uk to be hit by swarm of mosquitoes if co2 stays at record levels - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-03
uk to be hit by swarm of mosquitoes if co2 stays at record levels  -  in a heat pump
Since records have been made, scientists have discovered the substance in the Earth's atmosphere.
The monaloa Observatory in Hawaii detected 415 kilometers.
26 out of millions (ppm)on Saturday.
The Earth's atmosphere contained so much carbon dioxide last time more than 3 million years ago.
2015 The Paris agreement calls for mankind to stop rising at temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius
Industrial level.
Extreme weather like hurricanes and typhoons will increase, as will floods and heat waves, potentially triggering wild fires and severe drought.
Despite the fact that 1 million species are at risk of extinction, mosquitoes thrive, which means that 27 more species on Earth are at risk of malaria and other mosquitoes --borne diseases.
In the last two years alone, we have seen everything from record-breaking heat waves, wildfires and droughts to snowstorms, widespread flooding and deadly cold temperatures.
The Ministry of Health announced more than one last year.
The Pound's research fund to deal with the health effects of global warming has warned that dengue and dengue fever are brought to the UK by mosquitoes.
British Association for pest control (BPCA)
From extreme floods to heat waves, she says, the increase in fluctuating weather provides a fertile environment for mosquito breeding.
BPCA pays special attention to the Asian tiger mosquito, an invasive species popular in the country.
The eggs and lava of this mosquito breed have been found in two locations in the South.
East England in 2016 and 2017.
Earlier this year, research at the University of Oxford found that in the next 30 years, insects
Spreading diseases can pose risks to half of the world's population. Dee Ward-
Thompson, technical manager of BPCA, said: "In the case of Asian tiger mosquitoes, this pest is particularly important without toes.
Because it is a species of concern, it is held in the UK.
In February, when Britain was baking in unusually hot weather, a fire spread.
The five-square-kilometer blaze near Marsden, Yorkshire can be seen within a few miles.
On the same day, firefighters fought in Arthur's Seat overlooking Edinburgh against two different fires in the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex.
People who Grill on hot and dry land should be responsible for lighting the flames-but the weather does work.
Climate change is expected to increase the likelihood of a 2018-magnitude heat wave by 30 times.
There was no rain in some places last summer.
Heathrow recorded the hottest June in 41 years, when the temperature was 34.
5C was recorded while the temperature was 33.
2C was recorded on June 28 in mothwell, Scotland.
Britain has hit the hottest summer of all time this year, and the whole of Britain has seen its union --hottest.
The sea surface temperature is close-
In hot weather and on a global scale, the past four years have been the hottest four years on record.
The Earth's monthly average surface temperature has risen C.
Because of the industrial era of man-made emissions.
Snow, freezing temperatures and snowstorms have put Britain in such a situation.
Called last March
Polar scientists warn that more weather events like the Eastern Beast will occur as climate change deteriorates.
With the current global carbon emissions, it will be more frequent to expect unusual weather patterns such as extreme cold from Europe.
Professor Martin Siegel, an ice scientist at Imperial College London, told the Evening Standard last year that these weather events will become more common as the Earth warms.
We can say, he said, that the extreme weather events we are witnessing are perfectly in line with climate change-extreme heat, floods, cold.
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