tv guide: must see tv 2009 - swamp cooler in house

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tv guide: must see tv 2009  -  swamp cooler in house
2009 of TV shows are all about everyday cooking in Australia, bringing families together, training them, or during the day --to-day trials.
The Australian play All Saints: medical response after the Australian Open, when the focus shifts from the emergency department to the medical response unit, doctors and nurses of All Saints West generals will be involved in more actions. A freshen-
But how long does it take for the audience to accept the change in this scenario?
Off-road competition ABCAussie Joel Eagleton's actors explore the filming of the mining industry in New South Wales, Victoria and representative along with the Freya Stafford, Sean Connor, Katie walls and Steven Gerrard boyowski series.
Support Australian drama-this is a drama with a theme taken in WA.
The rescue team in the second half of this year, nine players were nine high
The octane drama, which focuses on the police of the individual life recue squad.
After their failed dramas, Strip and Canal Road, nine films will return to the ground.
For lovers of Australian police programs, ten trips should be made for money.
The preserved sbscludia Karvan became the savior of SBS local drama in the preserved new telemovie.
She played a married woman who saved a young Iranian refugee but fell in love with him.
Nice to see Claudia Calvin back on the small screen.
SPIRITED nine, a modern version of Claudio Karvan's 1968 classic "Madame ghost and Moore", will be produced and starring.
This is her first commercial TV project since our secret life.
Nine of them could be winners. good show.
ABCA six-
Explore the sometimes obscure world of sports management with John Wood starring rogue sports agent Bill Telford.
Matt Pasmore plays Andrew, Bill's unlucky son;
Julianne newboulder plays Bill's wife, Rhodes and Ben osenboulder as Danny.
The audience has not been exposed to vague sports management dramas before-it is worth a visit.
The New Black abc seven striking dramas, launched by a new generation of local filmmakers, have been moved onto small screens.
The board members include liassir and Deborah postman.
These short films are an initiative to develop extraordinary local films. making talent.
Let's see what our native filmmakers are doing-beware of gems.
Seven people in the Pacific epic ten-hour mini-
The series was produced by Tom Hanks, Steven pilberg, and Gary gotzman, and tracked the odyssey that was intertwined between the three cities in the United States. S.
The Marines are on the vast canvas of the Pacific Ocean.
A strong team of producers means success.
Three murders of abc is based on a real crime story about Arthur Upfield, who planned the perfect murder for the fictional super detective Napoleon Bonaparte.
Snow Land Rolls in "friends" and "Catcher" decided to put Upfield's fantasy into practice.
In 1932, Rolls was hanged for a crime at Fremantle Prison.
Part of Western Australian History, shoot around the state with star actors-what else do you want?
In the week of February 8, the story of two cities, the prequel of this series, set in Sydney and Melbourne in their 70 s and 80 s, revolves around the lives of two notorious drug lords --
Bob tembole, an Australian cannabis and heroin dealer, and Terry "Mr. Asia" Clark, head of New Zealand drug syndicate.
The same writer, the same director, the new actor-it says "hot" everywhere ".
In the first half of the overseas drama "cruzo", nine novels were adapted from Daniel Defoe, which starred Philip Winchester as "cruzo"part series.
Make sure you stick to this series to get the full effect of the crusso. DOLLHOUSE MID-
FOX8 Joss Whedon (
The mastermind behind Buffy, Angels and fireflies)
Bringing the audience into an underground world of real life, their memories and personalities have completely disappeared. Sci-
Fi, fantasy fans must hang out on another Whedon project.
11 hours in the first quarter of this year, 9 hours from CSI, without any trace producer Jerry Brookheimer, a fascinating new mystery centered on Dr. Jacob Hood (Rufus Sewell)
An outstanding biophysicist, investigating from cloning to so-
Known as miracle therapy.
Brookheimer is with the best TV producer, but is the audience interested in eliminating bugs and cloning issues?
Later this year, the murder took place on the island of Happel.
With friends and family attending a week-long wedding celebration, the mystery lasted 13 weeks on a secluded, picturesque island off the coast of Seattle, seven years ago, a homophobic
The horror show is described as a cross between screaming and Ten Little Indians.
Lying to me at the beginning of February, in 10 minutes of conversation, the average person will say three lies.
Dr. Carl Letterman, played by Tim Ross, can discover the truth by analyzing a person's face, body, voice, and speech.
This guy is real, based on real.
Paul Ekman's Life Sciences Discovery.
So you 'd better be careful-the truth is written on our faces. LIFE ON MARS (US VERSION)
In early February, according to the BBC series, a 21st century detective was mysteriously returned to 1970.
