write a 55-word story - air conditioner dripping

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
write a 55-word story  -  air conditioner dripping
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Welcome everyone!
At the insistence of my good friend Brenda, I decided to hold a workshop where hub bers could submit some of their work.
When I was in college, the idea was handed over to my class as a task.
Many people struggle on this task, but the means do have a purpose and the purpose is to develop a compact, directto-the-
Both editors and readers will thank you for the style of writing on the topic.
The best writing professor told me not to waste words.
The amount of ingredients for the most delicious food is just right, so the best story should follow the same recipe as well.
Too many words are unnecessary.
By the way, I'm not asking a lot.
Most of us post on The hub pages Forum to write 50 words less!
To enter, you only need to do the following: 1. Write a 55-
This is correct. Write a 55-
There are not many words in the form of stories.
I will check so don't complain!
Please take the time to check spelling and grammar (
Do what I say, don't be like me! ).
Like any good story, try to create a plot, develop characters, and build a scene.
I realize it's not easy, but that's why we're on Hubpages, not Oprah! Write On! 2.
It's easy to submit your story. Just e-
Just click on contact me at the top right of this page to send me your story and send your 55-
Word story as attachment or electronic documentmail.
I will then be sure to post it to this center for comment from others.
Please ask me if you have any questions. 3.
As long as you follow my instructions, your story will receive comments from me and others.
But please use constructive criticism.
Please don't throw sand at each other's eyes as it's not very good!
Also, please respect each other so hope this center is a sweet success for all of us!
Continue to write everyone!
I look forward to all your stories!
How about breakfast?
She responded. "Fantastic.
"As usual.
David leaned over and kissed her cheek and left. Annadresses.
The hidden scrapbook is in her hands.
Those killed in the tragedy
"The page is open. A receipt.
"Thank you for choosing paradise animals.
He didn't know why she was crying when he came back.
She is going to be late for Dohn121's gift, but he insists on being late.
"I want to give you this," he said . "
I want us to form a family.
When tears began to swell, she pushed his hand back.
You know I can't do anything.
You know we can't.
It won't work.
So she left, leaving only a little memory.
Sorry, he whispered and let his head fall into the palm of his hand.
Cold, she did not respond.
He carefully crossed the crack between his fingers, hoping that she would look at him without mercy. Nothing.
Even now, the last time they do.
Still, he stayed with her until after they pulled out the ventilator.
Brian Robertson, who did not give his name, buried his blade, mimicking the cut-off Silver Arc Albert risench.
Brother, you have to do better than that.
Terry caught the fatal wound and the pajamas top was dyed red.
Okay, Albert's on the bunk.
Oh my God, I hate this machine!
When Dad turned it off, the deed was deleted.
Terry sneaked into the lower bunk in a sullen manner.
Irene's new home on Brendascully beach, "you can afford it," he handed her an envelope with a smile, "Is there no rope ? "? " she asked.
He kissed her gently. . .
"It's just a gift," Oision looked at his watch. "Will you come back soon ? " He was in a hurry as usual.
"We will always be under the same sky ". . . .
Once again she was abandoned by eaglekiwiod, the beer was good and people were crazy!
This is the lyrics of a song I heard today.
A simple melody tells the story of two people drinking beer in a bar.
Three simple statements we 've heard before, God is great, beer is good, people are crazy! Going?
He's early again.
Yesterday, he had an hour left before the train arrived.
He looked at the yellow brochure, which read "Edinburgh: the destination of Heaven" and walked away.
This time, it needs to repaint the house.
Could it be white?
There are always things coming up.
Always when he decides to go.
Everyone calls him a stupid child, even his mother.
He had enough, so he went to his mother's drawer and pulled out the old revolver inside.
He smiled at himself playfully.
Now everyone knows how talented he is. BANG!
Saimi_89 "Well, what can I say to them?
Gerda asked freerill.
"Say your heart, because it always seems to be useful to you when we came here many years ago," freenyl replied . ".
Jada nodded, looked at their tombstone, and remembered that she was alive after taking them away from her in a fatal car accident.
Sarah of KEckerleSarah, who could not bear the grief on his deputy's face, sought shelter in the lounge, away from all this compassion.
