whitehorse builders vie for energy efficient supremacy - most efficient air source heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-04
whitehorse builders vie for energy efficient supremacy  -  most efficient air source heat pump
The goal of a Whitehorse who loves building a house is to build the most energy-efficient house in the Yukon.
Forest Pearson is building a laneway house in the city center.
"We really just want to make this building as energy efficient as possible," Pearson said . ".
"A few years ago, I built a home with a friend of mine, the most energy-efficient home in Whitehorse, and then several other friends raised the bar a little, so now we just want to bite off the last bit of bread crumbs that waste energy at home, "he said.
One of the friendly opponents was Roger Hanberg, the builder.
Hanberg, a lifelong Carpenter, said he began to be interested in energy-efficient buildings about a decade ago.
Finally, a wooden house in the northern community of takcini.
"I 've been working on energy efficiency and learning to achieve its value, so I'm just trying to prove what I'm working on, and that's what prompted me to build this super insulated home," says Hanberg.
It also prompted Pearson to see if he could make his new home more energy efficient.
But the houses have been well isolated, he says, and he is looking for other ways to improve efficiency.
"Now we're actually starting to think, okay, how can I make it more efficient? "We want the house to have solar hot water installed on it, and also a small air source heat pump to further reduce energy consumption," Pearson said . ".
He said the new house costs less than $300 a year for heating.
Hot water will be the biggest energy user, which is why he is considering using solar hot water.
Hanberg said northerners are leading the way in energy efficiency, and Yukoners can be proud of it.
"Cities like Vancouver claim to be the greenest city in the country, but in fact the city of Whitehorse is the greenest builder with the greenest building charter in Canada, he said.
The national building code requires an energy Guide rating of 80 to make families energy-efficient, Hanberg said.
He said Whitehorse's charter required the new house to reach the 82 EnerGuide rating.
There are at least 85 Super green homes.
Hanberg said his recent home court and Pearson must beat the target of 87 people.
He said that if he could find time and money, he would also try to do better in the next project.
Builders say the feedback they get about their home is how comfortable they are.
People like to quiet down from thick walls, and how much their cats like deep windowsills, Pearson said.
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