western heat wave cools but isn't done - swamp cooler in house

by:HICOOL     2019-08-11
western heat wave cools but isn\'t done  -  swamp cooler in house
In some parts of the West, a repressed heat wave has eased, but forecasters predict that for a region where many cities are already in triple baking, there will be little relief in the next few days.
Digital temperature.
The National Weather Service issued a red flag wildfire alert in eastern Utah and western Colorado on Saturday, with local temperatures expected to approach or exceed 100 again.
On Friday, the extreme heat was once again plaguing much of Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, and Washington state.
In Montana, the number of cattle exceeds 2 to 1 for residents, and livestock and people seek shade and drought --
Tired farmers watch the grain damaged.
"We are trying to pick up the hay before it breaks down," said Sharon McDonald, a ranchers near Melville . ".
"It broke down when it became brittle.
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Even swamp cooler
It is foreseeable that the hot-selling products of hardware stores.
"I tell you, it's crazy," said Dennis Van dekey, manager of Helena Power Townsend.
"The only phone I got was the air conditioner.
Some people prefer swamp coolers that use fans and water to evaporate to cool the air, rather than more power, Van der Wijk said.
Hungry? air conditioning unit.
"They buy faster than we put on the shelves," he said . ".
In Montana, temperatures above 100 degrees are usually not seen until August.
Helena's normal high on July is 83 degrees.
Not after 90 on Friday. Triple-
In dabble and Billings, each record has a digital record of 104 degrees.
Mercury in the north reaches 105
Haver town in central Montana, 106 from galating airport near Bozman and 107 from misurra.
In Utah, Lois Wolking, a high school teacher, said she avoided the Heat indoors.
Temperatures in Salt Lake City fell several degrees on Friday, but still hovering around 100.
"How do we survive the swamp cooler, Netflix and reading," 58-year-
Teacher Dong Gao said.
CBS News meteorologist George Cullen said: "Renault broke the old record high of 8 degrees when it reached 108 degrees, while Las Vegas leveled their record at 116.
"The Death Valley reached an amazing 127, and since 1918 it's only twice as high as it used to be, both times it's 128, so you can see how hot it is even there.
"When it reaches 126,127, it will make you breathless and consume your energy, just breathe when you walk outside, "You feel like you're burning your lungs and throat," Phil Dickenson said, telling CBS News by the sales and marketing director of Furnace Creek Inn and ranch resort in Death Valley.
But at least at the end of next week, heat will hover in most of the western regions, said Kelly Redmond, a regional meteorologist at the National Weather Service.
As this week continues, he says, it can move inland and cover more western areas, including Colorado.
"It looks like it will stay here for a long time," he said . ".
Boise reached 105 degrees on Friday after Thursday's 104 heat.
Leighon reported a high of 101 on Friday, and Pocatello reported 102.
Idaho electric power, the state's largest utility, set a record for the second day in a row on Friday, three times as much
Temperatures continue in most parts of Idaho.
The company's peak load reached 3,142 MW at 4 p. m.
It surpassed Wednesday's record of 3,120 MW.
An old record of 3,084 MW was created in 2006.
Anne ellensky, a spokeswoman for Idaho Electric Power, said the company has a history of at least 90 years.
Temperatures in southern California are expected to ease slightly.
The Phoenix index fell slightly, down 112 degrees from 115 on Thursday.
As the summer rains in Arizona approached, humidity levels began to climb as electricity demand began.
The heat on the border is still a problem.
Six bodies of suspected illegal immigrants have been found in the southern Arizona desert since Monday, all of whom may have been victims of a hot illness while trying to walk into the United StatesS. from Mexico.
Although the charge is high, it is not uncommon to charge during the high temperature period in the area.
Eastern Oregon hit 15 record highs on Thursday, with temperatures essentially dropping to more than 90 degrees Celsius.
In the middle of the state, population growth and rapid demand for air conditioning mean an increase in electricity demand.
The Bonneville Power Authority said it was concerned that the fire would damage the transmission line and cause a power outage.
In California, high temperatures are concentrated in inland areas,
Digital readings of Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley.
Mercury in the Woodlands Hills of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles and in the high desert cities of Lancaster and Palmdale over 100, while in the east of the Colorado River, the small city of needle is stuffy 115-degree heat.
But temperatures in most parts of Los Angeles and the densely populated Southern California coast are in their 70 s, low in their 80 s, while cities in San Francisco and Monterey Bay are cooler.
The State Forestry Administration reported that there were at least 16 fires of more than 500 acres throughout the western region, including three new fires triggered on Thursday.
The agency says fire hazards in Arizona, California, Oregon and Utah are the most serious.
Although the "red flag" warning was issued in most parts of the West.
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