In the coolness of that stall, the sweet taste of their morning sex rose in the heat of her urine.
Sarahinhaled left her Brian deep.
"Useful Knowledge brings a moment of peace. An old man sat on the swing on the porch, staring at the stars.
The breeze danced in his ear to evoke his senses.
The beautiful melody of the cricket in the background reminds him of his home.
He is in peace for the time being.
Then, when he walked down the hall to Room 209, the reality changed.
The will of spidebetus. He turned around and slowly looked at everything in front of him.
He knew he was supposed to be sure, but there was always lingering doubt.
Will things be different this time?
Will his new creations prosper and multiply, remain pure, and avoid the destruction of the past?
Screw it up, he thought, and break it all.
The assassin of SpyderBytesAmai is sure that she can hear the blood slide down from hersword's blade and then gently fall on the white snow under her feet.
The man looked deeply into her eyes and held his open wound tightly for understanding. "Why? " he asked.
As his death approached, she leaned closer and whispered, "I don't know.
"It was burned by the Queensland fire nearby, and the air was filled with the smell of ash.
A lonely figure appeared from burning bricks and black wooden beams.
White legshung limped on his arm, thin pajamas lounging on her ankles, twisting in the heat of hell.
Tears, slowly falling.
I don't know, baby.
You know it's not because of your job, we have nothing, it was too bad last month, I said interrupt.
My tears suffocated inside.
I took the check from him, but my eyes began to flood with tears.
That's why I left.
Surrounded by dazzling lights.
Sweat drops on the granite.
He climbed to the edge of darkness.
Six shooters flashed below.
He is still waiting for the summer air.
Barely out of range
The rock slid fast and betrayed him.
Screeching scream
A red-tailed eagle hovers near a narrow opening.
Finally, the way out.
Obadia squeezed in.
I gave birth to an egg in nutuba. what about you?
She asked incredibly.
I put an egg on the counter before frying breakfast.
Shouldn't you call the people who write the world record?
Before I could respond, Aunt Ruth dozed off again.
At that moment, my pet chicken Amber jumped in from the window and sat comfortably on Aunt Ruth's head.
The title of Dink96 is waiting!
She begged him as the car slowly drove away from the side of the road.
I forgot that she cursed silently and knew that they were late and he would refuse to turn back.
When he pressed the throttle, he replied, "we must be on time . ".
But I left the water in the bathroom!
Hobsinistar's Hot Rail tramp sprints in the yard and is careful not to be seen when he gets into the carriage.
His escape was almost finished again.
The voice in the shadow turned him.
When the creature came to him, it took him a little time to recognize his latest victim.
The second Ghoul was the victim before. . .
The death of AnitaShe's regret wakes up again, the regret of being numb to waking up;
The sorrow of dreams not fulfilled. Mark was alive.
He was there, drooling on his pillow.
Her mistake of marrying him, her stupidity, is as alive as he is.
She thought the three of us were in this bed. -
I, Mark, regret it. One will die.
She insisted on writing the book.
"I can't," he whispered . ".
Too personal.
The sun flowed down the window, illuminating the paper on the table. His hand shook.
She sighed impatiently and patted her feet.
You have no choice. Sign.
When he put the pen on the paper and signed it, tears flowed down.
For good or bad, the doctor will turn the chair back and look into the eyes of his patient.
"You can think of this as half your cup full and half empty, just know that she is doing her best.
The patient held his wife's hand and said, "We didn't separate until we died . "
"I will take care of you.
"Stuffabuff's fifth grade notes don't know what to say and she reaches out to get the pen.
She wrote the simplest gesture and pushed the napkin to the table.
He reached out to the answer with a smile.
His heart has never been so fast.
Above, the answer is yes.
In the fifth grade, he found a girlfriend for himself.
Skaman's Omega Sun dazzles her eyes as she tries to block it with her hands.
The impulse was there, but her hand was gone.
What happened to me? Panic stung her brain. Where are they?
A dark figure stood behind her.
The voice spoke hoarse.
"Would you forgive me if I told you?
"Ask Kane Pepper to come back and Mike is staring at the horizon thinking he might never see her again.
He didn't know what made her suddenly change her mind.
The sun began to fall in pale tones.
