how swamp coolers work - used portable swamp coolers

by:HICOOL     2019-07-17
how swamp coolers work  -  used portable swamp coolers
Despite the benefits and cost savings of the swamp cooler, it still only works in the right climate and unfortunately does not include areas like Philadelphia.
Because when the dry ball temperature is close to the wet ball temperature, the difference between the two will become smaller, and the cooling effect of the evaporated water will follow.
The wet bulb temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit means that the swamp cooler cannot adjust enough to stay comfortable. (
This varies depending on humidity, personal preferences, and activities, but usually under the age of 70. )[
SOURCE: Occupational Health and Safety Canada Centre.
If the air is saturated with water, the water will condense.
100% humidity outside the house means it may rain, and while the swamp cooler won't cause a downpour in your home, it won't have any cooling effect either ---
This is the kind of hot and sticky feeling you might associate with the swamp.
Your sweat will not evaporate into the saturated air.
The Environmental Protection Department recommends humidity between 30 and 60% in the House to prevent mold and mildew, and humid air may prevent your wooden furniture from drying.
Unfortunately, even in the swamp cooler, it can cause the metal to Rust [
SOURCE: Environmental Protection Bureau.
In the evaporation cooler, the problem of excess humidity can be heated by the use of a heat exchanger to heat the indoor air, while the wet air will be ventilated to the outside, but these systems are much less efficient than the direct evaporation cooler.
The swamp cooler also needs to be repaired.
In order to avoid the smell of moisture and problems related to air quality, the pads need to be cleaned or replaced regularly.
When the water evaporates, the minerals in the water also accumulate and need to bleedoff of mineral-
Over time, wastewater is abundant.
The cooler also needs stable water supply. -3. 5 to 10. 5 gallons (13. 25 to 39. 75 liters)
According to the National Association of Home Builders, one hour.
This may be a high requirement in a hot and dry climate, and the swamp cooler functions best.
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