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Return to the main page of the transcript the morning wave of the United States will continue;
Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in prison; Obama vs.
Arizona: The government is suing the state on immigration laws;
Win it in it;
Life after foster care;
60% of birds have died;
The smugglers went deep; All-
European Cup final;
In July 7, 2010, Paul chose Spain, not Germany.
06:00 ETTHIS is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
John Roberts, cnn anchor: Good morning Wednesday.
Thank you very much for joining us in the morning.
It is July 7.
This is John Roberts.
Kiran chetry, cnn anchor: I'm Kiran Chetry.
I'm glad you were with us this morning.
We have a lot to talk about, so let's talk about it.
It's a history-
A heat wave is forming, and it is still hovering over the Northeast.
From New York to Virginia, the sultry three-digit temperatures broke the record.
Power companies are now pleading with people to try to save energy or warn them that they will face a power outage and that the heat will not break soon.
Roberts: The temperature in Arizona is still going on, but it has nothing to do with mercury.
The Obama administration is suing the state for its new immigration bill, which critics say amounts to racial discrimination.
But is public opinion on the side of the president?
For Lindsay Rohan, she didn't take it well for 90 days. (
Start Video Editing)
Actress Lindsay Lohan: so we can't--
You know, that's not. -
I am not absent from class.
I won't do things like this.
I work mainly in Morocco.
I work with the kids.
It's not a holiday.
It's not a joke.
And I respect --
I have been taking this matter seriously. (END VIDEO CLIP)
CHETRY: The actress was crying in court when she heard that she was going to do 90 days now, but how much she would actually do remains to be seen.
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ROBERTS: Well, when we started this morning, there was a heat wave that lasted a long time, and it's choking the northeast now.
Yesterday, the temperature in several states broke the record.
It's a kind of heat that actually hurts and it won't give up soon.
In fact, the temperature in Central Park was 103 degrees yesterday.
But this is not the only history. making high.
There are also record temperatures in Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.
In fact, in Philadelphia, a 92-year-
A neighbor found the body of an old woman in her apartment.
They said she had no air conditioning and only opened a few windows.
Roberts: Rob Marciano is tracking the heat wave at the extreme weather center in Atlanta.
In a moment he will tell us what we can expect today and the rest of the week.
Let's start with Jason Carroll.
He lives in the Columbus Circle on the outskirts of Central Park this morning, and even the coolest New Yorkers feel the heat.
Good morning, Jason.
Jason carroll, cnn national correspondent: Good morning, John.
You were here yesterday.
You know how hot it is and how hot it is.
We are going to welcome more heat today.
I want you to have a look and see how hot it is.
Now, 6: 01 in the morning. m.
It's 86 degrees.
Yesterday was the hottest July 6 ever, John.
The Central Park is 103 degrees, but the good news is that rescue work is underway. (Start Video)CARROLL (voice-over)
: Those on the East Coast don't need to see three
Know how hot the digital temperature is. They felt it.
I'm going to melt. I'm melting.
Oh, it's too hot.
We are not used to this.
Carol: It's so hot in New Jersey that it's declared a state of emergency.
While in New York, Con Edison was worried that its customers would make the air at home tense.
Unidentified male: I expect a separate outage.
But for those who don't have air conditioning-
Unidentified male: I don't know what to do without air conditioning.
It's too cruel here.
Carol: Alfred Rob Laro didn't have it in six months
Apartment floor.
Life without air conditioning: the elevator does not work and does not go up. CARROLL (on camera)
So we do have heating now.
We have six flights to your apartment right now.
ROBLERO: Yes. CARROLL (voice-over)
: City officials have not recorded how many people suffer in the heat like Alfred without air conditioning.
You can come in.
Carol: but they know the temperature is hundreds. -(on camera)
Oh, yes, it's hot here. (voice-over)
It can be dangerous to live in an apartment like this. (on camera)
How difficult is it for you?
ROBLERO: It's terrible.
Because, you know, many times my heart-
Sometimes my heart beats like I need oxygen. -
Like air. -
Because of the heat. CARROLL (voice-over)
: Alfred and his wife turn off the lights, open the fan and open the window.
It helps, but not much. (on camera)
How hot are you talking about here?
I don't know.
About 98 degrees. CARROLL (voice-over)
: Buying air conditioning is not an option.
Instead, it takes extra money to buy supplies for their universitiesbound daughter.
I need something for my daughter.
She needs a book or something and I have to make a decision. CARROLL (on camera): I see.
ROBLERO: You know, I prefer to accept the heat and provide it to her. CARROLL (voice-over)
: The mayor encourages people like Alfred and his wife to spend their day in a library, theater, or a cooling center like this, if possible ---
480 currently operating in New York City.
