What about the quality management system in HICOOL?
Huizhou Hicool Climate Equipment Co., Ltd has a complete quality control system which has been implemented for years. The quality control system is focused on incoming materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Regarding finished products in particular, their performance, service life, etc. are all tested before shipping. We will continue improving the quality control and reducing the rejection rate.

Hicool has rich experience in manufacturing and providing evaporative cooling unit. We will show you the OptiClimate series that is most popular with customers. Hicool [direct and indirect evaporative cooling undergoes curing and post-curing of epoxy resin. Post-curing is highly essential for bonding epoxy resin with a printed circuit board(PCB), meanwhile, it is also a thermal aging process for LED. Hicool's opticlimate packaged unit achieves more stable and efficient performance. With the implementation of the quality inspection system, all defects of the products are eliminated completely. Through energy-adjusting device, opticlimate packaged unit can provide hot water while refrigerating.

Water source heat pump for sale is a fundamental tenet of an efficient development for HUIZHOU we CLIMATE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Please contact us!
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