4 cool stocks to beat the heat - how to make air cooler at home

by:HICOOL     2019-07-12
4 cool stocks to beat the heat  -  how to make air cooler at home
The past week has been part of durable consumer goods stocks such as Voltas, Blue Star, Indian Whirlpool, Johnson Controls --
Hitachi air conditioning India and symphony.
These are their deals-
Time high, the streets are sure there is more steam left for the rally.
The stocks began to rise in the February s, when it became clear that demonized hiccups might be far behind them.
But what is driving this rebound is the beginning of the summer, and more importantly, the possibility of a summer extension is high.
The recent shift in Institutional Investor preferences from major consumer goods to durable goods also heralds good prospects for these stocks.
The first one on the list is Blue Star and it has seen
Overall business improvement.
Even in the difficult quarter of December, its room air-conditioning business grew by 47, surpassing the industry's growth of 25.
It was able to continuously increase its market share in this area, from ten per cent a year ago to 11 per cent.
Now is another positive factor.
Due to the increasing number of inquiries from hospitals and educational institutions, its project operations are also expected to gradually recover.
However, given the promotions for relatively new products (such as water and air purifiers and air coolers), operating profit margins for the next six months may be under pressure.
Investors can consider one of the two multinational companies on this list: Johnson Control
Hitachi air conditioning.
The shift from general ACs to Inverter ACs has strengthened Hitachi's investment promotion.
It is one of the innovators of inverter ACs.
June is the best quarter for the company, with operating margins exceeding (
Best in the industry).
However, in the two quarters of October and December, when demand for ACs gradually decreased, the momentum cooled down and rebounded again in the quarter of January.
However, Hitachi is strengthening its export and project operations to offset the cyclical nature of its operations.
Symphony is the leader in the air cooler market in the semi-
Urban and rural demand.
Minor changes in product strategy helped it pass non-monetization without making price cuts.
It has over 87 models of air coolers to ensure all the needs of customers are met.
After the introduction of goods and services tax in fiscal 18, consumer demand may shift to branded products, which bodes well for the Symphony Orchestra.
While its entry into the industrial cooling business is relatively new, the recent acquisition of the Chinese air cooler brand MKE should give it a competitive advantage.
The next company on the list is Voltas.
While some questioned whether the company maintained its market share at the expense of non-monetized operating margins, South Korea's LG withdrew from the fixed market.
Speed communication is a blessing in disguise.
LG's exit will help Voltas improve its presence in North India as this is a strong advantage for the former.
The outlook for the overall cooling product sector of Voltass has improved, which accounts for about half of its revenue, which is critical as it may take time for the industrial business unit to recover.
The second multinational company on the list is whirlpool, a game in the field of home appliances. more than half of its income comes from refrigerators and one in ten from ACs.
Demand in both areas has been high since January, and sales have peaked by June.
With refrigerators and washing machines manufactured in the country, these segments have the highest operating margins, making up for relatively weak profits for ACs and microwave ovens, as they operate in a similar manner to trade operations.
The market leading position of the refrigerator and the dominant position of the washing machine, as well as the products at all prices, are positive for Whirlpool.
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