Similar sites have been set up in Philadelphia and Washington. C.
But there are always people who sweat.
I have a pair of trousers made of body powder.
Woman: I don't mind.
I only remember how it felt when all the snow was on the ground and it didn't bother me too much. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Carol: John, it's always good to keep a little humor when it gets really hot outside.
By the end of the week, we were told that the temperature should be a little better and cool a few degrees.
As for the cooling center, at least in the cooling Center in New York, John will start opening in about an hour.
They usually open from around 7: 00. m.
Until around 8: 00 at nightm.
We have also been told that these cooling centers will last until at least Thursday.
Emergency personnel here will check with the National Weather Service to see if they are guaranteed to remain open after that.
But again, we hear that by the end of the week we will check with Rob.
But by the end of this week, we heard that the Northeast will be at least a few degrees cold. -John.
Roberts: When the temperature is so hot, even a few degrees will be different.
Thank you, Jason Carroll.
You bet.
CHETRY: Well, regarding the latest weather forecast, Rob Marciano was at the extreme weather center this morning when the heat was coming to an end. Hey, Rob.
So we broke records everywhere yesterday.
Rob marciano, ams meteorologist: Yes, we are.
In some cases, we see temperatures that we have never seen in more than 10 years.
So this is a historic heat wave. The temperature is very high.
104 in Trenton.
You have seen some of these figures this morning.
103 from Central Park.
These records are similar figures for our last contact in 2001 or 1999. All right.
In terms of where they are now, there are now 84 in New York.
D. 82 degreesC.
So this is the temperature measured in the shade at 6: 00 in the morning.
So we obviously have a good launch point where the numbers could soar in the north.
New York's forecast high today is 99.
The record is 98.
So we may break it.
101 in Philadelphia.
98 is a record.
D. The forecast is 101. C.
The record there is 99 degrees.
Richmond, 102 is forecast.
The record there is 103.
The hot weather moved a little south.
We will start seeing some relief in places like Connecticut and Boston.
The temperature today can be reduced by two or three degrees, and then the cooling time will be more.
Maybe there will be only 91 degrees or 92 degrees in the Big Apple tomorrow.
So we will continue to work hard.
As we enter the weekend and start next week, we will talk more about more substantial cooling.
This will appear in a later program.
John and Kelan call you back.
Roberts: Look forward to it.
Rob, thank you very much.
You bet.
ROBERTS: Well, it's too late to shed tears now, but there are tears anyway.
Lindsay Rohan is going to jail.
A judge sentenced the actress to 90 days in prison and 90 days in recovery, both due to the arrest of two drunk driving cases in 2007 and playing games with the court three years after her arrest.
CHETRY: Yes, but Lohan is expected to only do about a quarter in 90 days and she will not be in jail.
Overcrowding in California means that for female prisoners, especially non-violent offenders, they usually leave after serving about 25% of their time.
But she still tries to avoid this in any way, ask for mercy, and then crash when reality happens. (
Start Video Editing)
Actor Lindsay Lohan: I did everything I was told to do and did my best to balance work and appearances. I'm sorry.
Unidentified woman: the defendant was sentenced to 30 days in prison for reckless driving.
The first case of drunk driving was 30 consecutive days in prison, and the second case of drunk driving was 30 consecutive days in prison.
Spent 90 days in prison. (END VIDEO CLIP)
CHETRY: Well, if you take a closer look here, she's crying, begging for forgiveness, saying she changed her way, but there's also a subtle paint job on her nails, yes, in court, "Fu" has been said in the middle finger ".
Roberts: she was surprised that the judge sent her to prison.
However, the good thing about it is ---I mean, after --
I mean, you know, she had some problems with substance abuse in the past and she was also ordered to recover within 90 days
The patient recovered after that.
Maybe it helps her.
Let's take a look.
Hope so.
Not so far.
Last night in Texas, a foul ball almost turned into a fan disaster, and he dropped 30 feet from his second floor seat on the court.
During the Rangers. Indians game.
Autumn is not captured in the video, but you can see that players and referees are clearly shocked by what has happened.
The game stopped when the fans were treated and sent to a local hospital.
It was later reported that he had broken his ankle.
This is great.
President Obama's game against Arizona
The huge immigration showdown is about to open, but is it wise to choose this political struggle now?
We live in the White House, and the response is strong.
It's eight-and-a-
Half a minute later. (
Business break)
It's been an hour and a half.
Welcome back to the News of the morning.
President Obama's game against Arizona.
The government took a bold political stance in a big political year.
It is suing the state for new tough and controversial immigration laws.
The court's documents basically accused Arizona of going beyond the constitution, saying that "a state may not have its own immigration policy and will not enforce state laws in a way that interferes with federal immigration laws.
