can we please start planning for the extreme heat ahead?: mallick - industrial air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
can we please start planning for the extreme heat ahead?: mallick  -  industrial air conditioner
The summer of 2016 is almost over.
This may be the hottest August in history, but is it important?
Imagine that the summer of 2017 will be hotter and more sticky than this one.
Every month and every year is another domino drop measuring heat, which is just one of the symptoms of climate change.
Around the world, water levels rise, people die from heat failure, drought causes hunger, forest fires cause air pollution, sea ice melts, sea elephants have nowhere to go, algae breeding kills fish.
I read these cold spots in the Guardian's excellent climate change section --
Today's harvest should be the champion.
Then think about the small local problem.
My car seat belt is very hot in the morning and I can't touch it until the air conditioner is turned on.
Hot straps, this is strange.
Metro Line 2 is very hot and more informed passengers travel to the first and last cars with the air conditioning they promised.
When there are babies at the end of the women's packing platform in the stroller, I watch with caution, no, people don't let them get on the bus first.
There is a huge space when the train is too short to fill the station, yes, it is dangerous.
Waiting for an accident.
Billions of dollars wasted in Toronto
For a small group of passengers complaining about the sense of social isolation, stop the subway when our current short subway lines are getting clunky and worn out.
The station itself was so hot that it was unbearable.
The city is generally poorly maintained, with trees on nearby sidewalks panting without water, and citizens too lazy to help with their own garden water pipes.
I see old people walking with sick people and people who are not in a healthy state walking and I think these vignettes will shorten their lives.
There are very few benches in public streets and shopping centers.
There are very few sidewalks in the shops.
The boardwalk on the beach was so badly designed that there were no trees that stood out and there was no place to block the sun.
The short turn of the Queen's tram is risky;
It's easier to take a taxi, then Uber, then industrial unrest.
Those who are busy surviving their work trip will come back every day
A person who goes to work with "TTC glow --
The big and the small ones already know.
What worries me is how badly the government has done in planning the future on a large scale and is preparing for it.
For example, I put a new roof on my house, but can't find reliable advice on which material/color/details are most helpful.
To encourage cycling and keep the air clean, we need a protected bike lane.
Without them, pedestrians are afraid of riders in cars.
But because the traffic is so bad, it's easier to drive, and that's the worst thing you can say about the city.
Water and heat are just the starting elements of the summer and are much more complex than the relatively small demand in winter: Firewood (
Again, it's not good for our Air)
Hang a wreath on the sidewalk
Salt, socks.
I have eight winter clothes from bombers to car coats to army coats. I am ready.
But I am not ready for the hottest summer in human history.
So, to prepare for personal survival 2017, I bought a second air conditioner on the main floor.
The air conditioning on the stairs no longer cool the whole house.
I planted vines on the outer wall and planted an oak tree for shelter (
Buy your own species by yourself: The City Forestry Department is the least competent).
At some point I would replace the driveway with something permeable.
I will study which new garden plants can cope with extreme heat.
Without a central place, I can easily find advice on this.
If you want to deal with climate change
Especially if you are, like most of us, a busy, distracted citizen --
You are alone.
Now that the heat of the economy is over, businesses, politicians and bureaucrats will forget its urgency.
They won't think of the problem with glass condominium towers that are cheap to build but easy to accept heat when you drive past them on dinner, you will see the crazy sticky sweat, frustration and unnatural slowness of the summer of 2016.
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