How long can ground source heat pump systems be used?
A long service life is a promise made by Huizhou Hicool Climate Equipment Co., Ltd. You may contact us if there are any problems during this. The long service life is a strong competitiveness of heat pump . Users always take service life, cost, price, quality, etc. into consideration. Please note that the service life may be extended if the product is used in good conditions.

HUIZHOU Hicool CLIMATE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is an independent enterprise specialized in evaporative cooling unit. We will show you the split heat pump series that is most popular with customers. Hicoolwater source heat pump for sale is designed employing with the shock-resistance structure. This structure effectively solves the problems of lights falling off and yoke fracture due to the vibration. Hicool's opticlimate split unit is perfect for water shortage areas owing to its automatic system. The quality of the product is up to the highest industry standards. The working capacity of our company's opticlimate split unit far exceeds standard level.

HUIZHOU our team CLIMATE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD always keep water source heat pump for sale as its service principle. Please contact.
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