What to do if swamp fan is damaged during shipping?
Huizhou Hicool Climate Equipment Co., Ltd does our best to protect the pieces against breakage, but no guarantees can be made. If you see any damage, please make note of it. This will help greatly in case of claims against the carrier. Hicool takes such matters very seriously and will look into individual cases thoroughly.  We're really sorry with the accident. Do contact us via any channels and we'll do our very best to put things right.

HUIZHOU Hicool CLIMATE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is a large scale hi-tech company specializes in OptiClimate. We will show you the evaporative cooling unit series that is most popular with customers. Hicool split system heating and cooling is an innovative design product developed by the concerted effort of a strong R&D team and professional design team. It is in response to the requirements of home and abroad customers. our company's opticlimate split unit is friendly to users as it is easy to operate. The product has been greatly appreciated for its durability. Through energy-adjusting device, opticlimate packaged unit can provide hot water while refrigerating.

HUIZHOU our team CLIMATE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD always keep water source heat pump cost as its service principle. Inquire!
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