who says you need a big block for a spacious home? - space air conditioner

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who says you need a big block for a spacious home?  -  space air conditioner
SA Home and Life mag, rfenko Bed & Breakfast in Seaford, at an affordable price.
Vista Parade, SA 5169 West Ford Heights, SA West Ford Heights, Australia.
Photo: Nick Clayton
Source: Australian news group it: you 've retired, sold your home, scaled it down, moved to a new home that you don't have to worry about maintaining, and it took you half a year to travel.
Your New stay is by the beach.
In any case, this is my dream for my parents.
I just didn't tell them.
Nor did I mention that for the convenience of grandchildren looking after their children, their new place should be within a driving distance.
With that in mind, I seduce-I mean, invite-my mother drove to the affordable family home in West Ford Heights Vista Estate on Sunday to watch the rf30.
RF 130 for cheap homes.
Photo: Nick Clayton
Source: From the moment we arrived, it was clear that the RF 130 was suitable for anyone with a narrow block, so, in addition to the scaling down, for those who want to go from renting a house to buying their own, this is the perfect choice.
You only need an 8. 5m-
Wide block-the house itself is 7.
5 m wide-so you can start work financially without overdrawing yourself.
In fact, these attributes make the RF 130 equally attractive to investors, especially if you hit an old house in a traditional wide block in the suburbs and want to maximize your return.
Display RF 130 using classic a gray and off-
White exterior palette, tiled porch anchored by square columns.
This is a simple, clean look for any street view.
The first thought I had to open the front door was "this is much bigger than I thought ".
Mom was equally impressed.
Use dark wood
It looks like the floor is in contrast to the light-colored walls and the eyes are attracted to 2.
The entrance has a ceiling of 7 metres.
On the left is a learning corner that guarantees the privacy of the street by using a vertical window, with a surround highlighted window providing further light.
Well, I'm talking about the corner of the study, but it's as big as the normal study, with the right space for tables, bookshelves and armchairs.
It was a good first impression, so it's no wonder Suzanne Adams, group communications manager at Rendition group, did not hesitate to nominate the area as her favorite house.
"I really like the way it connects with home and can see the street," Suzanne said . ".
"As a person who works from home, I really like the idea that my" office "is connected to the world.
"It provides a sense of light and space for areas that traditionally have the potential to feel dark and closed.
Rf30 by affordable families.
Source: Australian News Group
Source: Australian News Group
Source: The two bedrooms of the Australian news group RF 30 are located on both sides of the hall, similar in size, both have double sliding door robes, although only one is allowed in the "classic" inclusion.
Most of what you see on the RF 130 display, however, is the basic specs, so don't fall in love with a feature and realize that you can't afford it late.
"AFH is really committed to ensuring that the standard fixtures and accessories in our home meet the standards of functionality and fashion," says Suzanne . ".
"Here are some upgrades, including the twin pots in the bathroom and the stone countertops in the kitchen.
We have included these to show how to add the family to it.
"Again, narrow vertical windows are used in the bedroom to allow natural light into the room without limiting where you can place furniture.
In fact, this thoughtful window placement is a prominent feature of the RF 130.
The clever combination of vertical and highlighted windows means there is no need to put the bed or sofa on the window and there is enough space on the wall to hang your artwork and mirrors. A double-
The door linen cabinet in the hallway provides convenient storage space near the bedroom and bathroom, which in itself does not lack storage space.
Two and a half under there is an impressive four cabinets
Embedded square sink with classic chrome plated tapware. A full-
The wide face mirror above the vanity adds a sense of space in the bathroom, reflecting a neutral palette of pastel gray tiles, white cabinets and light woodlook benchtops.
Because the second vanity is an upgrade, you will have more space if you decide not to go. (
Mom decided that she and Dad could easily share a sink and spend the money saved on some new towels).
SA Home and Life mag, rfenko Bed & Breakfast in Seaford, at an affordable price.
Vista Parade, SA 5169 West Ford Heights, SA West Ford Heights, Australia.
Photo: Nick Clayton
Source: Australian News Group
Source: News Group bealarge matt tiles used practical flooring in "siderun gray" in Beaumont and added gloss tiles on splashes and shower slots.
When it comes to the shower, it is twice as long in length, with a shower rose overhead at one end for luxury.
It is likely that there will be quarrels about who spent too much time in the shower.
There is plenty of room for you to install a clothes dryer in a maintainable laundry room with a door open on the side of the House, so there is no need to get your clothes through the living area.
More NEWSA polished gems in the west of Adelaide become the focus of charspotlight at home in Glenelg southsa, Australia's hottest real estate market tips to stay ahead of the real estate market-
Plan the living area, even if the RF 130 is only suitable for 8. 5m-
Wide block, there is no furniture here.
It has a bigger feeling of home, thanks in part to Long Island benches.
The style of the restaurant is six, but in fact you can easily accommodate eight, so holding a Christmas lunch is not a problem.
There are four stools on the island bench, so the RF 130 is two stools
Bedroom homes are still suitable for young families who buy properties for the first time.
On the "work" side of the bench, the storage under the bench is impressive.
With so many drawers, I had to open a few and pretend to have fallen them-yes, they are very close! Love it.
Family rf30 at affordable prices.
Source: Australian News Group.
Source: Australian News Group
Source: The palette used by the Australian news group in the kitchen will attract so many people, soft mocha-
Gray laminated cabinets below
Bench storage and double
Door pantry, a white subway tile splash-proof board with deep gray grout and classic Square
Look at the cabinets and drawer handles.
In contrasting dark wood, there are even four cabinets above the stove --
It looks like laminate and you can easily add more on the track.
The white stone table top, with subtle spots, helps illuminate the space.
Throughout life, highlight windows are used again, as well as double sliding doors to the back yard to give plenty of light.
It was a warm and humid day when we visited, but split-
The system air conditioning in the living area cooled the house a lot and when we first walked in we were actually looking for ceiling pipes.
Being able to cool the whole home with an air conditioner means you don't have to worry about the electricity bill when our 40C day arrives
My frugal mother left a deep impression on me.
The house is designed to be low maintenance so that you can lock up and leave without bothered, and it has a new coastal atmosphere that will attract young people and young people.
Family rf30 at affordable prices.
Source: Australian News Group
Source: Australian News Group
Source: Australian News Group
Source: "We decorated it in the wood tones of shallow sand," said Susan, Australian News Corp . ".
"This is a contemporary modern home with a bright, airy and spacious feel while being compact and easy to manage in terms of maintenance.
This is a great choice for a small block.
"The thoughtful design of the RF 130-and the option to adjust the design to fit your block and add the deck on the back-let me think . . . . . . Maybe I should use it as an investment property?
If my family doesn't hit me
How about mom?
Ready to scale down?
There are some good lands in the South that can see the sea view.
I can help you with the second bedroom, as Mr 7 would like, as he lives every other weekend.
Let's pop up the RF 130 display again.
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