know what was going on because they couldn't find a job or a good job.
Even the other side will admit that they are producing jobs that they call bad jobs.
They don't do well.
Good work before.
Our good job is gone.
This is very unfair.
I want to create so many jobs that make the children in the university very happy.
We have to bring our work back. (APPLAUSE)
Hanniti: You got the last question tonight. Hi.
Woman: Hi, Donald.
As a young man, I am concerned about the future of social security.
So I want to know what you think about what will happen to Social Security in the future?
Trump: We need to save Social Security.
We need to save it. (APPLAUSE)
Trump: I'm the only one who wants to do that.
Some will say that this is not your Republican or your conservative.
We need to save it.
People have been paying for their safety for years.
We need to save Social Security.
We have to get the money back. we have to get the work back.
We will bring our wealth back, we will save it, and health insurance. (APPLAUSE)
Hanniti: Sir, do we still have time to ask one more question? Yes. Go ahead.
Man: Yes, sir. Trump.
I have a question about the representation.
We have seen that there are clearly other forces in this country to help run the system.
We have seen delegates stolen from you and other candidates who have legally won them.
What is your plan to prevent this from happening and retain delegates?
We have 30 seconds left.
Trump: The only thing that could happen is that people have to ask for it.
Republicans, even Democrats, have to ask for a fair system because it's not democratic, it's unfair, it's incorrect. (APPLAUSE)
Trump: If I come in and win-
For example, I came in and won Penn, and then you found that there were a few reps that some people could steal because he was kind and bad about the machine.
This is not a good system.
It has to change or you will lose a lot of people.
Did you see what happened?
They're in Colorado right now.
It must be changed.
Hanniti: we have to take a break.
We will be back.
More from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
This is the "hanniti" on Donald Trump's path, straight forward. (
Business break)
Hanniti: Welcome back to hanniti ".
"Did you have a good time tonight? (APPLAUSE)
Hanniti: Thank you for being with us.
Unfortunately, we have so much time left this evening. Mr.
Thank you very much, Trump.
Nice to meet you.
Pittsburgh, we love you.
Thank you for coming out.
We will meet you in New York tomorrow night.
Cheers and applause)
Sean hanniti, Fox News host: Welcome to hanniti ".
"We're on our way again tonight.
We come to you from the beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, soldier and sailor Memorial and Museum.
Throughout the hour, we will be joining the Republican front line in 2016 --
Donald Trump
We invited people from all over the country to join us.
We still have a lot to do.
Ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcomeDonald Trump! (
Cheers and applause)DONALD TRUMP (R)
Presidential candidate: Wow! Great people.
Is this crowd incredible?
This is a good crowd. (
Cheers and applause)AUDIENCE: USA! USA! USA! HANNITY: Wow!
Nice to meet you. How are you?
Very good. Thank you.
Hanniti: you must be happy. You are --
Next is New York.
In the past two polls, you were 60 and 61% years old, respectively. TRUMP: Right.
Hanniti: You were there too when I saw Penn, right here. (
Cheers and applause)
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