Roberts: There are a lot of outspoken critics of the law that say it's essentially a racist law, but the poll from our latest CNN/polling company shows that there are more people
Suzanne Malvo broadcast the aftermath live from the White House this morning.
It is clear that the president and most of the public disagree, Suzanne.
Suzanne malveaux, cnn white house correspondent: You know, John, Iran, that's absolutely right. He is.
When you see those polls that show that most Americans think Arizona law is in the right direction, but the president, you have to realize that there has always been tremendous political pressure to try to move forward with comprehensive immigration reform.
It was a promise that he said he would achieve what he could not achieve in the first year.
But there are a number of Latino advocates and activists who think the president is right on this issue and he does need to come forward and he does need to make his point of view, but that's not what he supports.
The president recently said comprehensive immigration reform is important, and Arizona law runs counter to that.
Let's hear what he said. (
Start Video Editing)
President barack obama: states like Arizona have decided to put things in their hands.
Given the level of frustration across the country, this is understandable.
But it is also poorly conceived.
It's not just that the law passed by Arizona is divided, although it has ignited the flames of an already controversial debate.
Laws like Arizona put a lot of pressure on local law enforcement to enforce rules that ultimately cannot be enforced.
It puts a lot of pressure on people who are already hard to bear.
State and local budgets are tight. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Now, the governor of Arizona, Brewer in January, has not given up the battle.
You may remember her at the White House.
She recently visited President Obama.
The president assured her that senior officials would visit Arizona, including the fact that we saw Homeland Security Minister Janet Napolitano who came to Arizona, all talking about the importance of protecting the boundaries of additional federal resources, to help Arizona do this.
Well, the governor is not satisfied.
All of this is not enough, she said.
She issued a statement yesterday, basically calling on the government to bring it in and she will fight back.
She said, "it is wrong for our own federal government to sue the people of Arizona to help enforce federal immigration laws.
Due to the failure and inconsistency of federal law enforcement, Arizona is being attacked by violent drug and immigration smuggling cartels in Mexico.
Arizona is now being attacked by President Obama and his Justice Department in federal courts.
"And, Kiran and John, it should be noted that the lawsuit filed does not talk about this being a discriminatory law, but rather focuses on state and federal responsibility, saying that ultimately is the federal government's responsibility for border security, no specific state can use it.
Interestingly, though, Suzanne, because the latest survey by CNN/polling company shows that 57% of Americans are in favor of Arizona law.
Only 30% of people oppose it.
So when you have a majority of Americans supporting the law in illegal immigration, is the White House concerned about the politics of the decision?
MALVEAUX: Well, you know, politics will definitely play a role in the mid-term elections.
When it comes to Democrats, we will see how Hispanics vote.
They know--
Democrats realize they're going to lose some seats, but chances are, Kiran, you made a good point against the Obama administration.
One thing they want to do in their favor is to see, they think, that they have to stop the Arizona law because there is a whole bunch of other laws and other proposed laws coming up in other states.
But I 've also mentioned one other thing before, that is, some people in the Latino community are really pushing hard and quietly pushing for comprehensive immigration reform underground, something the president has been pushing, former President Bush has also pushed this part of the policy, which is part of what he wants to move forward.
But this will not happen this year, and in fact it may be bad for the government.
Of course, Susanna malvieaux came back from the White House this morning. Thanks.
Roberts: from politics to law, 7: 10 Eastern time, Jeffrey Tobin, our senior legal analyst, will work with us to break the lawsuit and discuss exactly how strong the federal government's case is.
Despite the buzz in sports--
In the current sports world, where is King James landing?
Well, LeBron will announce which team he's going to play for and you won't believe it or you might believe how he's going to tell the world.
Roberts: Also, Christine Roman and Venus Williams sit down and talk about business, and she's preview here now. Good morning.
CNN Business correspondent Christine Roman: I asked her about the high salary that LeBron James and everyone thought he would get and I'll tell you, she has a surprising answer to King James, where he will land and how much money he will get.
We talk about business.
We also talked about failure. -
Failures in and out of court, and how to make you better, and how to use it in our own lives.
We got it right after the break. (
Business break)
Roberts: 20 minutes in an hour, new this morning, United StatesS.
The Postal Service hopes to raise the price of stamps by another two pence to 46 cents.
If approved, the change will take effect at 2nd on January.
Of course, the Postal Service is in a hurry to get out of its massive fiscal woes and will face a budget deficit of $7 billion for the next fiscal year.
Competition mainly from e-commerce
Mail services like DHL, UPS and Fedex, and of course package services.
They said (ph)--
Yes, because of text messages and emails.
