utility crews stream into florida for hurricane payday, adventure - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
utility crews stream into florida for hurricane payday, adventure  -  outside air conditioner
ORLANDO, Fla. (Reuters)-
Nick Chilley drove his utility truck with a broken air conditioner and drove all the way from Cincinnati for about 18 hours, his team was trapped in a car accident outside Orlando, Florida, about two in the morning. m.
Saturday morning
They are one of thousands of frontline workers who fight all night to prepare trucks and tools for Hurricane Irma, a terrible storm expected to destroy half of the country's third-largest storm --populous state.
They were told to work for 16 consecutive months.
One hour a day, no rest, trying to restore electricity to millions of families.
As their union says, many skilled Foreman have enjoyed both economic opportunities and the adventure of taking part in the historic hurricane.
"I may make 30 this month," said Chilley, 48 . ".
"Everyone here is killing it.
Of course, what you are dealing with is the possibility of killing you at any time.
He has a good use for the money.
As he pursued his work in the storm, Chilley left his wife with a new foster child, 11-month old Gage.
The threat to the grid is much bigger than Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and the Irma threat will have more than four power outages.
Florida Power and Lighting provides services to 1 million households and businesses, affecting about 9 million people.
"Everyone in Florida will be affected by the storm," FPL Chief Executive Eric seirage said on Friday . " He has prepared a recovery process for the company's customers for more than a week.
Nexus Energy Inc. is Florida's largest power company, serving nearly half of the state's 20 power companies.
6 million residents.
The units that deal with utilities in other parts of the state, including Duke Energy, Southern and emmera, have not yet estimated potential power outages, which could be significant.
Utility workers deployed by FPL shared their storm story as they waited more than an hour on Saturday morning for authorities to clean up accidents west of Orlando, USAS. Highway 27.
Utilities staff say FPL has gathered about 5,000 trucks in a lake staging area in northern Florida near Jackson, and more trucks and workers need to restore the grid.
This is an example of the economic impact of the huge reconstruction process required after the Irma class storm.
"This is a good performance. big bucks -
Brian Wilson, 34, said we are all union contractors for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, who are riding a truck in front of Chilley in a stalled convoy.
"You never want to see a disaster, but it's good for me.
"Utility repair workers usually earn about $50 an hour, $75 overtime, and $100 on Sunday," Chilley said.
Wilson, who is from Northampton, Massachusetts, took 30-year-
Old Las konick from Connecticut, where the two have been working.
"This is my first hurricane," said Konicke from Fairbanks, Alaska . ".
"I just became a skilled worker last year.
"The industry has attracted Konicke, in part because of the adventure of chasing storms and jobs across the country.
He lives in a small tent in Connecticut.
Really, just a square cover on a baby bed
When he spent money exploring New England
He also likes to work in the weather outside, which makes the journey into the hurricane even more tempting.
"I'm very excited about this," Konicke said . ".
"It's a whole new experience. . .
I have been in extreme cold and extremely hot weather and now it is extreme wind.
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