Then a female figure appeared in the corner of his eye and came to him.
Welcome to the Burger Barn in Burger derbytes. The masked man ran away with cash from the checkout counter.
Laura leaned down and picked up the wallet that fell from her pocket when he pulled out his gun.
A glimpse of his ID confirmed her suspicion. -
The robber was Ralph and dumped her asshole a few hours ago! She smiled.
Revenge is sweet.
Fredrica Faye BrooksI, who had no title, looked across the table and picked up his phone screaming. No signal.
Tiffany's pleading eyes stare from his bloated face.
"Please help me, God . "
Lifting Tiffany's full body gently, I staggered to the side of the road to wait.
Whirlpool of darkness;
My feet go through endless tunnels.
The fog greatly hindered Joe.
Bella tried to escape and stopped briefly to listen to his movements.
He closed soon.
She went through the bushes, looking for safety, barely breathing.
Joe's stride gave him motivation.
At the last turn, Bella came to her puppy kennel under the fence railing.
Alice Clearwater has no title. The light is on and off.
When he felt the hair rising at the back of his neck, he raised his eyes. It was time.
There is a call that is difficult to understand.
He raised his arms, prayed quickly, and jumped on the platform.
He is now more willing to face the enemy than ever before.
The reality is that I saw God at a gas station.
He promised me with a friendly smile that the trip would be safe.
I thought God helped everyone, but I didn't know he was working with me.
Look across the street now.
See a new station. Satan Express.
I think God used an obscene advertisement.
When a couple was lying in bed, the phone rang for dansimpsonA. "Hello? ""Who was that?
Asked the husband after hanging up. "No one.
Then she turned and left with a pleasant smile and then walked away to sleep.
"Want to know who called last night," said the husband when the wife picked up the phone and walked into another room.
Aunt Ruth and The Time Machine sign said, welcome to Florence and have a good time.
Aunt Ruth muttered, "it's great to go well . ".
South Carolina?
The Time Machine messed up.
A man stared at Aunt Ruth and shouted, "Mama Mia ,".
I have to catch this beautiful smile!
They left together and came back the next morning.
Mona Ruth, he sighed.
Goodbye, Leonardo. she smiled.
BudHasherdashery saysWOW, 55 words!
You are so generous!
With all due respect, jingle is 55 words, but the story of 55 words is more than an extension.
Suppose that words with only 55 words are related to our shrinking economy, deflation in the value of words?
About 55 words of my own opinion.
One day, I went for a walk in the forest with my dog.
She is a white dog.
Her name is Kutu.
Along the way, she bit a clam.
It releases toxic milk secretions.
Kutu started vomiting and I was very worried. We rushedback.
Luckily, she was fine after vomiting many times. Where?
DheerajiI is waiting at the pier to see the wonderful sunrise from the Far East.
Where is the sun?
I asked myself.
It was fixed an hour ago.
This land is still swallowed up by the darkness and chaos in my heart.
Even though it sounds strange, the sun is gone. . .
What's going on with this?
She is the rain of dohn121, it will only rain when it rains. . . Thinking ofher.
She looked into my eyes while lying in my arms and said many times what I took for granted before.
But I can't hear her, God knows I tried, God knows I love her every day. . .
It only happens when it is named after raggshe. paced style.
Her sun tied back into the ponytail with a banana clip, trailing behind when she made another perfect timed turn.
She works intuitively;
Perfectly capture the list of each encoding
There is no operation of conscious thinking.
Her concentration is clearly deep, but it's not on her way to work.
The darkness of the light chasing the pungent hangs over her.
Will they find her?
She shook her knees.
There was a strange shuffle in the distance.
The shadows quickly disappeared as she approached and squeezed.
She closed her eyes and tried not to breathe.
Here they are! Should she run?
And then they were on her. âx80x9cTag! Âxa0 Youâx80x99re it!
The eyes of the onlookers at Tambourineman were not crazy, and when the giver dragged her back to the room, she pleaded.
After her fourth attempt to escape, she plunged into the abandoned red velvet Davenport.
I'll find you, Harold, she's crying and lifting a withered hand.
But the needle drops lorazepam, and her lover is lost with the medication.
