what i rent: nicholas, £725 a month to share a flat with his girlfriend in stratford - space air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
what i rent: nicholas, £725 a month to share a flat with his girlfriend in stratford  -  space air conditioner
Living with the person you're dating is a big deal.
Of course, you can save rent and eventually walk around in underwear, but you can also get tired of each other quickly and be torn apart by London's harsh rental market.
When it goes bad, it goes bad.
But, if you're lucky, you can find a lovely place to live with your loved ones and be one of those smug London couples with bathtubs and nearby subway stations.
During the week I rented, we went out to play with the couple who messed up the rental.
Nicholas shares one-
He and his girlfriend are in the bedroom apartment in Stratford.
After some not so good experiences, he finally found his own happy place.
My girlfriend and I split 1,450 in the middle, so every 725.
The monthly bill between us is about 180.
We must not complain about the quality of the apartment and the amenities provided by the building.
Before moving here, I rented a double room for 750 and the bill was slightly lower than here, so basically break even, but now we have our own house!
One bedroom, a kitchen/living room, a bathroom, and our suitcases, boxes, extra clothes, etc.
Stayed next to the boiler and washing machine.
We moved in a year ago.
In the summer of 2017, we shared a double room and whenever my girlfriend inevitably moved to London to find a job, we looked for a place to rent.
The building really stood out for us, so a year later we took the opportunity when there was an apartment.
We are on the west side of strafu, right next to the Olympic Park.
Westfield is a 10 minute walk from the hotel, so we can basically get anything we need at our doorstep.
We are very close to the Stratford station, so we can get anywhere in the city very quickly.
Next to the Olympic Park means that when the sun comes out, we are only five minutes away from sunbathing on the grass.
They also let me park my motorcycle for free in their underground garage (
The block across the road wants a space of 110 a month).
We really enjoyed the apartment because we had enough living space and the view was incredible.
The room itself was quite good size and we thought the only thing we were missing was probably more wardrobe space, but there was no obvious place to accommodate!
I live in two different houses.
Share it before moving here and find it a little tired.
I think the luck with my roommates is pretty bad because they are either a little angry or they are basically not around 100% of the time.
We were planning to move in later because we were only together for a year and a half, but when I was working in India, my roommate at the time sent me a message, said he no longer wanted to extend our house contract . . . . . . When I was away, the contract was about to expire.
So, we took a chance and decided to stay in an apartment together, but that didn't solve the problem better. There are a lot of small things around us that make sense to us, such as the box of tickets we went with, my girlfriend's grandmother's porcelain duck (
Party hat attached)
And the paper board I tried to be witty.
And the carpet, it really tied the room together.
The weather is very hot in summer. I want to record 32 degrees.
We need to bite our teeth and buy a mini air conditioner.
When we can afford it, we want a spare room, office space and storage space for our guests.
We will most likely rent an apartment in this building with a second bedroom.
In fact, we all just opened LISAs and hope to buy a house in about 4 years.
We want children (and a dog)
In the future, it is a dream to have outdoor space in quieter places!
It is a weekly series broadcast at ten o'clock A. M. every Tuesday.
Come back next week and check out another rented property in London.
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