when it rains, jobs pour in for drought-weary roofers - room evaporative air coolers

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when it rains, jobs pour in for drought-weary roofers  -  room evaporative air coolers
For months, the Great Depression has wreaked havoc on the roof business of Howard Landor's grandfather and father, whose grandfather and father started at the end of the 1930 Great Depression.
Saint Gabriel in Randor
Reduced operations based on business;
The labor force of more than 40 employees has been cut by half.
Then the heavy rain of the month, the windy rain, brought a lot of leaking roofs and the phone of the roof company.
When it began to rain in December, Landor began to rebuild his staff.
On Tuesday, he hired six employees and produced newspaper ads for more workers.
"There are not enough roofing workers right now," Randoll said . ".
Usually, there are two of his companies.
Roof work backlog for a week.
It's been two months now.
"Two years ago, we made estimates for some people who are now calling us to do the work," he said . ".
Alan Warner, office manager, stone roof Company
It is reported that there is a similar situation in Azusa.
"We received hundreds of calls," he said . "
"We get 60 to 80 leaking calls a day.
There is no way to deal with all these issues.
"Marty Stott, the boss of Fontana roofing, who works in the San Gabriel Valley, sees a pattern.
"When it rains, people ask us to fix the roof.
As soon as the rain stopped, they stopped begging. " he said.
"By June, we called them and started begging.
They began begging again in next October.
LeEllen Williams, executive director of roof contractor Assn, said: "The explanation for this sudden shift is simple.
Located in Southern California, El Monte.
"We 've been through seven years of drought and people don't really care if there are holes in their roofs.
It rained heavily and all of us were in panic.
Get wet with the rain that is drained by the pounding rain, but will definitely move
As a cat, Randoll crawled along the crisp red ridge on Monday
The tiled roof has been leaking for several weeks.
Under him, under two.
Mariano's story house, worried homeowners peeping from the rain
Splash window, a steady drip, drip, drip falling from yellow
The ceiling was stained and fell to a pot on the floor of the upstairs bedroom.
Randoll shook out a large piece of plastic his staff put on the roof earlier this month.
A waterfall is in the driveway.
"As long as it rains, I can't do anything but that," he said, laying plastic on more roofs.
Roofing contractors say that since the beginning of the recession, customers often want the cost of repairing rather than the new roof.
In some cases, homeowners are content to reduce the number of tarps and plastic sheets that have been subjected to less heavy rain in recent years.
"Sometimes everyone can afford plastic tarps instead of spending $2,000 to $5,000 on the roof," says Randoll . ".
But the owner found that the waterproof cloth did not match the flood.
Windy rain.
Even if the loss is small, people are not willing to face the inevitable maintenance.
Theresa Kosak of Eagle Rock has noticed for a while that the fireplace above her fireplace is on her high
The ceiling in the living room has been peeling.
It was not until the heavy rain began two weeks ago that she noticed.
A loophole apparently came in through a gap, maybe an earthquake.
Cause, between the flashing roof and the chimney.
Some Patching tar fixed the issue on Monday.
"I 've been watching TV news and seeing the houses slide down from the mountains in Malibu and Laguna," she said . ".
"So I thought, 'I have only a little water in my fireplace.
This is just something boring.
Roofing workers say Kosak is more common than when the roof is broken by mudslides or blown away in tornadoes, such as last week's attack on the roofs of Covina and Pomona.
Roof workers say that in most cases the leak is not from the roof material but from all the other equipment above. Favorite leak-
Skylight, windows, roof vents in the kitchen and bathroom, doorways, air conditioning and heating equipment and their associated plumbing systems, and areas surrounding the evaporation cooler all sprout.
The drain pipe and the defective trench are not sufficient or blocked, and will also enter the water.
"Bottles, cans, tennis balls, rags, pants, everything imaginable is blocked by ditches and sewers," Warner said . ".
Randoll points out the tiny gaps that appear in the seal of the piping system on the roof of Glendale house.
Just like the chef sugar-coated the cake, he sprinkled the black tar on the gap.
"You basically have a vacuum cleaner here, and even with a little hole, it sucks in a lot of water," says Randoll . ".
Inside the stained ceiling of the restaurant, the observation was of little comfort to the homeowner, who had just installed a new roof last year and did not expect any leaks, from the roof or elsewhere, includes systems from cooling and heating.
For Gladys Valencia, the storm brings not fear, but a sense of self. satisfaction.
On a rainy day in December, the owner of Alhambra first noticed a leak in her living room.
She immediately called a roofing worker she knew.
A few weeks later, she had a new roof that cost $3,000.
Just at the beginning of the rainy season this month, she left for a vacation in the Caribbean.
When she came back last week and had a downpour at the airport, she could allow herself to be complacent.
She rained.
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