Tambourine mannarudí's friendly neighbor, Bulimic, has a concentrated face, recalling what he heard before last November.
He spit out with great certainty, like his friend Ayers, he is a dangerous socialist!
Decisively, his ears were tightly shut by the voice of an equally deaf Brian, who was eager to upset the feeling on his left --
Tend to media experts.
They are probably all wrong.
Powerful Momi they stand together and look at the vast emerald lawn.
Miles saw the metaphor for the Empire State Building on Wall Street, and his trophy wife saw something different.
My dear, she growled and I could not bear this inattention.
Be a loving person and ask Pablo for more than once this week.
Wrapped up by a powerful mom, too short! âx80x9dâx80x9cAre not! âx80x9dâx80x9cAre too. See? My ankles show!
It's a style, stupid.
Metal pusher. âx80x9dâx80x9cNuhn uh.
The mark indicates that the flag is Kha-Priss Pants. âx80x9dâx80x9cFine.
Don't get them.
Wearing nothing is like a contestant.
See if I care!
The sisters looked around for the referee, but could not even find the clerk.
There was a strong mother across the table who took a Popeye off her plate.
He smirked and chewed as tempting as possible.
She took a fright by looking carefully at her watch.
An hour later, she never stops. -headache.
When her taxi left screaming and splashing his face, he remembered why it was called a blind date.
The lady who stayed by the strong mother began to think that he could not be a one-husband.
Over the years, there have been many colorful beauties here, and each one is more lovely than the next one: their names are exotic;
Their siren is irresistible.
He has a deep desire to wander.
But all this changed his eyes on Ms. Li.
He knew he had finally met the ship he had dreamed.
The revenge of Dohn121 did not move, and he waited happily in the invisible top of the tree.
His patience is comparable to that of mountains.
His fingers were ready to pull the trigger against the rifle, and his thoughts consumed him: Eddie, Peter deserved better.
My son is innocent, you are the son of a prostitute!
He's clapping!
Eddie screamed bitterly and then found the tie pink paint.
Mighty MomSusan, a professional label reviewer, stood in aisle 11 and read the jelly carefully.
Low sugar honey-
Or just fruit?
Reach for it, on the plain
Complete her contrast)
She accidentally hit the jar next to her.
She watched it break and spread and made the jam mess.
The clerk was very happy about it, and it looked natural.
Alisa was frightened by the leaves behind her as she approached the garden gate, and who was lurking there?
As she ran frantically towards the iron arch, her heart was speeding up, only to find that they were locked and trembling with fear, and she fumbled through her purse to try to find the key to the gate.
The two had dinner in a bright city in a badly lit alley.
This is not where I go, but I am hungry.
I'm not a diver in a trash can, it's just your nasty vampire.
I know she came from here alone.
She never knew it was her first time, and I was gentle. She is sweet!
She looked at her mother in her new life at duckiesara and shouted, "but what you want me to do is not me!
Sarah's mother looked at her in shock.
Don't be stupid, Sarah.
This is the best for you, now ready for Togo.
Sarah's mother walked out of the room.
"That's what you think," she said as she watched herself leave.
When the sun and heat entered her sleep, she was awakened by the mysterious spring.
She turned on the air conditioner and had nothing.
She called the landlord Freddie to complain.
He said he would bring a fan before George repaired.
Freddy brought the fan and it worked until it got hot.
Before he could, George brought the new air conditioner.
The Duchess of obinart had no name, and she ran and quickly browsed.
The blood draw, the adrenaline surge, and the excited thoughts chase in her mind.
I can't miss him anymore!
This is my last chance to find him.
Please, she prayed, don't let him leave me again.
She ran to swear that he would not escape this time.
It was beautiful for me to walk into her office.
I 've wanted to see her workplace since I met Tanya, and I'm there!
But before I had this wonderful feeling of happiness, I became weak when I was swallowed up by the smoke inside. . .
Oh, I hate smoke all the time!
Jessi thought I had been here with Ashton before.
Even today, one of his smoky memories has never disappeared.
She wondered where this was going to take her, she lost her eyes, but re-opened her eyes in the smoke of the ashtray and the coffee shop! Heck!
What a daydream!
Gary777gI's faulty finger tester stands on a ladder and is about to touch the wires.