Mail, just their--
Their numbers are down to levels they don't see, so--
Roberts: Now, don't let me start talking about the value of handwritten notes.
I know.
I think it's great to do that.
Go out and buy the stamp forever.
People in the family don't want to listen.
I know.
Do you know?
We want to know exactly where LeBron James will play.
At least a lot of people in the city want and pray that he's here, and some say, no, he might stay in Cleveland, but we don't know yet.
But he's going to announce his big decision.
According to ESPN, the NBA's free agent will reveal his team tomorrow night.
Yes, Thursday night.
Tomorrow night.
OK, Thursday night, 9: 00 eastern time.
It will be a live TV event.
Sources say LeBron wants to sell ad time for ESPN special, and the proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Club in the United States.
This is a good one--
Very smart.
ROBERTS: Yes. It really is.
Christine Romans is here to "focus on your business" and we stick to the sports world this morning.
You talked to Venus Williams.
I asked her about LeBron.
She has just returned to this country and I say what do you think about all the controversy about where he is going?
I mean, a lot of people are out of work in this country and we are talking about these huge numbers for him, she said, no, as an athlete, I think, it's great when you value the talent of an athlete and someone who can really show their talent and entertain others
She couldn't wait to know where he was going.
In addition, he can take a billion dollars to any city he goes to, and (INAUDIBLE)in New York.
Romans: That's right, or take it away from anywhere he left.
Come to this town.
Come to this town.
Romans: but Venus is pushing a book called "come and win" in which she talks to and introduces a group of business leaders about them, they're Jack Welch, the CEO of Vera American Express, and me. -
I asked her what I said. -why --
Why focus on business for this book, she says it's all about failure, failure-
Learn from failure and competition.
You don't need to scratch a lot of very successful people very deep, you can find the movement under the surface, this is what happened in the past ---
I asked her about the Wimbledon, especially her tournament.
She didn't make it. you know, this is--
She must be disappointed.
The book is called "come and win" but she failed at the signature tournament.
What did she think?
Listen to her. (
Start Video Editing)
Tennis star Venus Williams
Author, come and win: I 've had a lot of great years and this year's Wimbledon is also a very good year, but I'm not used to doing that-
What do you think happened?
I did not win the match.
That's simple.
Like, you know, in my book, you'll be back when you don't win
Evaluation, you go back, you--
You better come back.
This is part of sports.
You don't always win.
It just didn't happen.
I mean, I guess, but that's not the case and I'm going to be ready for the next game. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Of course, she is 30 years old and still young.
However, when you play tennis, you are already more than half of the professional players. many people want to know how many years she will play tennis.
In terms of design companies, books and a variety of other things, she has a lot of other hobbies and hardcore-
People say, you know, what is she Building for the future?
She said she had-
After tennis, she has been out of tennis for many years and she is now laying the foundation for tennis.
In this book, Magic Johnson is inside, talking about when he first started ---
He is a very successful businessman.
When he came out-
He tried to build up in the business world, he was in a meeting and realized that people were meeting just to get his signature.
Venus said she--doesn't want --
She wants to be a businesswoman so she will have a long career-
After tennis, she will have a longer career than tennis.
So I said, when--
When will it begin?
I mean, when are you going to play tennis? One year? Two years?
Oh, no, no, she said. I eat this.
I like this too much now. -
Roberts: It will take a while. Yes --
ROMANS: --to --
Not finished yet.
So, at the same time, she said, well-
This is not a real (ph)
It's a bad thing to get a call--
Let someone attend the meeting because they want to know you.
I mean, it could lead to something. -
Romans: it can--
Like Magic Johnson.
ROMANS: --but --
Yes, absolutely.
But she said--
This is very--
It is interesting that she wants to be a businesswoman before the end of tennis, so that she has that credibility.
This is a good idea.
It is also said that the best CEOs are those who know how to fail because they know how to avoid failure in the future, as long as they are not the ones who fail again and again.
Yes, yes.
Let's point it out with taxpayers' money.
Yes, and she --that --
This seems to be--
This is a real theme here. -
Through a variety of different people who are at the top of their own game.
You don't have to go far to find the movement below, so--
You're right.
Thank you so much Christine Roman.
CHETRY: Well, by the way, you can see more interviews with Christine in your house this weekend, and everything you need to know about your house, your job, your savings.
Broadcast Saturday at 1: 00. M.
3: 00 eastern and SundayM.
Right east of CNN.
Roberts: Next, a teenager in California is freed from the foster care system, but she no longer gets state help due to budget cuts.
Our Selma Gutierrez is heading for an uncertain future along her difficult journey.
25 minutes in an hour. (
Business break)
Roberts: It's 28 minutes after work.
