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Start Growing with Us Today

Start Growing with Us Today


OptiClimatefarm  Anywhere,Anytime. 

Breathing: ventilation and air conditioning   

In middle school biology classes we ‘d learnt that 

plants use photosynthesis to turn light, water and CO2 into oxygen and energy. By doing so, they can 

consume far more CO2 than  present in the air. As the indoor farm, similar as a space station, uses a

 closed-loop air exchange system, without air inflow 

from outside. 

This is purely an engineering challenge to create an 

optimal environment for the plants , which includes 

Artificial climate (temperature and humidity)purifying, 

conditioning, and adding some CO2 to the room to 

allow plants breathe freely and grow intensively.

OptiClimatefarm has multiple air conditioning 

units,not just maintaining a certain temperature and humidity,but also making sure that the climate is as homogeneous as possible throughout the 

entire farm, even at different heights. That’s why we install several medium-sized devices instead of one super-power unit .This provides the right air circulation and creates a failure-proof system.

As all known Hydroponic technologies tend to 

create a lot of moisture,  the farm  typically needs to be dehumidified .Luckly OptiClimate has 

developed and patented a dehumidification 

system that will guarantee your plants  to grow 

well in the best huminity environment.

How nice and clean the air is ! 

That’s the primary impression 

by whom entering the vertical 

farm. Surpriseless the indoor 

farm is  dustless —no dust will be ablto ae ppear from in the 

closed-loop circuit of 

OptiClimatefarm .

news-Start Growing with Us Today-HICOOL-img

Image credit: OptiClimatefarm Plant Factory 

news-HICOOL-Start Growing with Us Today-img

Image Credit: Opticlimate Plant Growth HVAC – PRO6(HFO-1234yf

OptiClimate PRO6(HFO-1234yf)
/ Author:Kobayashi

1)Space & Investment Saving

No need for cooling water system and dedicated machine room.

2)Load balancing system

PRO6 is high efficiency ,either of full load or partial load.

3)Good stability & reliability

Adopted world-renowned brand scroll compressors, equipped with high-efficiency low-noise damping fans .


HFO-123yf refrigerant carbon emissions are almost zero.

5) Cooling capacity:70KW~180KW

Opticlimate PRO5-INV 
/ Author:Kobayashi


Thorough Inverter Innovation  

Inverter compressor +Inverter fan

Special Air conditioner for OptiClimate container farming system 

16000 PRO5-II(FS-INV) ~ 32000 PRO5-II(FS-INV)

Image Credit: OptiClimate PRO5-II

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