u.s. manufacturers see improving economy ahead - carrier air conditioner parts

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
u.s. manufacturers see improving economy ahead  -  carrier air conditioner parts
Boston/New York (Reuters)-
A pair of top AmericanS.
With the recovery in the global economy driving demand for products from air conditioning to truck transmissions, manufacturers have surpassed Wall Street's profit expectations.
United Technology Corporation (UTX. N)
Eaton Corporation (ETN. N)
And all of them.
They say they are increasingly confident in the direction of the economy. Textron Inc (TXT. N)
The weakness in the aircraft sector of Cessna, the world's largest enterprise aircraft manufacturer, did not meet analysts' expectations, but remained Comprehensive
The annual forecast is stable.
Honeywell International LimitedHON. N)
Released a higherthan-
Expected quarterly profit after market close on Wednesday and increased
Sales and earnings forecasts. The top two U. S.
Railway companies report an increase in shipments and strong consumer demand.
"The rest of the year will be very positive," said Oliver Poche, president of New York Suffern Gary Goldberg Financial Services, which holds a stake in joint technology and Textron. The first-
Purscher said quarterly results showed strong demand from China, India and other emerging markets offset the disruption in the supply of some electronic components following Japan's March 11 tsunami and subsequent nuclear crisis. The U. S.
According to the Institute of Supply Management, manufacturing, which accounts for about 11% of the economy, has grown for 20 consecutive months, surpassing other industries (ISM).
ISM data show that manufacturing activity grew at its fastest pace in nearly seven years in February, while it slowed slightly in the month.
United Technologies announced sales growth in its six departments, which range from Otis elevators to Blackhawk military helicopters, and said global demand is strong now.
The world's largest manufacturer of air conditioners and elevators made $1.
1 billion, or $1.
11 yuan per share, strong demand for air conditioning carriers.
Analysts had forecast a profit of $1.
According to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S, $07 per share.
The company raised the full amount
The annual profit forecast is $5.
$25 to $5 per share.
£ 40 per share, up 11% to 14%, the second increase since the first release of the Joint Technology Outlook.
When Hartford, Connecticut
The US-based company released its initial 2011 profit forecast in December. S.
The European economy looks sluggish, and the depreciation of the euro against the dollar may drag down earnings.
"The risks we saw earlier this year didn't seem to be realized," Greg Hayes, chief financial officer of United Technologies, said in an interview.
United Pacific Corporation (UNP. N), the No. 1 U. S.
It is reported that the company's quarterly profits and revenues have increased, but its share price has fallen because it failed to meet its earnings expectations.
The company said sales should continue to grow this year as the economy grows, and the surcharge will offset most of the impact of rising fuel costs in the coming quarters.
The result was after the next day. 2 U. S.
Railway, CSX company CSX.
N. report the record first-
The company said shipments in all its major markets had risen and said it saw more growth as the recovery continued.
Over the past year, industrial firms have outperformed the broader market, the S & P capital goods index.
GSPIC rose 13%, while the S & P 500 rose. SPX is up 9. 5 percent.
This progress raises expectations that investors will enter the earnings season.
"They have to beat the strong," said Brian lanberg, an analyst at Chicago lanberg . ".
"They had to be surprised.
"Eaton, which produces truck transmissions as well as hydraulic and electrical systems, earns 84 cents per share, four cents more than analysts estimate, and raised its forecast by 2011 for the second time this year.
Investment in energy and mining has boosted electricity sales.
Eaton's chief executive, Sandy Cutler, said the hydraulic market was helped by demand for agricultural equipment and emerging market construction machinery at high food prices, and he also mentioned a recovery in truck production.
"Now the economy is recovering and freight companies have achieved greater success in driving prices," Cutler said in an interview . ".
"Their profits are getting bigger and bigger.
Shares of United Technology rose.
$ 3% to $85.
On Wednesday, 90 years old after reaching a lifetime high earlier.
Eaton shares rose 1.
$ 7% to $53. 50. Textron fell 1.
$ 1% to $25. 51.
General Electric Corporation (GE. N)
Expected growth of 33% in the first quarter
Quarterly profit at the time of Thursday's performance, while 3 m Companies (MMM. N)
Caterpillar Corporation (CAT. N)
Report next week.
The industry faces some significant risks this year, including rising energy prices and the consequences of the Japanese nuclear crisis, which has the potential to limit the supply of electronic components.
Textron also produces industrial components for automobiles
Component manufacturers say second is expected
Quarterly sales affected by a decline in Japanese customer demand, but said it would make up for a sharp slowdown in production later this year.
Textron first
Quarterly earnings of 10 cents a share missed Wall Street's 17-
There is still a forecast for the score.
Demand for planes at Cessna is low.
At the same time, United Technologies may face a shortage of supply of key components, including flash memory chips used in air-conditioning controllers.
"We have enough supply now;
It's just a matter of making sure we continue to get this service, "said Hayes, chief financial officer.
"We don't see any material impact, but I think you'll see a little bit of this in a year.
Shares in the United Pacific fell.
$ 3% to $96.
07, while CSX fell 2.
$ 6% to $74.
After rising nearly 17% this year.
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