We came back in the morning with the most news, it's time to make A ""M.
Original ", you will only see things here in the morning of the United States.
California's massive budget cuts put a heavy burden on some of the poorest children.
We introduced you to Kara yesterday.
She is a foster teenager who is about to be freed from child protection services.
So where did she go from here?
Gutierrez has her story. (Start Video)
Selma Gutierrez, CNN reporter (voice-over)
She was in foster care when we first met Kara.
She has just turned 18 and is about to break away from California's child welfare system, fearing, anxious and lonely.
Carra, a foster teenager: What should I do?
I mean, how do I support myself?
How do I know what to do, how to do, when and where, and all these things?
Kara has no job, no apartment, no family.
She told me that she had never met her father and that her mother was suffering from mental illness and was homeless.
GUTIERREZ (on camera)
Your heart seems to have been hurt a lot.
Gutierrez: What do you want for your future?
Kara: Get What I didn't have in my childhood.
Gutierrez: What is it like?
Birthday party, my own place.
GUTIERREZ (voice-over)
4,000 teenagers like Kara leave the California foster care system every year. Sixty-
5% there is no place to go and a big budget cut could mean less help in the coming years.
GUTIERREZ (on camera)
: So, where will they go when they have no place to go?
Lauri burns: It's right here, unfortunately.
Gutierrez: on the street?
Burning: they live on the streets.
GUTIERREZ (voice-over)
: Lori Burns, founder of the youth program, himself was in foster care.
She was a girl prostitute and survived on the street.
She said it is a crime to cultivate young people.
Young people leave prison?
They got $200 when they left.
But Foster kids don't get anything, not even $10, and they're out as long as they're lucky.
Kara: I think (ph)
The day I moved out was quick and I thought I just realized I was really scared.
Gutierrez: before she starts the next stage of her life, she has to say "good"
Farewell to the past, her adoptive parents have been her family for the past two years.
This is the day of Kara.
We are now in the family liberation court (ph).
In a few minutes, the judge will dismiss Kara from the child welfare system.
Man: The court is in session. This court --
GUTIERREZ (voice-over)
: Judge Caroline Kirkwood has presided over hundreds of dismissal hearings.
She is worried about what happens when they leave the system.
Judge Caroline Kirkwood, California high court: they face poverty.
They are facing premature birth.
They face homelessness.
We have to help a child see the story that they have a future.
They can graduate from high school.
They can go to college.
Kara told Judge Kirkwood that it was her plan.
Dependent wood: proceedings for Dependent children are terminated.
Congrats. (APPLAUSE)
Gutierrez: in these five
In the bedroom home, Lori Burns tries to save foster teenagers like Kara from the life she lives on the street.
Three years later, she raised money, set up an organization and, with the help of volunteers, built a home for youth projects.
This is where Kara and four other young women will live under the supervision of a family mother during their university stay.
Kara even received a full scholarship from Paul Mitchell School, where she will study beauty and prepare for her own life.
Carra, a foster teenager: My wish is to find success and happiness. (CHEERING)
Gutierrez: She said it will be the first time in her life.
Orange County, California, CNN reports. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Roberts: she was lucky because there was someone there who provided her with a safety net because the country didn't do anything for her.
This is great.
I mean, hopefully she will get a scholarship to the beauty school and they have a place to stay with at least some supervision.
Good luck to you.
Hopefully it's enough for her to be able, you know, to start her life for herself.
Yes, thank God.
But what--
What about hundreds of people in her same channel who don't?
I know.
Roberts: You know, they just ended up on the street. Gosh.
A real problem.
CHETRY: It is. It is.
This morning, we had our headlines in the last 32 minutes.
They felt the heat in the northeast.
We are, of course, big apples. History-
From New York to Virginia, the heat wave broke records at three-digit temperatures.
Utilities have warned that the intensity of this heat wave is testing the limits of the grid.
So when can we see some relief?
Our Rob Marciano is tracking this dangerous system.
Roberts: The Governor of Hawaii has vetoed a bill.
Sexual civil union
The measure was adopted by the State House on April.
Governor Linda Ringle used her veto pen on the last day and she had to act on the bill that would grant gay couples the same rights and benefits as married couples.
CHETRY: Well, in the Bay Area, the crew are trying to connect the ship's spiral producers to the BP-cracked well.
The Coast Guard says up to 53,000 barrels of oil should be collected every day.
The ship is now partially connected, but the work has been delayed due to the urgency of the water.
Officials are now looking at another system near the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.
ROBERTS: Well, when he arrived at 79 days of the disaster, a new report from National Geographic sent out more red flags about its impact on threatened and endangered birds.
