vortex cooler operation - air and water swamp cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-07-21
vortex cooler operation  -  air and water swamp cooler
Did you know that it was French physicist George Lanke who accidentally made a Vortex cooler in 1928?
Even for his findings, the commercial sector may have missed the usefulness and toughness of the Vortex cooler as a mechanical device today.
Today, many industries see this product as indispensable in their key cooling operations.
This is a very easy-to-operate oral appliance, nevertheless its function is essential for the smooth function of many spots
Cooling operation.
Another reason why industry prefers the vortex tube compared to traditional air is that the price is cheap
Air conditioning system.
In the 18 th century, another famous physicist, James Clark Maxwell, used the dynamics of molecular motion to separate cold or hot gases in the tube.
This happened before French physicists successfully discovered Frank.
Later, another scientist named Rudolf Hirsch began to improve the model that Frank made earlier.
He successfully promoted the Vortex cooler as a mechanical device through this scientific journal.
The Vortex cooler works using concentrated gas injected into the tool by another pipe installed on it.
Inside the pipe, the environment rotates to a temperature of 90 degrees due to the heat spreading along with the hot nozzle.
The tube takes a name in the vortex motion through the vortex in the air, called the Vortex motion inside the device.
At the end of the air passage, The Awl valve is located that partially blocks the opening.
The valve has an interesting shape that allows the surface area of the gas to leave.
The remaining inert gas continues to rotate for another direction because the temperature is low and exits with the cold flow, while producing both the cold flow and the warm flow is a great advantage of the vortex tube.
After their discovery in 1967, they learned that the tool could separate gas compounds.
The Vortex cooler eliminates skin tightening by separating oxygen, carbon dioxide and helium from the air.
These are all to ensure that you apply the pipeline correctly in other uses of natural gas propane gas, steam and water.
For cooling operations in many industries, the Vortex cooler is probably the easiest solution because it can be done without moving parts, extra accessories or the tools needed.
If you need to change the temperature of the vortex tube to meet the advantages of the surrounding environment, you can use the valve attached to the hot nozzle.
You can get hot air flow up to 260 degrees F (
127 degrees Celsius)
And get the flu strain that can be regulated50° F (-46° C)
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