Jason O'Mara and Harvey Keter led an outstanding actor in this crime series filmed in New York.
Let's see if the Yanks can do that-the BBC version is great.
Crazy people in three nights, SBS moreEmmy-
The award-winning American TV series is about one of the most prestigious advertising companies in New York in early 1960, focusing on Donald Draper, one of the company's most mysterious but highly talented advertising executives.
This is a wonderful series where viewers can chat on the watercooler.
Later this year, Merlin's movePackaging, fantasy-
The play recreates the legend of King Arthur and his wizard Merlin in the mysterious city of camerot. Script-
Russell T. Davis created for many Who PhD episodes, setting the tone and style for this amazing series.
The show is about a career rebel, Teddy Rister, who died after his only child died, he used his wealth to become the world's first mintuan philanthropist to help connect and empower people in need.
It didn't catch me on paper-but it probably sucked me in once the show started.
No. 6 Street, February 4
At 30, show Jane Hollock's star as a motherof-
Three were trapped in an old marriage with the dull Arthur.
She and neighbor Peter Harper indulge in sex, chocolate and the struggle to escape family life and the monotonous breakfast to become a delightful actor with Hollock, Timothy Swar, sean Dudley and Jim Broadbent, author of cookies.
True Blood on February 10, 6.
30PM, based on the presentation of Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse book series, which focuses on Stackhouse, a telepathic bartender, to find comfort in the company of vampires as they have no brainwave activity for her to read.
The show has collected some cult followers in the United States.
Australian comedy 30 seconds
This year, the comedy channel was conceived, created and created by three drunken monkeys, and produced by other films by Andrew Denton's Zapruder.
The drama comedy focuses on the surreal world of crazy creative directors of advertising companies.
The hard transfer at ABC was a huge success for Denton, so he continued the formula for winning.
John Safran's racial relationship ABC's controversial comedian Safran returns to ABC for his global roaming adventure.
The eight series will see Safran in his no-
Close is prohibited.
Naughty Boy Safran is known for pushing things to the limit.
Lawrence Leon Choose Your Own Adventure ABC Australian comedian and all-
The Good Man of the circle, Lawrence Liang, began the adventure of his life as he tried to be in reality
Life, realize the dream he made for himself when he was a child.
It's about discovering who we are, how we change, and what kind of people we can be, and laughing.
Performance parade by Pam Ann, a global flight attendant on the Australian comedy channel-outrageous and disrespectful changes --
Caroline Reid's self is in the studio playing with guests like Bob downn, Matthew Mitchell, Effie and Leo Sawyer.
If you have never seen Caroline Reid as Pam Ann, she is worthy of attention.
ABC comedian Sam Simmons plays animal Murray Ford
The adventurers of love, ladies, men, are part of the Abbey Manor and part of the 1980 cricket stars.
In his field of science, he is an activist who studies similarities between animals and the human world.
The person on the radio said that he would come from the soul, with the soul, to advise the soul.
What happened to that guy? MID-
Comedy Channel comedian Peter Moon in a self
About a reference comedy series that has gradually narrowed its focusglorious comic.
The moon reached the top of the TV sketch comedy in fast forward, and he will naturally play himself.
The former comedy Idol is back in this funny story.
The British musical comedy series was staged in Berkshire's reading in 1997 and in New York City in 2008.
This is for my creator and the amazing producer.
Many viewers will recognize themselves as teenagers.
Better yet, TED FOX8 is a single-shot comedy series about a moral man who works for a corrupt company.
The show shows our corporate workplace in antics and stars Portia de Rossi in Australia.
It seems like an era since we saw de Rossi on the small screen.
CHUCK FOX8 when Chuck opens an email that is encoded with the government's secret subconscious mind, he has no intention of downloading the entire sensitive data server into the brain.
The fate of the world is now in his hands.
This is an impossible premise, but it is strange to watch addiction.
Gary Unmarried seven This sitcom is about two very different people sharing custody of their children while starting a new relationship.
In the United States last year, CBS received 22 episodes of the series.
A balancing act that many viewers will associate with-but not so interesting in real life.
In this online series, seven Leah Remi starred in the funny ups and downs about the mother.
The plot of the story will be inspired by reality
Life stories submitted and voted by fans about "ever"
"The life of three friends is very busy, but it is always humorous.
Not quite sure if the test and ordeal of the mother is so interesting.
For those of you who missed Matt Lucas and David Wallem, Little England nine then took a look at this disrespectful comedy and met bubble Deville, Lou and Andy
The only gay in the village
For those who don't see the early series from these funny guys.
Later this year, Lucas and wallimes created ten "little Britain America," set in contemporary America, "Small uk usa" will be in the new sketch as well as the brand-new characters.
