Where dangers lurk: 5 hidden home problems - air conditioner dripping

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
Where dangers lurk: 5 hidden home problems  -  air conditioner dripping
While buyers will usually be subject to family checks, if you want to sell your house in the near future, you may also want to take a closer look at your house, at the time of sale, don't surprise you.
By doing a check-up to your home, you can solve these problems before they become major repairs that may drive away buyers.
Here are some common family problems that can erode the value of your house.
Mold is a terrible problem facing homeowners.
A thriving group of black or green spores can surprise homeowners, but don't panic if you find some spores floating around.
Mold spores are in the air around us, most houses will have a little mold, especially in a humid climate like the South.
If you find a group, a professional mold inspector can give you a better idea of the extent of the problem.
In the case of small doses, mold is basically harmless, but if the problem is not controlled and continues to develop, it may start to cause health problems. Hay fever-like symptoms --
Sneezing, inflamed eyes, runny nose-
Has been linked to the mold.
More seriously, a bad mold problem can cause an attack in an asthma patient.
In addition to health problems, these spores damage the fabric, drywall and other materials, leaving ugly confusion for your hands.
Since the mold problem is mostly a moisture problem, you will want to focus on keeping it dry.
After scrubbing the area clean, invest in a dehumidifier and run the heat more frequently to dry the air.
In the summer, air conditioning is the best way to keep the humidity level.
Finally, you'll want to fix any pipe leaks or external leaks that let the water in, which can make the colony thrive.
Bad foundation cracks on basement walls are usually the first sign of problems with the foundation.
Your home will change and resolve over time, creating a problem that will put your plans on hold for sale.
In addition to the sagging foundation, poor drainage will also cause problems.
Sagging eaves or uneven yards can cause water to flow to your home, soften the soil and make the foundation problem worse.
If the House Inspector does find the foundation problems, it is better to solve them before putting the house on the market.
While some buyers may be willing to do some repairs, especially if the price is right, the foundation problems tend to be too big and too expensive and most potential buyers will walk away.
Termite damage is low behind your walls and drywall, and before you find them, it may take months or years for the termite to dig your house out of it.
These evil pests, however, do give you some indication.
Looking for wood that is bent, expanded, or rotted-
All indications are that you may have a pest problem.
An examination of insects is usually not part of a typical family check, so you may need to hire an expert to check this issue.
If the termite is confirmed, pest control experts can determine the type or termite of the termite and the best course of action for killing the termite.
Roof damage issues usually don't show up until it's too late.
While you may not notice the water dripping from the ceiling, a damaged wooden tile or tile may allow a small amount of water to come in, which may cause your roof to warp and rot, forcing you to do bigger and more expensive repairs on the road.
A family inspector should look for the wind
Damage to roof materials, improper installation of wooden tiles, flexion and other damage.
Since water can also enter around the vents, you need to make sure that the flash around these openings is properly sealed.
In the old house, bad lines can be a fatal danger, leading to the possibility of fire or electric shock.
Suspected wiring may also be lurking in newer homes.
Overzealous DIYers or unscrupulous electricians can leave a home with poor connection and faulty sockets.
Before you sell, you must make sure that all the lines are code-compliant.
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