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Huizhou Hicool Climate Equipment Co., Ltd. is an expert specializing in high-tech greenhouse central air conditioning systems.
Provide customized services for each customer to design, manufacture and install fully equipped greenhouse facilities that can meet their needs.

  • Design & Layout

    Precise design customized with benefit entire system

  • IOT Master Control System

    On phones or computers, simple & scientific planting managed by IOT Master Control System

  • LED Photochemical of Plant

    Closer to the natural growth environment, LED designed with the light formula in photosynthesis of different plants at different growth stages.

  • Hydroponic Nutrient Solution

    Full advanced Hydroponic Nutrient precisely controlled planting program,  by low-cost substrate but 30% Capacity increasing

  • Climate Control System

    Accurately adjust the light intensity, temperature & humidity of the growing environment with invented Optical Climate Control System.

  • Energy Saving

    Energy saving & carbon emissions are possible with invented zero-emission AC of CO2 refrigerant or R1234fy refrigerant, even  IDEC without compressors AC system which is of 100% fresh air & 80% energy saving.


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HuizhouHicool Climate Equipment Co., Ltd. is an emerging company specializing in the design and manufacture of commercial/central air conditioning systems. Since 2003, HICOOL has been committed to the research, development and design of commercial/central air-conditioning. It is strategically located in Huizhou, the beautiful Pearl River in Guangdong Province, China. HICOOL operates in a new 25,000 square meter factory, which aims to adopt the latest manufacturing process efficiency.

HICOOL provides a wide range of commercial/central air-conditioning systems, including non-refrigerated air-conditioning, VRV systems, high and low static air duct units, roof units, air-cooled split floor-standing vertical units, small or modular air-cooled chillers...









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Fresh air helps productivity and consternation, & helps to improve heart rate, blood pressure, and metabolic rate.

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