Not that interesting-did the boys pass their use? by-date?
The small mosque SBS on the prairie is an inspiring sitcom about Mercy, a small town on the Canadian prairie, where the local Christian community and their new Muslim neighbors are settling --
Sometimes good, sometimes not.
Sounds a bit like Northern Exposure-an interesting concept.
From Matt Tarris's point of view, the worst week SBS's worst week was the worst week of my life.
This CBS single camera is for a young couple who are about to deal with the groom. to-be-in-laws.
Why do we need an American remake of the British joke?
In the first half of this year, seven performances hosted by Sonia Kruger will be held for 10 years in 10 days, aiming to change the appearance of the couple.
It will update their grooming, fashion and beauty habits.
2009 is Sonia Kruger's year, and the sexy host is stylish.
Alter eco sun, five o'clock P. M. on March 29, LifeStyle Channel
The end series consists of the accompanying actor Adrian glennier and his green activists, experts and friends.
Food and garden tips will also be provided.
Green is good, Grenier is a delicious ambassador for the cause.
At the beginning of February, 10 spectators will lag behind the peakthe-scenes of buff-
Dr. Chris Brown, Bodied's celebrity vet, is an intern in Bondi, Australia's famous coastal suburb.
It will show him stories of saving animals and integrating human interests.
Cute animals and hungry vets sound like a successful combination.
Starring Jeremy Piwen, the series plays Trevor Hale, who believes he is a mythical Cupid.
As a punishment for his arrogance, he was sent to Earth by Zeus to connect 100 couples without using his power.
Jeremy Piwen did a great job with the entourage-let's hope he can do that.
Food Detectives may be, myth spoilers of SBS Food use cutting-edge science to help you get healthier, younger, healthier, happier, and more informed about the food you eat.
No doubt many super
Useful tips here.
In February, 10 young and optimistic gardeners will make
On the barren concrete.
Fill space in Australian cities.
This program should work as long as there are a lot of useful gardening techniques.
This is the modern king Seven.
Day soap is about a hero who, according to the story of King David in the Bible, rose to become the king of his country.
One to pay attention-
An epic story about greed and power, war and romance, forbidden love and secret alliance-a classic David and Gelia story.
In the first half of this year, nine shows will be reunited to tell the story of Australian heroes and their rescued survivors.
There will be heartfelt reunions and stories of survival and survival.
Take out this tissue.
Lush House April, Lifestyle Channel Australia cleaning and Sunday Times home magazine resident expert Shannon Lush brings her incredible knowledge, unparalleled skills and ecology
Friendly cleaning of TV.
Prepare the pen and paper for a lot of helpful tips.
Some debris was lost in the first half of this year, and the nine have a lot of similarities with the competitor seven's "find my family.
The show will have a team of experts tracking missing family members for their loved ones.
Is this tearful distance too close to finding my family successfully?
Where we went with Jennifer Adams Sun, February 22.
Explore travel and life in Melbourne
Jennifer Adams is headquartered in the heart of the destination to learn about the locals, stories and culture.
The lucky lady visited East Africa, the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon jungle and Peru.
Get your passport ready.
In February 19, the privileged.
At 30 p. m. after FOX8 got her degree from Yale, Megan Smith was wasting her efforts
Get education by working for tabloid magazines.
One day, when she was fired and met with the cosmetics tycoon Laurel Limoges, there was a dramatic change in her life.
Fans of Gossip Girl
Prison singing ABC Jonathan Welch is trying to set up a choir from a group of different female prisoners to help them prepare for life outside and Christmas concerts.
There will undoubtedly be tears of joy (
A lot from Mr Welch)
Carry paper towels with you.
The next ABC project produced by respected talk show host Andrew Denton
Part of the series will try to find the next batch of original thinkers, promoters, prank makers and cages --rattlers.
A disrespectful procedure about "serious things. PROTOTYPE THIS! SAT, FEB 28, 7.
30PM, SBS this popular new series has a realistic inspection of science fiction, allowing viewers to enter the hightech, fast-
Trace the invention with a large number of gadgets.
The dream that was impossible to achieve in the past is now a mechanical reality that will blow you away.
Nine Karl Stefanovic, Scott Cam and Simmone Jade Mackinnon will host the feeling in the first half of this year --
It's a great show that will try to make the dreams of "desert" Australians come true.
Exciting viewing.
Seven fatal crimes in the second half of this year, nine of which are based on crimes including greed, gluttony, desire and anger.
It promises to look at "the devil of all of us" with real life stories ".
Sounds like a guilty watch.