Clean-up workers working in sensitive areas are causing adult birds to abandon their young birds, eggs and chickens to be accidentally trampled, experts say.
CHETRY: So far, the federal government says more than 2,300 birds have been collected.
About 60% people have died and the crew are working feverishly to save those who have been found alive.
Our John Zarella, who lives in Pensacola, Florida, is on a rescue mission.
For these people, these volunteers, this is a labor of true love, they spend countless hours, unfortunately, in some cases, what we are talking about is, this
John zarrella, cnn correspondent: That's the reality of it, Iran.
Does not work in all cases.
But you know what?
At the oil Bird Rehabilitation Center in Pensacola, for some time, they receive 5 to 10 oil birds a day.
Recent figures have declined.
They expect it to bode well, but they don't expect it. (Start Video)
ZARRELLA (voice-over)
: The northern pond goose struggles with its caretakers if it knows how lucky it is to be in their hands.
Cleaning is only part of the treatment.
Heidi Stott
National Bird Rescue and Research: Oral and I will be provided. V.
Like what happens in a hospital or ICU.
ZARRELLA: this is a rehabilitation facility for oil birds in Pensacola.
It is one of four such centers in the Bay.
There are 52 birds here today.
Most of those closest to being released into the wild are the hidden birds and gannets, hanging out in the swimming pool.
Others, not far from the rehabilitation center, sit in the fence and watch them more closely. (on camera)
: Since the facility was opened in the early days, they have handled about 100 birds.
Now, it's a good sign that they haven't gotten any birds in the last few days.
This is great for wildlife.
But that doesn't necessarily mean that the worst is over, does it? Or does it?
Stott: Well, you know, the geographic scale of this leak makes it difficult to really predict what will happen in a week.
ZARRELLA (voice-over)
: The peace of mind now gives rescue workers and carers the opportunity to catch up.
Four figures they 've been working on.
The state area is overwhelming: 157 turtles were rescued and 444 deaths were found;
53 of the 58 mammals, including dolphins and whales, were found dead;
About 1,000 birds were rescued, 410 were released, and nearly 1,400 were found dead.
No one knows how many people have died and their remains have never been found.
At least the goose can live another day.
Washing oil from feathers is a meticulous process.
In order for him to be waterproof again, each of his feathers must be cleaned.
Stott: It's kind of like a wooden tile on the roof.
If one of them is damaged, water will penetrate into the skin of the bird.
ZARRELLA: when our Gannet bath in the North is over, the soap is rinsed out of his wings and body, a little more careful-
It should be free to fly in a few weeks. (END VIDEOTAPE)
ZARRELLA: Now, there are several reasons why they may not see so many animals now.
For example, the turtle rescue team could not even go out for a few days due to the bad weather.
Beautiful here today.
This is the first good day we have had for a while.
So, it may be that rescuers are not able to go out and look for animals.
Another reason is that we were told that this time of year, for birds, they feed on the coast ---
The easiest chance for them to oil is when the oil is close to the coast.
Now, at least here, it's a bit offshore.
So, that's a few reasons why they might not see so many oily birds and other animals right now ---John, Kiran.
Roberts: Okay.
Well, when they get back to the water, we see what happens to them.
John Zarella of Pensacola-
Thank you very much, John.
Roberts: The report was great this morning.
CHETRY: it still breaks your heart every time you see it.
I mean, these hard-working volunteers.
Roberts: that's true.
CHETRY: they spent hours on each bird, and there was a lot more that could not be saved.
Roberts: I remember seeing some people standing there on Queen Beth Island, obviously not knowing what happened to them or what to do.
I know. When will (INAUDIBLE). (CROSSTALK)
It will only touch your heartstrings.
They're animals, but, you know, you just have feelings for them.
Still ahead: drug smugglers in the Navy.
DEA found the first real narco submarine in Ecuador's swamp.
Now, they say: this is probably the first of many, who can build this thing?
Fully dive.
The drug war is now in hot water.
We will discuss with regional head of DEA a whole new weapon in the war on drugs. Thirty-
Eight minutes in an hour. (
Business break)
CHETRY: Welcome back to the Morning News. Forty-
It's been a minute now.
They used planes, speedboats, and, of course, mules.
But if you haven't seen it yet, check out the latest weapons for drug smugglers.
DEA agents said they found the first fully diving drug submarine in the swamp of Ecuador, capable of carrying a large amount of cocaine.
One that was discovered before was actually seen only on the surface.
They were underwater all the time but did not dive completely.
Many say it shows that traffickers are fighting more deeply.
Jay Bergman, the regional director of DEA, is responsible for overseeing all investigations to be conducted in Colombia.
Found in Ecuador.
He joined us on Skype this morning.
We also let you call to ensure the connection.
