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OptiClimatefarm Vertical Farm

OptiClimatefarm Vertical Farm



We create excellent solutions for city farming. Opticlimatefarm technologies enable entrepreneurs all over the world to grow fresh herbs, salad lettuce berries and edible flowers locally and throughout the year including saffron.

OptiClimatefarm offer includes:

(1) OptiClimatefarm ATC aTechnical Support platform to manage vertical farms;

(2) Vertical Hydroponic Modul for growing a variety of plants;

(3) Vertical Hydroponic standalone module for growing strawberries

(4) High-density Mobile Modulefor weed Cannabis growing 

(5) Indoor grow environment climate control system module (HVAC & CO2);

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Image credit: OptiClimatefarm Plant Factory (2021.11)



How to Control Temperature & Humidity In Your Indoor Grow Room

Smart Farms: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Either large or small for indoor growing, you should basically provide a climate for your plants. The right temperature and humidity levels are important for establishing and maintaining healthier crops. You’d better fine- tune them to fit your plants specific needs.And avoid extremes happen inside your grow room or grow tent.

Controlling Temperature & Humidity Is especially Important.

You could offer an optimal environment for your plants by controlling the temperature and humidity levels, either germination or flowering or fuiting through growing stages.Plant metabolism needs cooler nights in order to rest-with a drop of about 10 degrees than being in the day.

Plants are constantly taking in water to absorb nutrients and grow to their full potential. Both temperature and humidity can affect how much water your plants take in, so that controlling these levels also gives you control over the plants’ nutrient intake.

Signs of Extremes in Humidity Humidity levels are important in indoor

growing since humidity affects transpiration

(plant breathing) and their ability to absorb nutrients. Too much humidity will create an environment ripe for disease and pests..

OptiClimatefarm provides a complete controls solution for commercial-scale cannabis production facilities with unique technology for irrigation control & nutrient management by combining a thorough understanding of greenhouse and indoor growing environments.



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