The two generations of Kangaroo py ABC, the Kangaroo py Kangaroo is Australia's idol, providing the children of the world with a glimpse of the ideal Australian inland life, where there is endless sunshine, friendly Police with loving family and happy ending.
See this much inside-loved series.
Spain hit the road again on Tuesday, February 3.
30, Lifestyle Channel with actress gwynys Paltrow, chef Mario Batali, writer/journalist Mark Bitman and Spanish actress Claudia bassoltrip.
Here are some art, history, culture, music, food and wine.
Talk about my generation later this year, half
When a generation talks about a series of issues, the one-hour comedy group will put a generation at odds with a generation.
We need to do good things and treat us like a smart audience.
Bring home chefs from Monday to Friday from March 16.
Explore home and health center Curtis Stone left Australia on the afternoon of the 30 th to travel to the United States to track uninformed shoppers.
He went home with them and they prepared a delicious meal together.
Curtis Stone has a pleasant way in the remake of the nine surprise chefs.
Later this year, ten doctors came from the creative team behind the dragon.
Dr. run hit series
Phil's new here.
One-hour daytime talk show with reliable medical and health advice to safely distribute medical advice on TV?
The show will retell the story using the original 000 emergency calls as well as reconstruction and interviews.
It could be an emotional roller coaster.
Later this year, 10 bosses will be working undercover at the bottom of their company.
It will see them clean the toilet, wait and work late.
Bosses are trying to find a hard-working person and hidden talent-they may also find some lazy people-so be careful.
Whale Rescue ABC a camera crew is allowed unrestricted access to the front line battlefield of the whale pestering rescue team to record the dramatic events that occurred when they risked their lives to save these amazing animals.
Sounds like an inspiring viewing.
In the first half of this year, when I was nine years old, hosted by Bert Newton, the family entertainment program gave the children the power to capture their passion, curiosity and joy in seeing the world.
It sounds super cute.
Who do you think you are, America?
In the second half of this year, the American edition of nine British family tree series describes celebrities revealing the truth of their ancestors and will showcase stars such as Susan fullerden, Dustin Hoffman and Ben Stiller.
This UK and Australian version works, and hopefully the US version works as well.
Starting with the stunning film "Ten Canoes" by Rolf de Haier, this short series depicts a compelling portrait of the characters, the history and culture of the Ancients in the arafala swamp of Arnhem.
This should be a charming view.
Anatomy ABC more
The award-winning art series uses sex and body as the driving force of the creative process.
An interesting concept
In the first half of this year, in addition to the land of darkness, there were 7 fact series about the bad guys, delving into the family background of Australia's worst killers.
Do we really care about the killer's family?
The popera ABC global surfing culture combines mongrel, grace and cool in Australia.
But how did a group of white men, who basically couldn't swim in 1900, turn a strange Polynesia pastime into a national obsession?
Doco sounds cool.
A group of poets were taken to a typical Australian town to discover the true heart of the country and write a poem designed to capture the heart of the town.
The best poems will be judged by the locals.
The bush poetry captures the heart of rural Australia.
The series reveals the dramatic story of wild turkey eaters whose territory borders coastal towns.
Due to the development and loss of habitat, it has been under great pressure and the situation of eating turkey has become worse. These action-
There must be a turkey-eating story from the heart. see.
It's a brave new world of three major-Darwin ABC
Part of International Cooperation
Explore the work of the Southern Hemisphere in shaping the role of Darwin theory.
The series was inspired by original papers by Australian scholar Iain McCalman.
The controversy caused by the publication of these theories must be seen.
ABC reporter John Silvester and Andrew Rule reveal the truth about Victoria's corrupt and corrupt drug team in this documentary series.
The two authors wrote the book "Leadbelly.
The authors were not wrong about police corruption under a microscope.
In the first half of this year, seven Australians created observed sex crimes --themed docu-
Real drama series about Australia
Live gangs and explore the violence and deception of Australian gangs.
Seven people trying muscles.
In the belly of success?
Guests of the Ayatollah on Friday, April 17.
At 30 p. m. on November 7, 1979, inspired by the Iranian revolutionary leader Khomeini, a group of radical Islamic students attacked the US embassy in Tehran.
Six hostages were detained for 444 days.
According to the book by author Mark Bowden, it looks like a thrilling look.
Based on Paul Ham's book, kokoda abc is an emotional documentary
Assess the Kokoda movement from the perspective of Australia and Japan.
Interesting perspective of two viewspoints.
The Penguin Island ABC series tells about the daily lives of the three penguin couples, as well as their relationship dilemmas, risks and plots on Phillip Island.
These lovely Penguin Lives are for fun viewing.