Jay, thank you for being with us.
Jay bergman, DEA regional director: Thank you. Good morning.
So, we need to see where this submarine was found.
They say this is a very remote place in Ecuador's swamp. -
Mangrove Swamp-
South of the border.
First of all, how did they find it and who did they think built it?
This was discovered through intelligence.
I won't go any further.
I must pay tribute to the National Police of Ecuador.
They took some scattered information and they really went to town.
When you mention how far away it is-
Hidden in the triple jungle of the Everglades.
So, not only do you have triple canopy jungle, but you also have Everglades. And it was --
You can put the Empire State Building sideways under the triple canopy jungle, but you can't find it.
So, they obviously have some intelligence.
Who do they think is behind the scenes?
Bergman: Well, the cost of manufacturing is $4 million.
It's just the cost.
The place it was built was a secret dry dock that housed at least 50 people.
Therefore, the organization has funds and resources to invest in drug trafficking at sea without specific details.
CHETRY: You also said that this was the first one to be built and it was extremely impossible.
It happened to be the first one to be caught.
How many of these people do you think are outside?
Well, I can't--
I can't give you a guess.
Our answer is that this is the first one we found, and statistically it is almost impossible to say that the first one ever built is the first one we found.
CHETRY: Right.
Bergman: We did a good job, but it gave us a lot of credit.
CHETRY: just give us a how--
If successful, the number of drugs that can be smuggled?
Bergman: the cabin and cargo area of the submarine are forward.
The cubic feet or cubic meters of this compartment are not yet fully established, but the Ecuador national police estimate is 6 to 10 metric tons of cocaine.
CHETRY: And explain why smugglers have to disembark?
I mean, must I go deep? What type --
How successful have you been in intercepting goods paid at sea?
Bergman: That's right.
The fact that human traffickers now need to invest $4 million and spend eight months building a submarine does illustrate our pressure drug dealers in business models, maritime drug dealers, whether intelligence generation, or the Coast Guard and the Navy, and as you mentioned, they're really--
Under the waves.
So, like you said, this is not the first one.
How do you hit this?
Bergman: Well, you and--
Like us, intelligence.
The best way to pursue these things is before they are solid objects and when they are still being built.
The second stage, you know, is the opposite.
Submarine War.
In fact, the Navy forces combined their modern technology with the old-fashioned police work to deal with the threat.
CHETRY: Although, it was discovered, it was amazing.
Jay Bergman, DEA regional director, came to us from Colombia. -
BOGOTA, Colombia this morning.
Thanks so much.
Bergman: Thank you.
Roberts: It's really incredible, isn't it?
You never thought you 'd hear it.
Submarine War related to drug control
I know.
Another question is, I mean, can terrorists do it if drug cartels can do it?
Roberts: I don't think there are many shipyards that build submarines, though.
So this could narrow the target if necessary-
CHETRY: He said he could place the Empire State Building at the level for this past and present human group (ph)--
That's an industrial complex over there. Just amazing.
Roberts: It's incredible. Wow.
Record high temperatures on the East Coast.
Rob will have more about what we can expect today, as well as a travel forecast after the break this morning. Stay with us. Forty-
Six minutes in an hour.
Also, the football World Cup is not just for human beings.
We will take you to the annual World Robot Championship.
This is the edge of our discovery ". " (
Business break)
Roberts: good morning in New York City.
There's a CNN billboard.
Tell us the details.
It's 84 degrees now.
It's 6: 48 in the morning.
It will be 95 later today. Hot.
But not as hot as yesterday, about 7 degrees.
So, this is a great relief this morning.
Today, we all feel like blisters in the sun.
This is for sure. Forty-
Nine minutes in an hour.
We checked the weather headlines this morning.
Rob Marciano at the extreme weather center
The world is always upside down.
We're much hotter than you guys in the South.
Sometimes this happens, and in the New York and Philadelphia areas you will have a little bit of a westerly or northwest wind.
The effect of a slight downward tilt will even make you more delicious.
But it's the core of high pressure and heat, it's the sinking air.
So, that's where the hot air is, and now in parts of the South, it's actually very enjoyable.
105 is Baltimore's record.
These are measured in the shade and do not include humidity.
So, it lets you know how hot it is, and some of the records have been over ten years old.
I think we're going to see similar numbers today, though some of the heat will move a little south.
So parts of Boston, Hartford, and northern New England may feel a little relieved, but New York, Philadelphia, and D. C.
, It will almost be the same deal you saw yesterday.
Maybe we will be relieved when we go to tomorrow.
But there are a lot of red things on the map, and the temperature in Atlanta is 90, 96 degrees.
So, we want to catch up with you guys in New York. All right.
What happened in the South?