"Are you sure there is a power cut? " I asked"Yes. I tested it.
"My grandfather said buzzzttt! "OWWW!
I thought you tested it.
He looked at his fingers curiously.
"I think these work only 220 Volts now.
It's not so good to grow old.
"Chris in Untitled Eddy â x80 x9c Don â x80 x99 t touch I!
Said the lady.
Her shrill scream broke the quiet of the dim room.
The doctor tried to appease the crazy woman lying in bed.
The doctor whispered, "I'm very happy . "
He gently placed his hand on the arm of the lady's dinner.
Everything will be fine.
This is a very normal delivery.
As her mother slowly opened all her gifts, cocktailKelly waited.
She thought it would be better to have a denim dress.
The last gift is for open wine, don't you know, it's there!
Just as Kelly ringingover asked her to own the dress, her mother gave it to Mayad's daughter, Maya.
Lost time from the burning of the eyes of truth, I looked at the cliff.
There is no time, a decision should have been made.
Now I'm confused by the smoke.
It's not like there's an option.
I will soon be swallowed up by flames.
I looked down at the TV I might have missed when I jumped off.
I think of my wife.
Their Honda Civic turned and regained power.
Turn around, Jack! âx80x9d Billy said.
I can't leave my little brother!
He almost killed us all.
He asked Duke to shoot here.
You know it's not true.
Suddenly, there was an explosion all over the block.
Billy and Jack looked back.
Sunoco station is burning.
Who's Minnie Moore?
It's Chris's fifth birthday!
He barely blinked before his birthday party.
They are celebrating his birthday. . . BUT WAIT!
Who is this intruder, ruining his day and honing his fun? ? ?
They finished the birthday song. . . And many more! ! !
Chris was confused and asked, "who is Minnie Moore ? "? ?
The memory of Green Lotus is 23 years old and she is a bystander who spent the night with Frank Sinatra. . .
At first, she took a taxi to the Riviera Club in Jersey, where she had a good understanding of the curiosity and fragility of the young actor.
Mom, the rest is there.
Write it down before you like breakfast and it's forgotten.
Tammy LochmannLonganimous love story in my desire for you.
Salty, sour, sweet
How can you do that?
You are here and let me taste your perfection.
You are a model of the mixture.
I can feel your magic flowing in my veins and numb me.
Always there when I need to relax. . . My margarita.
Imagine mbp42 sitting there staring at the screen.
It was shocking to see his face again.
Facebook advises them to be friends as he knows: after all, she uses fake names and no photos. His pain-
The temptation to induce memory.
She's not sure if she can resist.
He will never see it too bad.
The doctor who burned Mbp42 crawled on her skin.
The wind blows.
Limited selection.
Accept or reject the doctor's advice.
He was angry when she asked him.
She hopes to see him live one day.
Will this make him better?
Is the serum ready, doctor?
She packed her wallet. . .
Appointment of.
LohrI was scared and scared.
We are in the doctor's office for my fate.
Will they last?
Have they changed their minds?
I'm old now, but so are they.
I love them. I give my all. . .
They decided, I think. . .
This is the vet who gave me a needle for sleep.
What are the souls on this deserted land?
Or worse?
Are they watching in a crowded window?
Are they shoulder to shoulder?
Did they count the sum of my coming and going? Do they care?
I swear I heard it, I swear they closed the door.
No, it's not the wind, it's the wind.
Amévi Emlyn's Swan coach, I went to the lake next to my house.
I am not very good at sports, but I made up my mind.
I decided to run for 30 minutes.
But I ran for two hours.
A swan ran away from me. I probably ran 20 kilometers.
If you don't know if you are a sports person, do a swan test!
Welcome to the neighborhood. I'm Elizabeth! _I'm Maddy.
Where are you from?
Go north, where is it?
A small town. why do you want to know this?
Why don't you want to tell me?
It's just not a big deal. . .
That's it. Elizabeth knows: There's a secret about Madi.
Everyone has secrets.
The man waiting for him is waiting because he has to write something. But what? A story? A joke? Maybe.
But he's waiting.
Something will happen in his mind, something will happen! But what?
He doesn't know what to write at all!
But did I say "he" was me?
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