Rainforest: The Secret of Life ABC this series captures the sequence of rare and fascinating wildlife and explores the complex network of life that evolved there.
It also tells how the rainforest forms part of a huge global system that regulates the world's climate.
Later this year, when young men and women are trained to become police at the new state police academy in gurburn, the program will be carried out behind the scenes.
The exhibition recorded the travel of recruiters, and ten people rarely entered the college.
It is hoped that it will encourage more people to join the force.
With Bruce George March 23, 5 snake Crusaders.
Australian Animal Planet Bruce George jumps on Harley Davidson at 30 for helpso-
Popular endangered native animals in Asia and Australia.
It sounds like an animal.
A crowded emotional journey.
Andrew McCauley, an adventurer, is neither crazy nor reckless;
Be brave, careful and motivated.
But it was a well-planned gamble to cross the Cayman Sea on a kayak and didn't succeed.
What drives a person to such extremes? What about the people he left behind?
On Sunday night, the seven-seven new current events show will be face-to-face with the popular 60-minute show.
The owners of these 6 are Mike Munro and Chris Bass. 30pm show.
This time period is likely to steal 9 Thunder, this program is live broadcast.
Australian modern broadcasting corporation becomes a landmark building
Platform, social history series, after
Through family history and personal profiles of people living in Australia, war Australia.
Viewers can become part of the series through their stories and pictures.
Driven by a strong desire to revive the Catholic faith, ABC's three Catholic missionaries traveled from their home in Nigeria to tazhou.
Can they revive the Tasman who is struggling in the secular and physical world?
Is the task too hard for these missionaries?
Australian History Channel commemorates the two Houses of Australia Post, Australia's oldest institution, using re-
The decrees and letters of this period have brought legends to life.
Learn more about the daily services we all use.
On Sunday, early next month, nine Laila McKinnon will host the show with Cameron Williams.
Sunday Times columnist Laurie Oaks will be in a political interview and former Australian cricketer Michael Slater will be in sports.
The Weekend Sunrise show will be held on the 7 th.
In the first quarter of this year, the Australian version of the British makeup show will see a group of rude young Australian women finish their pace Hall at Eggleston, the best graduation school in the UK.
The British version has been a ratings champion for nine years.
Do we really want to see a bunch of Australian Bogan chicks running wild in the UK?
Later this year, ten untapped talents across Australia will be discovered.
The emotional series opens the door for them, but will they decide to start a new life or return to their comfortable old life? Do we care?
Only when the door is opened can these talents do a good job.
For the rich, for the poor, in the first half of this year, nine real-life series films hosted by Jules Lund were shot eight new --
A married couple moved into a house.
The show focuses on eight relationships and the dynamics of marriage, friendship and competition.
Sounds like big brother-who would want to do this to their relationship?
Home run after Easter, 9 designers, 16 home renovations, $800,000 renovations, $80,000 a week bonus, $100,000 ultimate cash award and an ultimate designer.
The transformation is controlled by the family.
Can nine regain its magic from the creators of the block with this refurbished series?
In the middle of this year, the top ten chefs Australia have high hopes for the reality show, which will replace the big brother.
According to the British form, amateur chefs will compete to become "masters" in the UK ".
Let's see if the local version works but not sure if it's on every weekday-who has time to watch every night?
This is "single: the Russian Dipu complex", where three young men shop for their girlfriends with their mothers.
There are selfies in this dating series.
Ryan Seacrest, the executive producer of these mother-and-child bonds, has been labeled as Mom's boy, creepy.
In the second half of the year, with nine episodes each, a wealthy Australian will secretly enter one of Australia's poorest towns.
There, the secret millionaire has to decide who should receive the gift from his/her private checking account.
The British version works well and feels a lot. good vibes.
In the first quarter of this year, nine teams from South Africa, Russia, Ireland, Argentina, China and India, the United States and Australia, competed for the title of the world's best dancer.
The new show will be hosted by Irish dancer Michael Flatley.
Nine is the hope of success, so do you think you can dance?
Competitors in central Australia
One year, the American edition of FOX8's boxing series with Sylvester Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonard will bring an Australian feel to Australian boxers as they have a chance to gain a lifetime
Let's see who hosted and trained our testosterone athletes.
In the first quarter of this year, there were nine players of different ages, shapes and sizes in Australia.
Won a $20,000 prize through four rounds of hard, physically demanding and fun obstacle classes.
There is only one winner, and the rest will be eliminated.
The world's most stringent parents have selected seven 12 Australian teenagers who will be living with the parents of others for 10 days in Africa, Asia, the United States or Europe.
Teenagers test drive different families on the other side of the world.
Lucky young people should be very interesting.
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