benefits of using portable evaporative coolers - portable room evaporative cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-08-15
benefits of using portable evaporative coolers  -  portable room evaporative cooler
Portable evaporation cooler is economical, lightweight and easy to use.
They naturally cool your room and work best in hot and dry areas.
If properly maintained, they can meet your budget and needs equally easily in the coming years.
Their noise-free cooling system provides a steady stream of fresh and cool air to your room.
If you live in hot and dry climate areas and look for some cost-effective cooling systems, the portable evaporation cooler is the best option to beat the heat.
They work by using direct or indirect evaporation cooling techniques.
The reason the portable evaporation cooler is more attractive and useful is that you don't need to install it permanently anywhere.
Depending on the area that needs to be cooled, these evaporation coolers can be easily transported from place to place.
Before choosing a portable cooler, it is critical to understand how the portable evaporation cooler meets your requirements.
Portable rooms are suitable for smaller rooms.
For better results, you need to place them near the doors and windows.
An opening is required on the other side of the room for proper air circulation.
Water must be poured every once in a while because the water consumption can reach 3-
4 liters per hour.
It is best to find the model with variable fan speed and water level meter.
The evaporation cooler works by providing a steady stream of fresh and cool air to keep you comfortable in the summer, thus providing a natural way to cool the room temperature.
They are placed next to an open window or door, attracting outside air to pass through a moisture-rich mat.
The process cools and filters out the warm air that then flows through the room.
Fresh cold air entering the room drains stale hot air through open doors and windows.
Due to their portable nature, you cannot control the water level by connecting them to the water pipe.
The water level needs to be manually adjusted by adding water regularly.
Keeping the portable cooler in an extremely humid environment reduces the cooling capacity of the evaporation cooler.
In addition, humidity can speed up the corrosion of the cooling device and shorten its life.
Make sure your portable swamp cooler has regular water supply to moisturize the mat.
Use a softener to reduce the mineral content in the water to ensure that there is no mineral deposition on the wet pad.
Proper filtration systems must be installed to limit the entry of pollen and smell into your room.
The water line needs to prevent freezing from popping in winter.
The initial cost of the portable evaporation cooler is low and the operating cost is also low, which is a boon for those with limited budgets.
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