On the Yucatan Peninsula, we are looking at this area where the weather is unstable.
It will enter the Gulf of Mexico.
We have started to see some flashes.
As the system enters the bay, there is a thunderstorm here, and as this happens, there may be some tropical development in the forecast.
This is oil, okay?
So this is obviously a concern.
What happens to this thing, these are some of our computer models.
We see that some of them are almost on a similar track to ike (ph).
We don't think it's that strong, but the track should be similar and shouldn't have much impact on the oil slick.
This is what it is now.
We will monitor the situation as it is integrated into the Gulf of Mexico.
We're looking at two things.
Obviously, the heat in the north and south, we are now entering the center of the hurricane season.
John and Kelan call you back.
Thank you very much, Rob.
You it's good to be back.
We saw you find your razor.
I'm looking for my barber.
So, it's good to be back.
CHETRY: You did some great coverage there and told us a lot of stories and we did like your scruffy.
He no longer looks like a bear grill like the rough outdoor player.
Nice to meet you guys.
Thank you, Rob.
The headlines this morning are just a few minutes ago, including showdown in the desert.
President Obama's game against Arizona
Can the federal government overturn a tough new immigration law?
Jeff joined us this morning.
CHETRY: our "AM original" series, "Big Star" and "Big Give" are still going on.
Today is lady Gaga.
Everything she did to save her life
When it comes to Bad Romance, why is it so hard to break up?
Maybe, because love is an addiction.
Let's see what a broken heart does to your brain.
This is an engaging story you want to hear.
These stories and more begin at the top of the hour. (
Business break)
Hopefully we will know who the champion is soon. Fifty-
Five minutes in an hour.
The currency may collapse, but European football is as strong as ever.
This is a full Euro game, and it may also be the full euro World Cup final held in South Africa this weekend. now the unbeaten Netherlands will take 3-
Victory over Uruguay.
Later today, Germany played against Spain and the winner came back (ph)
He will play Holland at the World Cup on Sunday.
"Paul," the octopus, yes, "Paul", the octopus will pick Spain this afternoon to win over Germany and enter the final game.
Paul has selected five winners in a row at his home at the Sea Life Aquarium in western Germany.
He looks like a pole.
That's what he is, isn't he?
Paul's boss puts snacks in two boxes, one for Spain and the other for Germany, and also likes the juicy muscles at the bottom of the Spanish box.
So obviously if Spain wins, they will kick Paul out of Germany.
Car: from--
Roberts: The Spanish aquarium.
Yes, it's a kind of pride. INAUDIBLE). Just kidding. Just kidding!
Roberts: I was listening to the World Cup game in the store yesterday, the guy who scored the goal!
Yes, I love him.
What's his name? Andre --
He will continue forever.
He had a lung on him.
Roberts: three or four times.
It lasted about five minutes. It was amazing.
CHETRY: That's why it's more interesting to listen to World Cup football in Spanish.
Roberts: That's right.
From the World Cup to another football match, the match is held in Singapore.
Roberts: Race Speed (ph)
Your team is highly programmed players from all over the world.
CNN's Deb Feyerick got our "discovery edge" report. (Start Video)
Deborah Feyerick, CNN correspondentvoice-over)
Have you ever thought about bending like Beckham?
How about r2 2?
Robocup teams from around the world use robots to participate in football matches.
A team at Carnegie Mellon University took part in a championship in Singapore.
Stefan zickler, a Carnegie Mellon graduate: People look at these games and they often ask why robots present many challengers that are actually robot-based.
So, this concept is a friendly competition that really drives research forward.
So how does a robot play football?
Students build robots from scratch and create software for them to think.
The robot is seen by two cameras above the site.
These images are then input into the brain of an external computer, a robot, to determine the next step of action.
They can kick a flat leg or even a chip.
In robot football, you have to predict the physics of the world.
There is a lot of uncertainty.
You don't know what your opponent will do.
Another group of students made programs for humanoid robots.
The robots have cameras and computers on their heads, and they use wireless systems to communicate.
CARNEGIE chaya LIEMHETCHARAT, a student at CARNEGIE Mellon University: when a robot holds the ball like a roll (ph)
, It sends a message to the teammates, hey, I saw a ball here.
So they will decide who should attack and put the ball in.
Feierick: in Robocup, our goal is to build a team of robots by 2050 to beat the human team.
ZICKLER: In general, robots will be very important in the next ten years.
And the robot really takes the main (ph)
Develop these theories.
Deborah Feyerick, CNN correspondent(END VIDEOTAPE)
Roberts: that's it.
What we will hear next is Skynet. we are all doomed to failure.
After the rest, the top story will appear. Stay with us. (
Business break)
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