Opticlimate Split Unit

OptClimate Split Unit can supply you excellent climale control to achieve the desired climalte at any time of the day.lt can strictly control the appropriate temperature, humidity and luminosity conditions in the greerhouse to ensure the key factors for the normal growth of the plant.Through the comprehensive application of temperature and light-hurmidity system,CO2 supply system,ventilation system and computer control system, this unit can make real-time and precise control , which provides the best growth environment for plants.

OptiClimate Split Water Source Heat Pump unit is suitable for water shortage areas,e.g Greenhouse indusiry, horticulture industry, urban greening industry,offices, apartments,yachts, and other areas that need to control light, humidity and temperature. With fully automatic climate management system because of light-humidity, temperature sensors,it would offer all the benefits you need to let your plants flourish as never before.

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