Does HICOOL develop global market?
Huizhou Hicool Climate Equipment Co., Ltd is developing foreign markets actively. Each year the input into market exploitation is significant. We do research into foreign countries, to study about the local demand, consumption habits, etc. Clients from different countries are welcomed by us. We hope to establish an all-round sales network in the world.

HUIZHOU Hicool CLIMATE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is recognized as the China's leading manufacturer of professional OptiClimate. We will show you the OptiClimate series that is most popular with customers. Hicool OptiClimate has a rather appealing appearance due to the efforts of our own professional and innovative designers. Its design is reliable and time-tested enough to meet the challenges of the market. Hicool's opticlimate split unit is well packed by the wooden frame. Mainly due to its prominence in low maintenance rate, it nearly needs no bulb changing, and this may contribute to lower fire risk. No harmful refrigerant is used in the opticlimate two-stage evaporation system.

Split system heating and cooling is the basic tenet of HUIZHOU our company CLIMATE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD and its connotation advances with times. Get info!
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