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cost-cutting ways for your business to survive and thrive                             eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],\'businessknowhow_com-box-3\',\'ezslot_0\',122,\'0\']));  -  how to make air cooler at home
Recently updated: there are some easy ways to save money in today's economic environment here in May 17, 2017.
Whether your business is challenging in this tough economy or doing well, the more you can cut your business costs, the better you will be.
The money saved can be used to maintain your business, expand to new businesses, or increase your profits.
In today's economic environment, here are some simple ways to save money.
Save utilities costs reduce the cost of heating, cooling, and lighting up your workspace.
Small thermostat adjustments in winter and summer can save a lot of money.
Save summer air conditioning costs through pre-
Research shows that cooling your space will save you money.
Set the thermostat to a cooler-than-
Normal temperature and warmth earlier in the day-than-
The afternoon was normal and the space remained cool all day, reducing energy usage by 25% to 30% during peak power demand.
Reduce power consumption by closing unused office equipment after work and on weekends and holidays. Use energy-
Efficient office equipment (
Find information on energy. gov)
Reduce electricity consumption;
You can even get a rebate for your purchase from EnergyStar partners.
Use a VoIP solution to cut your monthly phone bill, which allows you to make phone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a telephone line.
Compare the purchase of VoIP options via VOIPReiew.
Be sure to choose your plan wisely.
Make your purchases useful to you during these tough times, getting capital is tight, and cash is a height
Precious goods
Still, something is needed for your business to operate, such as office supplies, equipment and materials.
Save your cash with an intelligent purchasing strategy.
Exchange and exchange your goods and services to get what you need.
Conduct barter transactions directly with local merchants you know, or join a barter transaction for business.
Use informal exchange portals such as business websites
How to publish your requirements and the cost of what you have to provide (
Daily distribution of "needs" and "wealth" to subscribers via email ").
Get cash back in daily business shopping.
Bank of America recently launched an online shopping portal called "add up", when small business owners are shopping online with Bank of America check cards, you can get up to 20% cash returns from more than 270 retailers.
The participating retailers include top retailers such as Staples. com, HomeDepot. com, Walmart. And Costco.
The largest number of small business customers in 2008.
Keep employees, but the last thing companies want to do to reduce wage costs is to let valuable employees leave.
It's like losing a family member for small businesses;
Hiring and training a new employee can also be very expensive when the economy recovers.
To maintain employee size while cutting wage costs, consider some key strategies.
Maintain the current salary if possible, while temporarily canceling the salary increase and bonus.
You can even consider giving unpaid leave (
Rest time without salary)
Save money.
This is especially helpful for timely business in the off-season and may make your employees work for a long timeterm.
He is a best-selling author, lawyer, expert in tax and small business.
Barbara is an expert in the commercial online community supported by Bank of America.
She recently conducted an expert forum in the small business online community where she answered questions about the impact of the stimulus program on small business owners.
Barbara has also written several books, including jk Lasser's small business tax 2009 and the idiot's guide to starting a business.
Basic business, version 3rd.
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