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Hicool provides each customer with customized services for designing, manufacturing and installing fully-equipped greenhouse facilities that meet his needs.

Climate, also you can get what you want  

People should mainly solve two problems of greenhouses:


Macro level

How can we continue to feed more people in a changing environment?


Direct level

How can we get fresh and healthy food in the face of increasingly serious environmental pollution?

Hicool’s greenhouse climate solutions

OptiClimate Air Conditioning Unit


OptiClimate Air Conditioners can automatically control the cooling, heating, dehumidification mode, circulating and filtering the air to efficiently control ,through adopting an independently developed Optical & Humidity climate control system,


A) Day mode: Cooling

B) Night mode: Heating, dehumidification


Hicool's Optical & Humidity sensing control system enables real-time.
It precises control through the comprehensive application of temperature & light-humidity system, CO2 supply system, ventilation system and computer control system to  realize the real-time and precise control . Then the best growth environment for plants will come true.



Project  Service  Customization


Hicool , a manufacturer with a 5000m2 factory ,produces all the climate control equipment needed for intelligent greenhouse projects.And we own the ability to provide one-stop design services to customers .For different customers ,we can provide diverse and flexible customization services.  

Hicool is responsible for the construction and installation of the entire greenhouse project. Saving customers’ time, energy and investment costs is our goal.

For each customer,we will customize economically viable greenhouse solutions to his specific needs based on the geographical elevation climate, crop type, cultivation methods and also local laws or regulations from the stage of engineer designing .

At the same time, we are happy to provide customers with supporting solutions for greenhouse scale and intelligent climate management.




Greenhouse LED design & solution


Since 2010, Hicool has getting in research in  the greenhouse industry and has accumulated rich experience in absorbing projects around the world. Today's Hicool's services involve not only traditional greenhouses, but also projects that are fully equipped with  new concept intelligent greenhouses.

We all know that light wavelength is important for the growth, shape, development and flowering of crops. Different plants, different growth stages require spectra of different wavelength regions (blue, green, yellow, red, far red or invisible, such as UV or IR)

We ,with our partners ,have recovered dedicated LED light sources for cropsand  established crop growth simulation models . We’ve together promoted greenhouse and horticultural industry control into a precise era So while maintaining minimum energy consumption,greenhouse crops would grow efficiently with high quality.



Perfect Climate Control Of Economically Viable


With an absolute advantage in climate control climate control, Hicool Light & Humidity Sensing Control System –  We join all the functions needed for climate climate regulation in one system!

Our OptiClimate not only provides the functions of cooling, heating, dehumidifying, circulating and filtering air, but also achieves a uniform distribution and constant value of CO2 without losing CO2.

Our Air Conditoners would keep the temperature and humidity of the air in the greenhouse within the most suitable range for crop growth .We should  strive to ensure that our customers receive the best economic benefitsits.



The latest technology & the lowest energy consumption


Technology and experience are the foundations that underpin the development, construction, installation and optimization of greenhouse projects.

Hicool utilizes a unique combination of two-stage evaporation of indirect/direct evaporative cooling (IDEC).

Together with the light-humidity sensing control system, we created the OptiClimate two-stage unit, which provides 100% fresh air cooling.

This resulted in the creation of the most practical and highest performance greenhouse evaporative cooling system (EER>10).

This unit is a unique combination of a special high-end intelligent light & humidity sensing system and an innovative software system. Hicool's solutions for each customer are 100% tailored. Therefore, every greenhouse built by Hicool is unique.



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