Opticlimate Packaged Unit

OptiClimate Packaged Unit,Patented adopting an independently developed Optical&Humidity climate control system, can automatically control the cooling, heating, dehumidificative mode, circulating and filtering the air to efficiently control.By Effectively control and maintain the customer's desired room temperature and humidity, so that the indoor can maintain the best climate suitable for plant growth or human comfort.

It is the quietest water-cooled air conditioning with 40% power saving(EER>4.5),under advanced plate exchange technology.And through the energy-adjusting device, the system can provide free hot water while cooling (45℃)

This packaged unit is suitable for areas with ground water or water towers.It’s welcomed applicated in Greenhouse industry, horticulture industry, urban greening industry, offices, apartments, yachts, and other areas that need to control light, humidity and temperature. Realizing a homogenous distribution and a constant value of CO2, it assures an.

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